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Cornwall Island


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The island of Cornwall exudes a mystique that makes it seem mysterious, exotic, and exotic. It is one of the locations that offer a wide range of opportunities for travelers who wish to explore the place in depth.

From climbing the highest mountain in the world to experiencing the sea’s bounty, this place provides you with a never-ending list of incomparable and distinctive experiences. That aside, there are many interesting places that have been discovered in the area and are waiting to be visited by you.

Cornwall Island


Cornwall Island has been known to be one of the most important places in North America as far back as 4,000 BC. This is because it was here that humans discovered Copper mining and started making tools out of this valuable metal. The discovery led to a series of events that helped shape the history and development of this continent. Cornwall Island also played an instrumental role in the British colonization process after they arrived on this landmass in 1763.

The years were not always easy for voyageurs as they endured harsh weather and suffered from lack of food because the territory was claimed to be a part of Canada. This led them to find new hideouts that include Cornwall Island, where they could go without having any trouble with their home base.

It also provided shelter against possible attacks by Aboriginal people who had been colonized through slavery in Nova Scotia, Canada. Cornwall is reputedly the place where muskets were used for the first time by colonists and against Aboriginals during a period when the British established their presence in North America (50).

Cornwall Island is reputed to be one of the coldest places in Canada, owing to its location at mid-way between Halifax and Quebec. It has an average elevation of around 1,500 meters above sea level. Landmass covers 59 square kilometers but it can cover as much as 15,000 square kilometers in the right season. Fishermen and hunters utilize it as a hunting ground because it is well forested but the land has since grown sparse after overgrazing by animals.


Cornwall Island Climate

The climate of Cornwall Island is extreme in nature, with some parts experiencing temperatures that range from -30 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius. The island experiences long and cold winters that can last for months on end, while the summers are hot and humid. This could be why there are few trees or bushes on this landmass as they would not be able to tolerate the high levels of humidity. Rainfall during the summer months are also widely scattered and not in great amounts, which results to rivers only having minor creeks or sluice.


Cornwall Island Culture

The culture of Cornwall Island is a mix of British, French, and Aboriginal elements. The first Europeans to explore the island were the French in 1605 but it was not until 1753 that the British set foot on this landmass. There has been a continuous settlement by people from Britain ever since.

The language spoken on Cornwall Island is predominantly English with pockets of French and Aboriginal still being heard here and there. Religion played an important role in shaping and defining the culture of Cornwall Island. The churches played an important role in organizing activities such as tournaments and fire fighting for disaster relief since there were no emergency services or hospitals.



There is no central government or parliament on Cornwall Island. The administration of the island is carried out through a group of thirteen councils that are responsible for various areas such as healthcare, education, and town planning. One of the councils is the French National Council which was established in 1698.

As time went on, increasing numbers of people migrated to Cornwall Island and it became evident that there would not be enough space for town planning while they are still constructing housing blocks (10). At this point, a group of council members came up with an idea by separating parts off from each other instead.

Government Services

Government Services

There are no government services on Cornwall Island. The only service that is available in healthcare is provided by the British government through NHS (10). There is also a local hospital, which operates independently of the NHS. The islands are considered lawless and there are no police patrolling them. People mostly rely on emergency services for their needs however, most services have to be paid for through private insurance policies.



There was never any economy on Cornwall Island but as time went by settlers started looking into establishing one. Tin mines were being worked in the past that gave the settlers a steady source of income in the following years. Eventually, with increasing numbers; it became evident that Cornwall Island will not be able to support life for its citizens and would suffer from population decline due to low birth rates.

At this point, there are only two companies on Cornwall island that produce tin ingots. The industry was later abandoned as producers ran out of tin Between 1758 and 1832, the largest source of income (for adults) is fishing which accounts for ~25 percent. For children, it’s childcare that makes up another 30%.



Tourism is one of the main sources of income for Cornwall Island. The island has an extremely beautiful landscape that attracts a lot of tourists. The tourism industry on Cornwall Island is still in its infancy and it is not yet very developed. In terms of numbers, there are only a small amount tourists who come to visit the island each year. However, this number could potentially grow as more companies start operating on the island and attract more tourists.

The working-based governance structure for communities on Cornwall Island consists of a Local Management Committee & an Executive Council. Members of the LMC do receive some financial compensation from local government but are otherwise independent, especially when dealing with matters that involve ‘corporate performance’.

Governance is mostly composed of 4-5 busybodies who run their own affairs instead of taking part in the daily activities they manage because they are overworked and only focus on the work that is brought to them by their district. Since Cornwall Island focuses its attention on governance, Human Resources cannot be provided for any part of LMC’s functioning therefore HR needs are not being taken care of.



In order to get to Cornwall Island, visitors need to either fly or sail. There is no ground transportation available on the island. In 2010, it was estimated that there were about 50 aircraft movements and 52 sailing arrivals each year. However, this number could potentially grow as more companies start operating on the island and attract more tourists.

There are currently no major infrastructure concerns affecting tourism in Cornwall Island. The only issue that has been observed is the lack of water supply for some parts of the island. At present, Cornwall Island has no publicly funded industries. Also, there are no plans on introducing any energy or sewage ventures.


We are proud to introduce you to Cornwall Island. Although we say this is your introduction, but we want you to make your experience more personal by applying these tips and clues you will find in this guide.


Is Cornwall Island A Reserve?

Yes, Cornwall Island is a reserve.

Is There Accommodation On The Island?

There are no hotels or resorts on the island. However, visitors can find places to stay by booking through travel agents and through Airbnb.

Who Owns Cornwall Island?

The Government of Canada owns the island.

Is There A Airport On Cornwall Island?

No, there is not currently an airport on the island.

How Do I Get To Cornwall Island?

Visitors can either fly in or sail into the island.

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