Boyhood 2014 Storyline and Short Review

The story of Boyhood is about a young boy growing up in Texas, going to school, and falling in love. The movie focuses on the main character, who is played by Ethan Hawke. He grows up from childhood to adolescence and young adulthood in one 8-year period as he faces both small and large challenges along the way.

Boyhood is a 2014 American coming-of-age drama film written and directed by Richard Linklater. It is an adaptation of the graphic novel of the same name by director Linklater and writer Ethan Hawke. The film stars Ellar Coltrane, Lorelei Linklater, Hunter Carson, Jeremy Ray Taylor, and Patricia Arquette.

Boyhood 2014 Storyline and Short Review

Characters of Boyhood 2014

The main character of Boyhood is Ethan Hawke’s character, Gordo. He is a young boy who grows up in Texas and goes to school. Along the way he faces many challenges – from trying to fit in with his peers to dealing with the death of his mother. Other characters include his father (played by Michael Shannon) and older sister Winnie (Lorelei Linklater).



Mason is Gordo’s best friend from childhood. They stay close over the years and Mason helps Gordo through many difficult times. Janie Janie is Gordo’s first love and he spends a lot of time with her over the years. She slowly fades away from his life however, and Gordo ultimately leaves Texas to find her.

2.Mason Sr.

Mason Sr.

Mason Sr. is Gordo’s father. He is a successful businessman and very strict with his son – especially when it comes to academics. Laurel Laurel is Gordo’s older sister and the most popular girl in school. She doesn’t really care for her little brother, but they eventually become friends over the years. Ethan Hawke Ethan Hawke stars as Gordo, a young boy who grows up in Texas over.



Samantha is Gordo’s first girlfriend. They attend the same high school and eventually break up.


Winnie is Gordo’s older sister. She supports her brother through thick and thin, but isn’t always happy with what he does or who he becomes. Patricia Arquette Patricia Arquette stars as Winnie, an older sister who helps her brother during difficult times.

5.Olivia Evans

Olivia Evans

Olivia Evans stars as Janie, Gordo’s first love. They spend a lot of time together and eventually break up.

6.Mr. Wood

Mr. Wood is Gordo’s guidance counselor and he helps him with his academics. In addition, he is a friend to Gordo and helps him through his first few years of high school. Shannon is Gordo’s father. He works hard to provide for his family and pushes Gordo to succeed in life. In addition, he plays a key role in helping him understand what happened with his mother. Linklater and is Gordo’s older sister Winnie. She has her own issues with their parents, but supports her.

Boyhood (2014) Storyline

Boyhood (2014) Storyline 

Gordo is a young man who lives in Texas during the 1970s. He grows up with his strict father and popular sister. Gordo falls in love for the first time, but things difficult when he discovers his girlfriend has cancer. Gordo must find ways to cope with the tragedy, while also balancing school and life.

However, his sister and father are not always supportive of his actions. “Boyhood” is a 2014 American coming-of-age drama film written, directed by, and starring Richard Linklater. The film depicts the life of Mason Evans (Ellar Coltrane), from age 6 to 18 years old. It was filmed over a period of twelve years with a budget of $6 million. Filming began in 2002 and ended in 2014, with most of the scenes shot over the course of a year.

The film has received critical acclaim, with a 94% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The site’s consensus reads: “Masterfully capturing the subtle changes of adolescence while also portraying the universal pains and joys of growing up, Boyhood is a landmark achievement from director Richard Linklater.” On Metacritic, which assigns a normalized weighted average score to reviews from mainstream critics, it has an 85 out of 100 based on 36 reviews.


Gordo first appears in the film when he is 6 years old and attending a summer day camp. He is very close with his sister Winnie, who is 3 years older than him. Gordo’s relationship with their father seems contentious because of his push to succeed in life. Later on, during high school, Gordo falls in love for the first time but things get complicated when he discovers that his girlfriend has cancer. Despite her illness, they continue to date. However, shortly after her diagnosis, she dies.

Gordo must find ways to cope with the tragedy while also balancing school and life. His sister and father are not always supportive of his actions but eventually begin to understand him better. The film concludes with Gordo’s graduation from high school and the beginning of his college career. Despite all that he has been through in his lifetime, he still retains his sense of humor and humility.

Rising Action

Rising Action

Gordo’s parents enroll him in summer day camp so that he can socialize with other children his age. The counselors are impressed by Gordo’s natural leadership abilities and give him the responsibility of running the whole camp. His popularity as a leader begins to attract other kids, including a young girl named Samantha who is also at camp for the first time.

Gordo starts dating Samantha shortly after they meet but their relationship becomes complicated when she is diagnosed with cancer. Despite her illness, they continue to date and eventually decide to get married. Shortly after their wedding, Samantha dies from her cancer diagnosis.

Devastated by Samantha’s death, Gordo struggles to cope with the tragedy while continuing his college studies and running the camp. His sister Winnie provides emotional support but also asks him for more help taking care of the camp. Eventually, Gordo graduates from college.



Gordo starts a new job and moves away from his family. However, he still visits the camp every summer to help out. The counselors continue to be impressed by Gordo’s leadership abilities and give him additional responsibilities. Eventually, the camp becomes so successful that he is able to sell it and use the money to start his own business. In the end, Gordo is happy with how things have turned out in life.

Failing Action

Failing Action

Gordo’s business fails and he is left unemployed. He returns to the camp for a summer but is unable to bring himself to be successful as a leader again. The counselors are disappointed by his lack of progress and give him some advice on how to improve his situation. Gordo eventually decides to try something new in life and starts working in customer service at a local restaurant. His new job allows him to stay close to his family, which he is grateful for.

Gordo’s new job is successful and he eventually marries his girlfriend. They have two children and continue to run the restaurant together. Gordo is happy with his life, which proves that even when things don’t initially go as planned, there is always a chance for success if you work hard enough.


Although Gordo’s journey was not always easy, he ultimately found success in life. He learned the importance of working hard and always chasing his dreams, no matter how difficult they may appear at first. His story shows that even after a devastating personal loss, there is still hope and possibility for redemption. This is an inspirational story that will encourage readers to never give up on their dreams and to always strive for success.

Boyhood 2014 Review

Failing Action

Boyhood is a beautiful film that tells the story of a man, Gordo (R initiate), over 12 years. The film starts with Gordo’s birth and follows his life as he grows up in a small California town. We see him experience highs and lows, but always stick to his goals.

He graduates from high school and decides to go off to college, only to find out that he can’t afford it. So instead, he returns to his hometown and begins working at a local restaurant. He eventually marries his girlfriend and they have two children, but Gordo never stops challenging himself. He becomes successful in customer service and opens his own restaurant.

But even at the height of his success, Gordo is never satisfied. He continues to push himself and find new ways to grow as an individual. This film is beautiful tribute to determination, perseverance, and self-awareness – all of which are essential qualities for success in life. I highly recommend Boyhood to anyone looking for an inspiring story about how anything is possible provided you put your mind to it.

What People Feel About Boyhood 2014?

People love Boyhood for its powerful message of positivity and determination. It is a story about a man who never gives up on his dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem at first. This film encourages viewers to chase their ambitions regardless of the obstacles in their way, and it provides an inspiring example of what can be achieved if you are willing to work hard. Millions of people have watched this movie and found that it has helped them learn.

  1. Some people also appreciate the film’s artistry. It is shot in a beautiful, timeless style, and it features some amazing musical moments. The cinematography is definitely a feature that contributes to the overall success of Boyhood.
  2. Some people find the film slow at times. It can be difficult to keep up with all of the events taking place, and some viewers may not enjoy this kind of episodic storytelling style. There are also a few continuity errors which could confuse some viewers.
  3. Nonetheless, overall, the majority of people who have watched Boyhood feel that it is an inspiring and positive film that has helped them to learn more about themselves and their own potential.
  4. Overall, Boyhood is an excellent film that will help you to learn more about yourself and your own potential. It is a slow-paced but highly inspirational story about determination, perseverance, and self-awareness. If you are looking for a movie that will make you feel good about yourself, then this may be the one for you!

Final Thought

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Boyhood is a 2014 American coming-of-age drama film written and directed by Richard Linklater. It is a fictionalized account of the childhood of Mason Evans (Ellar Coltrane), an American boy growing up in the early 1980s. The film also stars Patricia Arquette, Lorelei Linklater, Ethan Hawke, and newcomer Ellar Coltrane.


1.What Is the Storyline of Boyhood?

Ans: The storyline of Boyhood is about Mason Evans, an American boy who grows up in the early 1980s. The film follows his childhood experiences and how they impact him later on in life.

2.What Makes This Movie Different From Other Movies About Growing Up in America?

Ans: One of the main reasons why this movie is different from other movies about growing up in America is that it follows Mason Evans’ entire childhood. This allows the viewer to see all of the ups and downs that he experiences during his time as a child.

3.Why Did This Movie Receive So Much Acclaim and Awards?

Ans: This movie received a lot of acclaim and awards because it is a highly inspirational story about determination, perseverance, and self-awareness. The way the film is shot also allows the viewer to feel like they are right there with Mason Evans throughout his entire childhood experience.

4.How Does This Film Relate to the Rest of American Cinema History, Especially in Regards to Racial Issues?

Ans: One of the main themes that is explored in Boyhood is the relationship between race and class. Mason Evans’ family is middle-class, but they are not immune to the racism that exists in America during the early 1980s. This theme has been touched on by other American movies, but Boyhood does a better job of exploring it in depth.

5.What Is the Story of Boyhood?

Ans: Boyhood is a coming-of-age drama film directed and produced by Richard Linklater. The film follows the life of Mason Evans (Ellar Coltrane), from childhood to young adulthood, over 12 years.

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