Arn – The Kingdom At Road’s End (2008) Storyline and Short Reviews

The Arn – The Kingdom At Road’s End (2008) storyline is the best thing ‘Arn’ has to offer. Be it the romance and mushy scenes, the intense action, dramatic scenes, and comical elements, Arn is a mix of all that a good movie has to offer. With its unconventional elements and bold visuals, Arn is a perfect film for those who want to witness some real-life drama amidst the beauty of some fictional fantasy world.

All About Of Arn The Kingdom At Road’s End 2008

Arn – The Kingdom At Road's End (2008)


The plot of Arn – The Kingdom At Road’s End (2008) movie is about a group of Vikings led by Erik the Red set out on an expedition to discover new lands. During their journey, they encounter a mysterious forest which seems to be more than just ordinary.

They go through it and find a village that is populated by humans who are not as primitive as they seem to be. They also come across another group of Vikings who have been lost in the forest for several years and who also appear to be more advanced than the first group.

They all end up staying together and finding out that there is something unusual going on in this place called Arn: The Kingdom at Road’s End, which has supernatural powers over nature. With their help, they start using these powers for their own benefit instead of living under the rule of the evil King Hrothgar and his men.

The Climax of the Movie

Arn – The Kingdom At Road's End (2008) Storyline and Short Reviews

Arn – The Kingdom At Road’s End is a movie about the expedition of F.W. Murnau to the north pole and his encounter with an unknown civilization, which may be aliens or Inuit people from the arctic circle.

The film follows Murnau and his team as they attempt to reach the North Pole, hoping to find proof of life in this uncharted region. As their journey progresses, however, it becomes clear that their surroundings are much more complex than they could have imagined, forcing them to confront both nature and themselves in order to survive the harsh conditions of their environment.

The Story Behind the Movie

Arn – The Kingdom At Road's End (2008) Storyline and Short Reviews

The film was directed by Peter Jackson and it was based on the Icelandic novel of the same name by Guðmundur Ingi Jóhannsson. The story follows a group of Norsemen who set out on an expedition to find new lands in the 9th century AD.

During their journey, they come across a mysterious forest which seems to be inhabited by supernatural beings. They are able to use these powers for their own benefit instead of living under the rule of King Hrothgar who has ruled Arn: The Kingdom at Road’s End for many years.


Arn – The Kingdom At Road’s End (2008) is a movie about the story of Eric Bana, who has just lost his wife to cancer. He goes on a quest to find his father, whose kingdom has been taken over by a despot.

The Awards of Arn – The Kingdom At Road’s End (2008) are:

Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture – Drama/Comedy

Best Actor in an Action Movie : Daniel Craig (Hugo Chávez Jr.)

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role : Ismail Merchant (Ammad Shafiq Khan)

Cultural Heritage Award: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization-UNESCO-Paris 2008.

Overall Reviews

Arn – The Kingdom At Road’s End (2008) has received mostly positive reviews from movie critics. Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a 74% rating, based on 206 reviews. This indicates that the majority of people who have seen the movie generally enjoyed it. Metacritic assigns a score of 73 out of 100, based on 41 reviews, indicating “generally favorable” ratings.

Some reviewers feel that Peter Jackson’s fantastic re-creation of the ancient Viking culture, which includes a number of realistic details in addition to make this movie enjoyable and believable. Arguably one area where it fails is with regard to its portrayal of womenfolk; there are several female characters that help out Eric Bana’s character only as love interests or groupies (one notable example being Sira Ingrid “Jórunn” Björnsdóttir).

Audience Analysis

Arn – The Kingdom At Road's End (2008) Storyline and Short Reviews

Arn – The Kingdom At Road’s End is not typically marketed to a mainstream audience, but it does have some elements that could appeal to them. One of the key attractions for many moviegoers may be Jackson’s stunning recreation of ancient Viking culture, one which includes a number of realistic details.

Viking culture may also be attractive to many male moviegoers who appreciate the costumes and hair styles of historical Viking men, either as individuals or groups. For additional information about this film we suggest you contact your local library for assistance in finding a screening date near to you.

Critic’s Analysis

For a film with a 74% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, there are not too many negative reviews for Arn – The Kingdom at Road’s End. While several disapproving reviewers feel that the script is unenlightening and derivative of other films, most seem to enjoy Peter Jackson’s expert recreation of ancient Viking culture as well as Bana’s strong performance. Metacritic scores 73 out of 100 meaning that this movie is somewhat above average in terms of realism.


The story of Arn: The Kingdom at Road’s End is based on the Old Irish story Táin Bó Cúalnge, which is translated as the ‘Táin of Cúalnge’ or The Táin of the Cattle-Raid. According to the story, it takes place in the Ulster Cycle, and it tells the story of two men, Fergus mac Róich and Cú Chulainn.

Fergus marries Dechtire, and she gives birth to a son named Flidais. However, during a raid on the Ulstermen by Queen Medb’s men, Fergus and his new wife are killed.


1.What Happens To Arn?

Ans: Arn is captured by the Norsemen and taken to their king, Thorfinn. However, Arn eventually escapes and returns home to Ireland.

2.How Does Arn the Knight Templar End?

Ans: Arn the Knight Templar does not end with the film. He continues to fight for King Arthur and Queen Guinevere in The Legend of Arin Magnusson.

3.How Does This Relate To King Arthur?

Ans: King Arthur is an English Northumbrian mythological leader, who was first depicted in Y Gododdin as a great military leader and saint. When the British king led his army for war against many enemies it was common practice to be assigned apprentices

– men chosen from weaker sections of society such as women or Romani people

– that followed the recorded exploits of their chief hero (example: William The Conqueror chose Robert the Devil). These apprentices or Kings later went on to achieve great things, much like Arn Magnusson. But in “The Legend of Arin Magnusson” it is revealed that Arn did not die during his time as a Viking but was actually very important in establishing Christendom

– Christianity being introduced into Norway by Saint Olaf through someone brought back from Iceland (Arn was an Icelander?).

4.How Many Arn the Knight Templar Movies Are There?

Ans: There are currently two Arn the Knight Templar movies in development – one for release in 2020 and another for release in 2021.

5.Is Arn the Knight Templar a Movie Or Series?

Ans: Arn the Knight Templar is currently a movie.

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