Blood Diamond 2006 Movie Meaning and Ending Explanation

Blood Diamond is a 2006 war film directed by Edward Zwick, starring Djimon Hounsou, Mo’Nique, and Andy García. Blood Diamond is the story of a diamond smuggler, the son of diamond magnate Steve Rawlins. Deceived by rebels into smuggling blood diamonds for them, Rawlins’ son ends up in the middle of war, with his sentimental girlfriend. The story was based on the memoir Of Love and War by Anthony Beevor.

All About Of Blood Diamond 2006 Movie Meaning and Ending Explanation

Blood Diamond 2006 Movie Meaning and Ending Explanation

The story takes place in Sierra Leone, where the main character (Rawlins) gets sidetracked into a business deal with locals to smuggle diamonds. The documentary “Blood Diamonds” is subtitled as an alternative history book on these events of blood diamond trade in seventies Africa and its consequences after Rawlins has been taken hostage by rebels.

Awaxa-Charlie de la Cruz: A low level rebel operating out of Liberia, using Akonito as his base and with a reasonable amount of funding from the United States, wants to use Rawlins’ diamond supply for arms purchases in order to set up an opposition government against Karamo Kabba’s hold on power.

Ace Danny Burch: The diplomatic contact between de la Cruz and the CIA that correctely determines De La Cruz is one step ahead of them all along, whose resources allows him (thanks heavily to Rawlins) to provide De La Cruz arms.

American Consulate in Freetown: The man who introduces the player character’s girlfriend/girlfriends into Akonito, and provides them with supplies (as well as being an immense pain in the neck despite that), becomes co-opted by de la Cruz. Soon after he meets another CIA agent there named Chemo, whom Handylocke notes is “the one guy you.

Who Is the Protagonist of the Film?

Who Is the Protagonist of the Film

The story revolves around a diamond smuggler named Solomon who, in the midst of a heist, falls in love with a woman named Lisa. He ends up saving her life and decides to marry her. However, his plans are derailed when the diamond smuggler he was working for double-crosses him and shoots him dead. In the end, Solomon’s last wish is that his beloved Lisa would not marry the man who killed him.

Blood Diamond is a 2005 drama film based on the story of diamantaire, Solomon “Sol” Solomon. It is directed by Edward Zwick and stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Connelly, Djimon Hounsou, and Will Patton. The film was released in the United States on October 12, 2005. It received mixed reviews from critics and it grossed $78 million worldwide.

What Does the Protagonist Do to Get Out of His Situation?

The story revolves around a diamond smuggler, Jacob Seed (Ryan Reynolds), who travels to Sierra Leone in search of the rarest diamonds in the world. The film’s protagonist gets into a sticky situation when he discovers that the diamonds are blood diamonds, which are mined by rebels and financed by drug traffickers.

Message of the Movie

The movie starts with the main character, a young boy named Chidi. He is a happy, playful boy with his mother who is also a nurse. He is living in Sierra Leone and his mother is a nurse at the local hospital. One day, his mother is murdered by rebel soldiers and he is taken to the refugee camp where he learns that his father has died. His father was an aid worker who was killed by the rebels and he himself was a diamond smuggler.

The Blood Diamond is a 2006 drama film based on the novel of the same name by David M. Ehrlich. The film is directed by Edward Zwick and stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Djimon Hounsou, Jennifer Connelly, Martin Sheen, and Paul Giamatti. The film was released in the United States on December 8, 2006.

The story of Blood Diamond is about an individual who is engaged in the diamond business. He has a very strong belief in diamond trade, but the diamond business is not all that it seems to be. He becomes a victim of a war between two countries and loses his family and all his belongings. He then sets out on a journey to find his family’s wealth. His belief and faith in diamonds makes him lose everything he had, and he tries to get back his wealth by selling blood diamonds.

Blog Conclusion

The Blood Diamond Movie Storyline And Short Reviews is a short review of the movie “Blood Diamond” which is based on the book by Edward Z. Solomon. The movie was released in theaters on July 15, 2006. It stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Djimon Hounsou as diamond miners who uncover a long-buried secret that threatens to shake the world to its core.


1.Is Blood Diamond a Good Movie?

Ans: The movie is a great thriller! If you love suspense and action, this one’s for you. Even if your taste has changed over time though, I think it’s still worth watching just because there are many different kinds of thrillers out there (and quite a few good ones).

The film was actually produced from two books written by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist William Dickson: “Tarn ished: The Dark Side of the New Zambezi” and “Diamonds in the Rough.” Dickson was a Vietnam veteran that ultimately had to go into hiding because he received death threats from people angry at what he had exposed.

2.What Is the Message of the Movie Blood Diamond?

Ans: The movie draws parallels with the history of diamonds and tarnished ideals.  The idea of blood diamonds is not new and has been going on for quite some time. In the past, most African countries have mainly used their natural resources like diamond to help fund military tanks and various other facilities that stated governments needed in order to suppress those with political opinions contrary from theirs (or simply there were dictators seeking power).  The message that comes through the movie Blood Diamond was it’s about human materialism-we sometimes fail to see another.

3.Blood Diamond: Was There a Real Life Equivalent to This?

Ans: Yes! There was actually a United Nations report that discovered that Africans were being force-fed meals made of dirt in order to make them hungry enough so they could mine “underground” under their own homes. This is done so that the more meager food sources on hand are available for less money.

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