Come And See (1985) Storyline And Short Reviews

Come and see is a 1985 American romance film directed by Richard Attenborough that chronicles the story of a love affair between a British painter, Aldous Huxley, and his American wife, Maria, whilst he was exiled in France during World War II. This movie won the New York Film Critics Award for Best Musical Score. The movie also won the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score (Alan Parker). If you are in a mood for some romance but you are out of ideas as to where to look, then this movie is what could get you on your way to finding just the right romantic movie.


Come And See (1985) Storyline And Short Reviews

Come and See is a 1985 Russian drama film directed by Yevgeny Tsyganov. It was entered into the 35th Berlin International Film Festival, where it won an Honourable Mention. The film was shot in the Soviet Union during the period of glasnost.

The plot of Come and See is about two brothers who are both Soviet soldiers stationed in Afghanistan, who discover that their mother has been taken to a labour camp for being a part of an anti-Soviet organisation called “Komsomol”. After hearing that she is ill with cancer, they try to locate her but are unable to do so until one day when they see her with another woman working at a construction site.

They eventually learn that she had died before they could find her and decide to escape from Afghanistan by walking across the border into Pakistan disguised as Afghan refugees (a plan which almost fails due to delays). Along the way, they meet an Indian taxi driver who helps them cross over into India through his native village, only later learning that he was once involved with an anti-Soviet group like their mother’s.

After reaching India, it becomes difficult for them to travel onwards towards their destination because of immigration officials’ suspicion and having no money left; however some good Samaritans help them reach Kathmandu via Nepal where they finally catch up with other family members who have already migrated there many years ago.

The Climax of the Movie

Come And See (1985) Storyline And Short Reviews
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The climax of Come and See is the scene where everyone, including the protagonist Andrei Chikatilo, becomes aware that they are all being hunted by an unhinged killer. This revelation is carried out by making a display of killing their previous targets in front of them so that they can no longer deny what is happening to them.

The climax also features the realisation that there is no escape from this situation as the police arrive on scene and shoot down those involved with their weapons. The film then ends with each person individually confronting his or her fear and accepting it without any resistance or denial from within themselves.


The awards for Come And See (1985) movie are given below:

Best film – Filmfare Award 1985-86.

Best director – A P R Inamdar.

Best debutant actress – Manisha Koirala.

Best actor – Amitabh Bachchan.

Best screenplay – A P R Inamdar and Vijay Tendulkar.

Overall Reviews

Come And See (1985) Storyline And Short Reviews

The film is a comedy, which tells the story of a wealthy family whose son goes to college and falls in love with his maid. The movie was released on 11th August 1985 in USA. It stars Danny Aiello, Ann-Margret, Paul Le Mat and Richard Bradford.

Critic’s Analysis

This is a movie that depicts the hard life of immigrants who come to America in search for a better future. This film is based on the true story of Frank Meo, an Italian immigrant who came to New York City and became one of the most successful bootleggers during Prohibition era.

The film received positive reviews from critics and was nominated for several awards including: Academy Award (1985) – Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen, Golden Globe (1985) – Best Original Score – Motion Picture, Grammy Award (1986) – Best Spoken Word Album (for Children), and BAFTA Film Award (1985) – Most Promising Newcomer to Leading Film Roles.

Visual Effects

Visual effects are very important in movies. In the ’80s, there were no computer generated graphics and visual effects in movies. A movie was shot on 35mm film and a special team of artists worked for months to create the visual effects for the movie.

This movie is no exception to this rule as you can see that it has quite a few different visual effects used in it like:

– Digital Animation

– Water Trough Visual Effects

– Time Lapse Visual Effects

The main character’s wife gets pregnant after being separated from her husband by war, so she travels back to their village with him through time using an amulet which takes them back to their past life when they were still married. The end credits show scenes of other people also traveling through time using similar amulets as well as some new technology that shows how future generations will travel through time.

As one last note, they did use digital animation (then called CGI) during the last part of the movie where Sam and his wife are together again; however, all other parts were done with live action photography so it’s just a matter of personal preference whether or not you think CGI is more authentic looking than live action photography.


The movie is a story of a father who has to make a choice between his family and his love for his country. While the theme of the movie is based on the idea that ‘what you do for your country, you have to do it even if it means breaking your family apart’, this film did not depict any negative side of patriotism. It portrayed patriotism in its best form by showing how a man sacrifices everything for his country, including family members.


What was the message of Come and See?

Come and See is a movie based on the novel of the same name by Nobel Prize winner Nadine Gordimer. It tells the story of a white South African woman who returns to her home town after many years in exile. The film is set in 1960, when apartheid was at its peak.

The message of Come and See is that no matter how long you are away from your country, or how much it has changed, you will always be connected to it because your roots run deep inside you. It also shows that although people may hate each other, they are still connected by their humanity and need for freedom.

What happened in the movie Come and See?

In the movie Come and See, it is the story of a boy named Alexander (played by Yuri Zhylykov) who lives in Leningrad during World War II. He witnesses how Nazi soldiers massacre innocent civilians and destroy everything they come across. This gives him an intense hatred for Nazis that he carries with him throughout his life.

The best part of this movie is when Alex goes to Ukraine to fight against the Germans. The atmosphere is so real that you can feel what he feels during that time period which makes it even more powerful.

Is Come and See based on a true story?

Yes, Come and See is based on a true story.

The film tells the story of an Indian man who falls in love with a Pakistani girl, and how their relationship is affected by the brutal separation between their countries. The actors playing the characters are not portraying real people but fictional characters that exist only in the movie.

What happened at the end of Come and See?

In the last few minutes of Come and See, both humans and robots learn about each other’s existence. They discover that they are all connected by a common purpose. This ultimately leads to their shared goal of creating a better world for all beings in the universe.

The movie ends with an optimistic message that is echoed throughout its entirety: “We have come so far together.” The film also serves as a reminder that we are not alone in this journey, but rather have companions along the way who will help us make it through.

What is your review of Come And See (1985 movie)?

This is a movie that I watched when I was just a kid. The reason why I like this movie so much is because it’s one of the best movies of my childhood and also because it has a lot of action scenes in it.

I have seen many actors who were not even born yet in this movie, but the main actor in this movie is Bruce Willis. He plays a very smart character and he has some great fight scenes as well which are very cool to watch.

The storyline is also pretty good, but what makes Come And See special from other movies is that they don’t tell you how things happen. You just see them happening and you can guess what happens next by your own imagination!

Overall, I think Come And See (1985) deserves 4 out of 5 stars!

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