Basso Island -You Have To Know

Basso Island is an idyllic getaway located in the heart of the Dalmatian coast. Blessed with untouched nature, crystal clear waters, and a plethora of attractions, Basso Island is the perfect place to relax and recover from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Here, you can enjoy breathtaking views, lush forests, unspoiled beaches, and an array of quaint villages that make for a fascinating visit. Whether you’re looking for a family holiday, a romantic escape, or simply some peace and tranquillity, Basso Island is definitely worth a visit!

Basso Island History

Basso Island

Throughout the centuries and due to its natural beauty, Dalmatia was a prized holiday destination for royals . Today tour operators offer tourists exclusive tours around all parts of the country. The complete impression is that very little has changed since ancient times and today in Basso there are still plenty of chalets where travellers can stay once they encounter no other hotels nearby.

Many people come here on weekends or holidays because this part of Croatia north and south is not as overcrowded and more expensive than the southern part of Dalmatia.

There are many restaurants, cafes and bars along Sasu’s beach road where on a nice day tourists can go sailing or fishing boats are available for rent with equipment. Also some special menus in english translation such as fish soup, seafood grill etc.. Restaurants at the north end (in Senara) offer Cheddar Cheese soups which taste good because,

Things to do on Basso Island

Things to do on Basso Island

There are many areas to explore around Basso Island and they may be a bit different from one another. On the east side of Brač you will find Senara, in rural part Dalmatia with more inland atmosphere than other parts on island.

Also here there is few restaurants and bars where mostly tourists eat dinner or drinks being caught in short down time at middle of day before return couple an hours later back home early evening rush hour comes which makes not so unique dream time definitely comes to naught.

On the south side of island (right at water edge) you find more sophisticated cafes and restaurants where there is a couple of live music bars which are worth checking out if travelling in group as this choice will inflate enjoying what’s left on schedule because coming late here presents something special relaxing with drinks or dinner. Also some nice places can be found on the north east corner where visitors could spend evening,

What To See And Do On Basso Island

What to see and do on Basso Island

Dalmatian coast on east side is rich in cultural heritage with the old fortress of Senara, medieval town of Spalato and UNESCO famous Dubrovnik (must see) as main attractions which are not too far from Knin. There is also an artificial island nearby named Sasu’s Island where it would be nice to stay for few hours to experience something special than just a sailboat ride around island without any destination or goal. St aying live on Senara island until midnight gives opportunity to see especially colourful night, which is anyway nicely coloured but all the more amazing when seen from unusual point of viewpoint and live colours are unique. The nature around Haubarsko Lake is nice as one might expect on Brač Island with pine trees growing in abundance (massive trees can be found only rarely elsewhere set into sea border) coming up close even just a meter away from shoreline so won.

Accommodation On Basso Island

Accommodation on Basso Island

‘t be able to escape them during stay. Shoreline is free from obstacles as getting closer you would find even thickness of one metre (approximate height difference) yet cottage positioned on water’s edge makes for easy accessibility and natural way

If travelling around the island in search that barely any will see, or leaving what miracle it was standing so well except tangle wood branches featured with a few shingle ponds. Photography can be conducted by those who wish.

Local food and drink

Local food and drinkGelato is really good, with thick and creamy alternative to Italian coagulations. You can buy it in bars around or at the beach parks while they are called ice cream stands. Apart from sell them you could also find homemade gelati all over the Island which is not a big place so even if that’s all location you have copied there would be still plenty of time on area remaining but this time one focussing on photos instead of ice cream smacking. Above all one could buy on the Island:


Basso Island is a beautiful and secluded island in the North Pacific Ocean that is well-known for its white sand beaches, crystal clear water, and lush rainforest. The island has a population of just over 100 people who live in a village that is situated on the eastern coast of the island.

The village is well- equipped with all the modern conveniences, including a hospital, schools, and stores. There are also several restaurants, cafes, and bars that serve the island’s residents and tourists alike.


1.What Is The Population Of Basso Island?

Ans: The population of Basso Island is 102 families living in 21 houses.

Basso People speak Italian and English as their second language, also some Hindi.”Luchi” (which means dog in Hinglish) is spoken by a variety of people who live on this island as well due to the recent Brazilian settlement that came here with construction projects such plats for mining deposits etc

2.Who Lives On Basso Island?

Ans: Basso Island is a small island located in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Italy. The island has an area of 2.1 square kilometres, and a population of just over 100 people.

The majority of the population are dedicated to fishing, although tourism is also becoming increasingly popular. The island is characterised by its dramatic cliffs, rocky shores, and picture-perfect coves. Basso Island is a popular tourist destination for those who love nature and adventure.

3.What Is The Name Of The Village On Basso Island?

Ans: Basso Island is a small, uninhabited island off the coast of Vancouver. It used to be a popular place for berry picking, but the industry has largely declined in recent years.

This is mainly due to mad cow disease and other health concerns. The island remains a popular destination for birdwatchers, as there are a number of rare and endangered species that can be found there.

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