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  • Home Alone (1990) FAQs

    Home Alone (1990) FAQs

    Home Alone 1990 comedy that starred Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister and Joe Pesci as his kidnapper has taken its place in popular culture. While many people know the plot of the film, there are a few questions about Home Alone that many don’t know the answer to. Was Home Alone Made in 1990? Yes,…

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  • When Harry Met Sally (1989) Movie Meaning and Ending Explanation

    When Harry Met Sally (1989) Movie FAQs

    Do you know the movie ‘When Harry Met Sally’? In this timeless classic directed by Rob Reiner, two old friends, who were already in love with each other but were afraid of rejection, set out on a weekend getaway together. Having said that, every good story has a sequel and in true form, this is…

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  • The Breakfast Club (1985) Movie Meaning and Ending Explanation

    What do you know about The Breakfast Club? What is it about? It’s a great movie! It’s a cult film! It’s a classic! If you haven’t seen the film yet, you should pay the 1979 film noir a visit. A film that has an impact on the minds of the generation of its time with…

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  • 10,000 BC Movie FAQs

    10,000 BC Movie FAQs

    The movie 10,000 BC is based on the real-life story of a caveman called “Lewis.” He has to travel across Europe and Asia in order to find his brother, who is lost in time. He must also try to find out what happened to his tribe, which has been destroyed by a comet. He doesn’t…

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  • 300 Rise of An Empire 2014 FAQs

    300: Rise of An Empire (2014) FAQs

    300: Rise of an Empire is the sequel to Zack Snyder’s 2006 epic 300. Set in the same time period, it follows a similar story of war, betrayal, and revenge as its predecessor. Although not exactly the same film, there are a lot of similarities between this sequel and its predecessor. Here’s everything you need…

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  • Some Like It Hot Meaning and Ending Explanation

    Some Like It Hot Meaning and Ending Explanation

    A very common saying used in the film is, “Some like it hot.” In the film, this was used for a lot of different situations. One example would be when there was a musical number with all of the inmates dancing to songs. The audience at that time would laugh because they wanted to see…

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  • Hot Fuzz (2007) Storyline and Short Reviews

    Hot Fuzz (2007) Storyline and Short Reviews

    Hot Fuzz is a 2007 British-American police comedy film directed by David Ayer and written by Alex Litvak. It stars Nicholas Cage, Simon Pegg, Penelope Wilton, Shaun Dooley, Joe Cole, Danny Dyer and Bill Nighy. The film was released in the United Kingdom on January 24, 2007, where it opened at #1 with a gross…

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  • The Mask (1994) Movie FAQs

    The Mask (1994) Movie FAQs

    We all have this urge to know what goes on underneath the mask of our favorite characters on the screen. We watch movies in order to indulge our curiosity about the characters and their lives, what drives them, and what keeps them going. To squander away that curiosity we turn to the internet, but it’s…

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  • The Dictator (2012) Meaning and Ending Explanation

    The Dictator (2012) Meaning and Ending Explanation

    The Dictator is a 2012 political satire film about a dictator played by Sacha Baron Cohen. It was directed by Larry Charles and written by Cohen, Charles, and Scott Rudin. The film features several actors portraying members of the authoritarian regime in the fictional country of Wadiya. Cohen’s character is a flamboyant and overbearing leader…

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  • Ted (2012) Movie FAQs

    Ted (2012) Movie FAQs

    Ever seen a movie and wished you knew more about it? Or have you been planning to watch it at some time in the future but not quite sure about its details? Then, this article is for you. Ted is a 2012 American comedy film based on the story of Ted Chiang which was initially…

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