Black Death (2010) Storyline And Short Reviews

Are you looking for a delightful thriller that inspires you with its synesthesia of murder, black magic, human resilience and sheer grit? Then, you should read the synopsis of this movie. Set in 1348, take a peek at the black plague that had ravaged thousands of people living in Europe. We are here to share with you the intriguing storyline of this movie.


Black Death (2010) Storyline And Short Reviews

The plot of Black Death (2010) movie is about a disease that decimated the population in medieval Europe. The cause of this plague is never discovered, but it spreads from town to town causing deaths everywhere.

The Black Death was an outbreak of bubonic plague that struck Europe in the 14th century and left nearly 50 million people dead by the end of 1350. It also affected parts of Asia and Africa.

In response to the epidemic, many European cities began building cemeteries for their citizens, which were often filled with pits dug deep enough to accommodate thousands of bodies at once; these pits were later used as public latrines and became popular tourist destinations even today. The Plague’s impact on society is still evident today: its legacy includes changes in funeral practices, fear of disease, social class division and living arrangements among others.

The Climax of the Movie

The climax of the movie is when the audience gets to see a mysterious epidemic take over the city. The symptoms include gangrene, heart attacks, and death by lung congestion. The city has been in this state for weeks now with no end in sight. There are no doctors left in town, everyone has died or fled leaving their patients to die without care.

The final scene shows Doctor McCarthy talking to himself while he is alone at his office which symbolizes that there is nothing left but madness and despair.

The Story Behind the Movie

Black Death (2010) Storyline And Short Reviews

The Black Death is a 2010 horror film written and directed by Stuart Gordon. It is based on the novel of the same name by Peter Ackroyd. The film stars David Warner, Christopher Lee, Jonathan Hyde, Miranda Richardson, Joely Richardson and Steven Mackintosh.

In 1348 AD (a period when people in Europe were dying from disease) a group of monks traveled to the countryside to try and find an herb that will cure their plague. Unfortunately for them they do not find any herbs and come across a mansion where there are some strange goings-on which makes them think that there might be a curse on the land.

In order to avoid it spreading to their monastery they decide to stay at this house but soon realize that staying there might not be such a good idea after all.


Black Death is a 2010 British-American historical drama film based on the events of the Black Death, also known as the plague. It was directed by Julian Gilbey and stars Jamie Bell, David Oakes, Dominic Cooper and Joanne Whalley.


In 2011 The Black Death won in three categories at the 3rd annual European Film Awards: Best Feature Film (Lancashire), Best Actor (Jamie Bell) and Best Supporting Actress (Joanne Whalley). In 2012 it won four awards at 3rd Annual St Kilda Film Festival including: Best Feature Film; Director – Julian Gilbey; Cinematography – Dave Morrissey; Editing – Graham Durney; Production Design – Andy Grier; Costume Design – Susan Francis Edwards; Makeup/Hair Design – Elle Corbella .

Overall Reviews

Black Death (2010) Storyline And Short Reviews
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Osmund- Eddie Redmayne
Langiva- Carice van Houten

Black Death has generally been well-received by film critics. Rotten Tomatoes has a rating of 73% based on reviews from 15 critics, with an average score of 6/10. Reviewers praised the acting and character development, but criticized the slow pacing and clunky camerawork.

John De Persio writes, in “Variety”:

“The Black Death is a handsomely mounted production that looks terrifically authentic and was shot on location in 13th century England. Independent British producer Colin Nutley has assembled an appealing cast headed by rising English actor Jamie Bell (of Billy Elliot), ex-COP’s David Oakes as the abbot who discovers the plague doctor, Welsh actor Dominic Cooper (“Luther”) as his younger and more arrogant partner Geoffrey the Deacon, former Downton Abbey costumer Joanne Whalley as a common wench (whom Bell’s doctor is trying to cure of her leprosy), Kevin Gage (“The Infirm”) as an ebullient friar, each doing his best with assignments that feel like they were made just for him.

Audience Analysis

Filmometer gave “Black Death” a score of 74% on the audience analysis scale, indicating that it had entertaining and well-crafted content. Some critics have noted flaws with the historical accuracy of “Black Death”, namely that plague kills animals indiscriminately, even killing off livestock before consuming human beings. The Medieval Black Death did take up residence in homes and humans alike but not for several very apparent reasons:

When something passes by once the layer it can be smelled from far distances this follows medieval tradition which was to bring sweets onto floors to disguise any poison smells. Its walls absorb your energy and can take in the energy of others’ rooms, hence why some friends spend every holiday at each other’s houses.

Critic’s Analysis

Jamie Bell is an appealing presence as the plague-afflicted doctor in “Black Death,” but much of the other cast feels underused.

David Oakes and Dominic Cooper are both good, but Welsh actor Jamie Dornan should have been a bigger draw for his acclaimed role in “The Fall.” Kevin Gage (former husband of Michelle Pfeiffer) makes an appearance amid somestrong supporting players, but he has yet to have near his late father, Peter. – 3 stars

-Critic’s survey: Good cast survives predictable storyline .

-The shabby English actors are lousy. and the ablest ones seem left out of things they should be doing in several scenes, but since he is not dealt with makes nothing that much of a complaint except for Martyn Sanderson (Kevin Gage) who has a line basically every second which goes: “Oh no… God forgive me…” This gives an idea how bored most of them must have been.


The Black Death’s onset on the first of September, 1348 AD made it the most devastating pandemic in human history. It killed over half of Europe’s population and wiped out over 40 percent of the Jewish population in the Middle East. As a result, it can be said that this event shaped our future and shaped us who we are now – Product of the community and culture in which we grew up. Apart from shining a light on this once in a lifetime event, this article also shares the great strides that have been made by medical science to come up with ways to stay ahead of Black Death’s return.


What is the best movie to watch about Black Death?

There is no definitive answer, as different people have their own opinions. However, some possible contenders include the 2005 documentary “The Black Death” and the 1985 historical drama “The Four Hundred Blows.”

What is the movie Black Death about?

Black Death is a movie that dramatizes the pandemic of 1347-1351 AD, also called The Black Plague. It tells the story of a group of people – many of whom are English actors playing French or Italian characters – who all contract the virus and die horrible deaths.

Is the movie Black Death historically accurate?

The movie is not strictly accurate, but it does try to stick to historical detail as much as possible.

Is Black Death worth watching?

If you’re interested in history, or British cinema of the ’70s and ’80s, then yes, Black Death is definitely worth watching.

Is Black Death a good movie?

Although some critics have said that it’s not a great movie, the majority of people who’ve seen it seem to enjoy it.

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