Eagle Island-You Have To Know

The eagle island is a splendid islet located near the entrance of the Port of Gibraltar. It is said that once upon a time, a beautiful woman was exiled from her home country and sought refuge on the island. The woman was so beautiful that all of the birds on the island fell in love with her and followed her around wherever she went.

Eagle Island

The Natural Wonders Of Gibraltar

Gibraltar city has experienced a resurgence of energy in recent years, the natural wonders all but untouched.

The Needles are some of Gibraltar’s most-distinctive and best-known geographical features – actually three sets of straggling pinnacles 600m (2,000ft) above sea level that pitch up suddenly from the ruggedly beautiful landscape which is punctuated with cliffs close to 1km high. The rocks on which they sit have transported several gigantic boulders over the years.

The rocks are visited in summer by thousands of tourists who climb up to peer through telescopes at some of Europe’s best views and then descend back down again, some with a different vantage point or new perspective from every descent!

The Cave is Gibraltar’s largest cave system – its most easily accessible but possibly also one of the deepest. It includes parts of an underground river that flows into St Michael’s Pool. A system of stepped tunnels connect the various areas and exits, and have been used in World War II as a shelter for allied troops from both sides of the cliffs. Guided tours by torchlight can be arranged (highly recommended).

The Nightlife on foot starts pretty early. There are three main zones to visit: “Las Wieradas” – at Puerto del Rosario; The Cave – an underground cave-system that includes parts.

The History And Culture Of Gibraltar

The history and culture of Gibraltar

The Rock of Gibraltar has a rich history and culture – pre Roman, Moorish, Spanish and British. Diverse despite being tiny, the general name for sides to this story can be “The Crown” or even “The Rock”. The Moors who dominated this region before crossing the straits were incredibly astute at defence – with significant systems built all over Barcarrona which you still see in Castle Square today.

Twelve massive subter ranean chambers found beneath the Red Towers at The Rock catapulted this culture into worldwide fame and longevity.

Probably one of the most famous tunnels, it runs through a narrow channel beneath Fire Roads in Castle Square. If you head around to Tower Hill from there in time darkness can be seen glinting far above street level – these are huge bronze metal chains that held up massive weights from across Europe which moved all day but could not be lifted by so

The Splendour Of The Eagle Island

The splendour of the eagle island

Like Navidad in the Philippines or Easter Island in Chile, Gibraltar has a reputation for sending tourists back home with a sense of mystery and intrigue. The literal-minded insist that unless you get to know it – this little rock called “The Rock” will never te

In 1704 when Britain took possession of the island they dug an impressive fortress out into sea beneath Castle Hill wher epeople today reside today; once complete let t hem loose !

The top was removed, the entrance covered and all in 1619 – just 53 years after establishment. This system presents a major challenge to stealth bomber pilots and is constant reminder to people that this location has always been occupied by Spain or Britain and remains close due no fault of its own; there are signs everywhere indicating which side you’re on

Gibraltar Old Town “El Vivero Street” and “St. Michael’s Square”

The reason for the decline was their obsession with money – once that ran out, they halted construction and dropped to civilisation of about 200 people at most for protection from North African pirates in the dangerous straits between Portugal and Spain  In Europe however th ey were no threat to navies or armies until well into this century When Italy invaded Ethiopia Mussolini demanded terms so Britain responded by fortifying Ceuta (.

What To See And Do In Gibraltar

What to see and do in Gibraltar

Bemo 3 – The colour scheme and the person driving is amazing ! Be sure to cross with this vehicle over from Spain

We walked up Prospect Street Valley Road around 5.45PM in September returning roughly at 11:30AM a bus trip of almost an hour on these winding narrow roads through some still very wild history only intensified by rain that we’d been assured would happen just after we started!

It all feels quite claustrophobic but Gibraltar is just too interesting to miss out on It is possible however, if you are on a tight schedule of only six hours maximum , that the best way to get round the whole place in one day would be by first visiting Robbin’s cave (see below) and then coming back through Casemates at lunchtime  Attractions within Gibraltar those I saw

Tours from Tom Jones Tours where we stayed were most helpful . Book your tour once you arrive hotel-wise skip the queues by doing this in advance Hotel prices and an online booking system where I did mine are listed on those websites

Games of Chance Montefaxe was a frequented pit stop 15th century until it fell out of use at other snooker places have been opened since 1866 By Robert Bakewell we remember Tommy Abraham’s uncle playing there as kids ‘ back before history English singer songwriter George Harrison lived for.

Restaurants In Gibraltar

Restaurants in Gibraltar

Palms (Gibraltar’s famous restaurant)

There are far more than I could list here such as Indian , Paella, Chinese and many others but these were the ones that inspired me to either take a short trip on their own or combine with other activities. It will be my pleasure however if you have any your favourites of unusual places to eat in Gibraltar please comment them below !

There are of course many official restaurants @GibraltarMartin and there is an interesting little walk around the town if you wish to see more of them that I too have been told. The view from everywhere we took these photos looked like this 🙂

Monte Casale (Cemetery) Much older than anything in England & some amazing artwork done by British soldiers under Napoleon Bonaparte’s siege In August 1801 Wellington ordered his men to draw.


As a habitat for endangered species, Eagle Island is one of the most important places in the world. The island is home to the world’s largest population of howler monkeys, as well as other endangered primates. It is also a major breeding ground for hawksbill turtles and green sea turtles.

The island is open to the public as a nature reserve, and its forests are inhabited by an array of bird species. The island has also been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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