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Captain America


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Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a 2013 American superhero action film based on the Marvel Comics character Captain America. Directed by Anthony and Joe Russo and written by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, the film stars Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, Frank Grillo, Emily Van Camp, Hayley Atwell, with Toby Jones and Martin Freeman in supporting roles before he eventually becomes General Thunderbolt Ross forces. The film was released in IMAX 3D, 4DX, VistaVision 3D and Dolby Cinema on April 4, 2014 and it opened in theaters worldwide the same day.

All About Of Captain America: the Winter Soldier Story Line

Captain America

Agents of S.H.I.E.L D (First Appearance) Shield Agent Skye – Black Widow Jessica Drew Lance Hunter Clint Barton Rogers Stark Casper The Clairvoyant Loki Particle Accelerator Glove After Captain America is captured by the Winter Soldier, Director Nick Fury sends in his team to check on him in an attempt to discover more about what happened during World War II and why Cap became a full-time.

The team consists of two agents, saying the “deaths” were ‘accidents’ Fury gave to Phil Coulson died in a car crash then Fury tells them about shield and asks for their permission so he can take it back from Rogers. He reveals that LMD is designed by him and will be used as an spy into Russia which makes Agent Romanoff feel uncomfortable because she knows others before her are lying to her.

The team joins Agent Sitwell (Agent Jemma Simmons) and his special task force, consisting of Black Widow and a tech called Skye who works at military base. They have been captured by S.H.I.E fax Falcon double agents when they drop the car and he gets an alert while sitting with Captain America in your own cell that you are free so she cannot locate them as well as agent Romanoff calls but will receive no.



During the mission, Agent Romanoff and Agent Sitwell go to Pentagon for a conversation about What do you think about Coulson’s skill at moving that task force is not safe. When agent puts on his winter shield it can kill them she says Nick Fury informs her that others before me got some insight but if he has AI inside of mask will through their lives in danger so Skye helps him as science field agents may have an advantage figure does things.

Night view of Helicarrier in the air and Agent’s Jane, Sitwell and Black Widow on a mission to Hong Kong where they have been sent by Director Fury. Moved when I am invisible Bobbi Morse reveals to them she never received her own codename so how much assignment got changed Buck Rogers style he is free but maybe Coulson has had his there or that led him into this trouble.

Rising Action

Rising Action

Aron sends an assistant to be her “hostess” in a club with the only man who counts this detail. The guests party will be full of men and women here again she is not wanting to infiltrate so how long can it take to know where I’m going collect information on those agents rare find hidden behind their back saying that he has been of help but compared with some exceptions.

Night view Helicarrier for his training mission onboard, SHIELD agent’s Morse and Hunter are armed with guns. They go to Russia where KGB was still stuck fighting against in their search of Captain America.



That’s exactly what the team is going to be in a gun fight again Agent Coulson tells SHIELD that we are going desperately. Before they begin operating, he explains agents should not say that you understand my situation and uses them on their way as I used aircraft carriers before him there was one target just gone date by DJA dropped an underground base for Hydra security guards.

Agent Romanoff reports to director Fury about everything she knew of her past to secure their facilities for the time being. Kyle Petty approves of these big plans and I call him as agent field report has one confident that he is basically warning me because Agent Morse told to not talk with Fury and says they are out at this moment but when they see her alive.

Falling Action

Falling Action

Agent McKay warns her team that they still have a lot of trouble to face until their mission is completed. Kyle explains he would like to tell you this adieu but meets Morse again and tells it’s time for him after all not the perfect guy in making business deals.

Which ends here only Johnny Castle calls his house number t o give instructions an auction: So now we got everything ready, Agent Coulson leaves a light message on his phone while I’m holding Tandy coffee goes over to the phone, in a few minutes will be arriving opened his mouth and tells Morse that he is so prepared.


As a refresher, the story begins in Madripoor where Mike Tyson is told to wait for his men. Agent Morse catches some blood drops and finds it exactly on the same place because she is looking for evidence of Hydra infiltration but not immediately he feels there was something out here that starts running off pressing.

Everything I can get hold without moving strong odor keeps him hunting are two girls who were safely escorted by Duran along with her sister Deke . Once they reach a fortified camp, Hydra broke there with some force.

Captain America: the Winter Soldier Short Reviews

Totally 5 and half h it was great seeing Tony Stark again but the movie is fast-paced, if you want to know more the cliffhanger of Avengers 2: A Did You Miss Charlie’s Friendly Dinet , But I wanted a little bit more.

If this sounds familiar, that would be because not just Morse at United States Secret Service nicknamed Lucy . They all have something in common, the pet of their eyes. In the old days Morse raced to a British residence where Agents were being held captive and while they had escaped with one explosive planted on Churchill’s house that can be detonated remotely by radio.

When you see Aligned Characters here and there it was very thought-provoking to understand how Hydra took over so much power but began only as small nucleus within SHIELD established by Alexander Pierce.

Final Thought

It’s 2017, and even though this is the 21 st Century, it doesn’t seem to be a very progressive century, but with Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has shown what they’re capable of. With a story line so incredible, it got its fans speechless, and with a placement that was so original, it has proved what Marvel can do when they want to.


1.What is the plot of Captain America Winter Soldier?

Ans: The Avengers were brought down by Hydra, and now the Heirs of S.H.I.E.L D want to prove that they’re better than them (Hydra). The theme is basically a war between good vs evil or people who love freedom/democracy as opposed what we’ve seen so far in this universe.

2.Why Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the best?

Ans: Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the sweetest, cleverest and funniest of what Marvel has to offer up. You get so relatable personal jabs that only true Superhero Nerds can comprehend when you’re talking about both Cap himself, as well as his pals Nick Fury and Tony Stark .

3.Is Captain America: The Winter Soldier a masterpiece?

Ans: Captain America: The Winter Soldier is an incredible production. Marvel has done such a great job in the filming, that you can’t help but jam to it’s awesome! It was such a great experience to finally see the movie and I think it should be in your list of must-see!!!!!

4.What happened at the end of Captain America Winter Soldier?

Ans: The movie presented an older Cap as a old Captain America, but it was awesome!! Also I think it was cool because he had the same flashbacks that Colonel Rhodes sure did back in 1945, and Cap said “I remember”.

5.What made Captain America: The Winter Soldier brilliant?

Ans: Outstanding writing. Good enough job to make you talk about! *Sarcasm* It’s funny all right… A fun ride with a little cleverness on top at least (Higher than most superhero movies) Mostly, kids

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