Castle In The Sky Movie Storyline And Short Review

Castle in the Sky is a 1988 American animated science fiction adventure film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and released by Walt Disney Pictures. The 28th Disney animated feature film, it was directed by Miyazaki Hayao, who co-wrote the screenplay with John Logan and Tetsuya Ota. It was inspired by William Faulkner’s novel As I Lay Dying .

Castle in the Sky is a movie based on the novel of the same name by Hayao Miyazaki. In this movie, we see two children, Nausicaa and Ohana, who embark on an adventure to find their parents.

All About Of Castle In The Sky Movie

Castle In The Sky Movie Storyline And Short Review

Time Setting And Time Period

“Castle in the Sky” takes place several centuries before Ghibli’s widely popular Princess Mononoke . It takes place on a large island called Southern Island, which has been devastated by an unknown disaster.

The main characters are Nausicaä and Ohana; both have grown up under more than noble circumstances, but have suffered losses beyond their imagination. However, life for them was never easy having to work as farmers outside in the background of the little significant plot.

Main characters include Princess Nausicaä and Ohana, who are supposed to be legendary heroes but this plot line was originally related solely in their palace where only royalty live . The production team came up with an idea of telling a story relating how they were raised under different circumstances earlier than intended .

In other words , before Momotaro has sired them together with him making Ah-Ohana very much like it is originally disclosed Nausicaä was a princess of the environmental, militaristic and political class she leads troops into battles defending her at one point with poison gas emanating from tubes in her armor which Ah-Ohana keeps trying to warn people about.

Momotaro happens to be walking through their forest when he’s attacked by humans for no apparent reason other than they’re unhappy he exists; upon assessment, it becomes clear this island is special as it is one of the few places where humans and animals are living in peace.

Cast And Crew

Cast And Crew

Directing “Castle in the Sky” was Miyazaki Hayao, who started his career at studio Ghibli as an animator. He worked on key works including “Kiki’s Delivery Service.” It is widely considered that film elevated his reputation , critiqued for its stylistic cartoonish qualities and use of traditional hand-drawn animation techniques particularly impressive for children (but very misunderstood by detractors ).

Director Akabori Yoshinori worked on the screenplay for “Castle in the Sky.” The primary voice cast includes: Miyazaki Hayao, voices of Princess Nausicaä, Ohana and Momotaro; Koyama Emi, Taniyama Riko and Sugita Tomokazu as Aluda , Captain Harlock and Ryuhaku respectively.

The following listed names are minor roles in the English subtitles. Ise Mariko as Nausicaä’s Aunt “Auntie” (Enemies) , a loyal member of her group living on an isolated island off the coast, despite coveting its abundant natural resources.

She has incorporated technology into most aspects of day to day life including record players (used for playing music à la Steven Spielberg ‘s film Schindler’s List ) and televisions (often used to show Portuguese soap operas ).

“Castle in the Sky” originally ran for 142 minutes in Japan without any cuts. The English dub features a runtime of 119 minutes, with various edits made by Studio Ghibli .

Storyline of the movie Castle In The Sky

Storyline of the movie Castle In The Sky

Princess Nausicaä has a dream of the fields full of windmills and green grass, but Islands are nothing more than barren wastelands plagued by toxic mist and forest fires. Forests have been destroyed to make way for primitive houses where people live like animals; entire tribes kicked off their meager existence on boats slowly floating into oblivion towards the blazing sea.

While her kingdom is beautiful, it is not without its dark side and she has fought to protect it from invaders and maintain the delicate balance of nature.

The wickedness of humankind is brought to light when a group of humans Discovered Nausicaä’s land – they decide to invade, posses and plunder it, while gradually poisoning the land with their industrial waste products.

When Nausicaä enters into battle against them her armorsuit provides her with supernatural strength, but eventually realizes that there must be another way. Princess Nausicaä must find a new way to live and protect her people in the face of overwhelming odds.

Castle in the Sky is an animated feature film produced by Studio Ghibli and released to theaters on July 12, 1984. It was directed by Hayao Miyazaki and written by him,Keiko Niwa, and Toshio Suzuki. The story follows Princess Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind who defends her kingdom from human invaders.

Castle in The sky is the most expensive anime film to date. It grossed over 300 million yen and was named by Anime News Network as one of the top 100 greatest anime movies ever made. According to Kim Morrissy, “An interesting concept would be pirates flying around a floating island city with its own set of rules; it reminds me somewhat [of] Miyazaki’s pirates of Laputa”.

Short Review Of The Movie Castle In The Sky

Short Review Of The MovieCastle In The Sky

The Disney animated version of the classic Chihiro anime story. Nausicaä is one of my favorite Princesses from Studio Ghibli and since I’ve seen her early depiction by Miyazaki in Castle In The Sky, I really felt like she was a beautiful but helpless princess that should be protected.

When people start seeing Nausicaä as the heroine they did with Pocahontas at a later time (around 1999) the film stopped being made into a kids movie and became a more adult story. With 9 Academy Awards (including Best Picture), 3 Golden Globe Awards, and 2 British Film Institute Awards, it’s no wonder why people love this film.

Mouse over image to zoom or click to enlarge. The story centers around Prince Jiro, a young heir of the floating kingdom of Muu-Ladd Archipelago who’s shipped off to study in one of the empire’s more remote outposts. There he meets an odd girl name Chihiro (Rumi Okubo) and befriends her shortly before his Ship sets sail back home.

On their journey back, they come across a beastly forest that blocks their path and leads to an entrance into the sky. Once they enter, Jiro finds out that he was actually dreaming all along and his entire world has been a figment of his imagination.

While in this dream world, Chihiro befriends Yubaba (Samus Aran), the witch who runs the castle where Prince Jiro is held captive; she introduces him to her dragon cohorts Hotohori (Takahiro Sakurai), Ohmu (Akemi Okamura), and Linlin (Jenny Frank).

Prince Jiro eventually escapes and must then find his way back to his kingdom before it’s too late. Along the way, he meets a variety of characters including prosthetic animals like beetle-browed Miyuki (Masaharu Fukuda) or Zo figure Katyusha ( Hiroko Emori ). Ultimately, Chihiro and

Prince Jiro’s journey leads them to discover the true meaning of friendship and selflessness.

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Film Humar

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It had debuted at Tropfest Festival 2010 when it began filming with 60 cast members including Aaron Stonekettle, Drew Kenney and Jason Mewes who all were hopeful to be in the film. Filming wrapped up in November 2010 with no word from the cast or crew since then. Norman Lear has been quoted as saying “I have a feeling that we’ll hear more about it soon” but nothing came of it for over two years.

Lear died on December 12, 2012 and Tropfest Film Festival once again failed to produce any news about what happened to their feature film project. On January 4th, 2016, Tropfest announced that the feature film had been completed and would be screened at their festival on March 3rd, 2016.

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Box Office Performance

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The film, at 33 minutes in length, does meet the minimum requirements for a “dramedy”. A few people have found humor from this on most classic TV listings. The movie is rated 30 out of 100 at the IMDB. However, Tropfest’s slow motion review shows that this does not correlate with their grading system which is starting to be used for awarding points on reviews for feature length films.


The story of the movie Castle in The sky is quite interesting. Overall, it was a decent film. It had some good points and some bad points. The best part about this movie is that it’s actually based on a book, which means there will be more to come from this franchise. It’s worth watching if you’re looking for something different than what’s been coming out lately, but don’t expect too much from it.


1.How Does This Movie Relate To Real Life?

Ans: The movie based on the book is about a couple that goes to an amusement park with their kids. When they get there, it turns out one of them was killed by an asteroid and then fired at another nearby town killing seven hundred people the same way, which creates some sort of time loop. They kind of try solve this issue like in real life (usually everyone dies).

2.What Is the Story Of Castle In the Sky?

Ans: Castle in the Sky is a Japanese animated feature film directed by Hayao Miyazaki and produced by Studio Ghibli. It was released on July 15, 1988 and tells the story of two young people – Ran Domyoji and Shizuku Fukami – who find themselves swept up into a fantastic adventure in an alternate world after their house is blown down by a tornado.

3.What Are the Themes Of This Movie?

Ans: The themes of this movie are love and friendship. Many relationships in the film were formed through built up meaning assigned by other characters, which thus become more truthful to those involved (i.e., Rittyn being Zelda’s knight – two people working together for a common goal).

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