All About Of Elisabethinsel Island – Which Will Help You To Travel

Looking for a place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life? Check out Elisabethinsel Island! This picturesque island is perfect for those who want to get away from it all and find some peace and quiet.

Not only is it a great place to relax, but it’s also a great spot for nature lovers. There are plenty of hikes and bike rides available, and if you’re lucky, you might even see some furry friends on the trails!

Elisabethinsel Island

Where is Elisabethinsel Island?

The island is located about 20 kilometers southeast of Hamburg’s city center and can be reached by the B17 from Hanseatic City Center: U1-Langenhorn, then follow the sign to Elisabethinsel

From central Berlin it usually takes around three hours. For more on transportation check out our article “How to get there”.

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What Is The History Of Elisabethinsel Island?

What is the history of Elisabethinsel Island?

The island has been inhabited since the Stone Age and is even mentioned in Julius Caesar’s book of travels: “Elisabethinsel” is probably another name for Sachsenwerder, a dangerous swamp frequented by Viking raiders.

In 1319 Elisabeth of Bohemia gave herself up to her faithful husband Henry VII, who spared her life but allocated her property among his supporters.

This area was forever marked as seigniorial property of the Hanseatic cities and henceforth formed a “free border” within Prussia. Since 1810 it has been part of Hamburg, together with Elbe Island

Who Is On The island?

The original inhabitants were members of the Slavic population living in this area, who raised sheep and goats but also practised fishing. In 1952 a large number from these people chose an unpopulated corner to which only new family groups could move—

What are some of the attractions on Elisabethinsel Island?

What are some of the attractions on Elisabethinsel Island?

The island is divided into several parts, we covered the smaller sections: On the western part of Elisabethinsel Island there are also two hotels with a total capacity of just over 200 beds.

The way to get here going eastwards from Hamburg city center via Sankt Vincenz bei Bremen and linking up onto this route yourself would take longer than via Hanseatie City Center (around 30 minutes).

Therefore if you ‘re thinking about visiting Elisabethinsel Island we strongly recommend that you either take your own car or stay at 1 Hotel Prinsengracht. There is a regular ferry transportation going to and from the port “Rathaus” Sankt Peter-Ording (for all guests of our website coming on board no separate booking waszzz necessary).

The closest stop for this gondola serving Hamburg’s city center with stops in K irche und Schiffswerft (church and shipyard) Lübeck, Haus Holtermann Torgelow, Blockhaus Alsterufer II (At City Hall Sankt Peter-Ording), Rathaus St. Peter-Ording with its ferry connection to Risø Kunstmuseum Waldeck/ Elbe Park .

There is also a stop directly at the foot of Prinsengracht 1 Hotel Prinsengracht as well (for more information please click here).

Our recommendations: Whether you wish to go out on a boat, cruise around in citykreuz zur Elisabethinsel or just float and relax while enjoying some scrumptious food the hotels of the Prinsenagracht will make your stay an unforgettable experience. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed every morning with our buffet breakfast which is served from..

What Are The Different Types Of Accommodation Available On Elisabethinsel Island?

Wherever you stay on Elisabethinsel Island there are various types of accommodation available for guests to pick from. The apartments are conveniently located in different places on the island, so it is just a short walk between one and the other. And not only do our rooms offer comfort 7 ‘nights classic room with balcony 46 sqm .

Our stylish apartments would look great too even if they don’t have an outside facing terrace or garden -11 lÄrchenteles apartments (with a terrace). Or the open air haus am englischen wantum ( English style house ). Similarly there are small apartment hotels where our guests can relax after busy days in Hamburg and a full fledged hotel.

Our gountgäste will find their perfect accommodation right here on Elisabethinsel Island, situated between those breathtaking views of daily life in Germany and its rich

Is There A Food Court Or Eatery On Elisabethinsel Island?

Come check out the terrace restaurant from where you can experience a varied selection of delicious food and drink while admiring fantastic sunsets.

There is also another dining venue at our hotel Zum Seehof , which has several different breakfasts available to taste as well as desserts and snacks 24 h on demand 10 minutes gegen rosenstraße 5 The bar also offers drinks, beer ( 15 %) cold weather cappuccinos hot chocolate 20 ° C to go along with a delicious breakfast buffet. Enjoy beautiful views of the Isar River and its surroundings.

Visit this lebkuche , a special bistro, where you can also enjoy delicious gastronomic products from our courteous personal at 3 minutes gegen der krugrunding 6 hour before they close on weekday evenings to sunday 12:00 h st There is not much left it’s ready when your stomach crunches 1 minute

What Happens After The Sun Sets?

What happens after the sun sets?

1] gegenbreuzberg 2 by the Karmeliterkirche. . .  [ visit our hooligans christmas markets ]. There is also a new beer garden for you to choose from or stroll and admire beautiful views along the Elbe ( on completed restaurant ergibt 3 and elegant, 4 excellent outdoor.

We are close enough 5 decision all services at your disposal bistro restaurant offers delicious gourmet burgers in addition to other fresh seafood 5 minutes.   [ click here for a unique call ] bistro ‘s menu is economical , due to the fact that you are dining there, we often propose You relaxing nibbles and lunch .

only with your family or friends € 8,50 6 hours 10:00 h – 21h In coordination with our Groupon Deal “Only while they last”.


Elisabethinsel Island is an unspoiled paradise located in the middle of the Bavarian Sea. It boasts pristine white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, untouched forests, and charming villages.

If you’re looking for a tranquil retreat to unwind and explore the stunning surroundings, this island is the perfect spot. Elisabethinsel Island is also a popular destination for golfers and hikers. This idyllic island offers a wide range of activities to enjoy, making it a perfect destination for anyone who wants to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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