Grantham Island

Grantham Island is situated in the Gulf of Oman and is a 120 sq km coral atoll. It is an important seabird nesting site and has been identified as a Globally Important Bird Area by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Besides the birdlife, the island is also home to a variety of marine wildlife, including turtles, dolphins, and reef sharks.

Grantham Island


Grantham Island was first discovered by the Portuguese in the early 16th century and its name is derived from one of their captains, Juan de Granada. The island was annexed to Oman by Britain in 1856 and administered as part of the British protectorate of Muscat. It became a Crown Colony in 1917.

Administrative status

Grantham Island is located within the territorial waters of Oman but has no permanent settlement. The island is located in the Gulf of Oman and to its north lies Oman’s capital Muscat, to its south lie Saudi Arabia’s boat repair services and smaller atolls such as Al Khuwair Island which are separated from one another by narrow channels.

These islands started experiencing a building boom after 1988 when international concerns about oil pollution led nations signing bilateral treaties not only banning but also greatly limiting vessels using their territorial waters unless they experienced a malfunction at sea.


Grantham Island Climate

The climate of Grantham Island is hot and humid with average temperatures ranging from 24 degrees Celsius in the winter to 32 degrees Celsius during the summer. It receives an annual rainfall of over 600 mm. There are two seasons on the island, Summer (March to May) and Winter (July to September). Administration

Under the Benban settlement, Grantham Island is administered as a part of the Musandam governorate where it houses some administrative facilities. There are no permanent inhabitants on the island; this landlocked territory which makes up 1.2% of Oman’s total area and has an asphalt surface measuring only 2 km encompasses 5 pax all together (consisting entirely of administrative offices).


There is no permanent population on Grantham Island, which is administered as part of the Musandam governorate. However, there is an administrative presence consisting solely of offices.

The main economic activity on the island revolves around its status as a natural braking point in Oman’s oil-rich Gulf of Oman region and its proximity to Saudi Arabia, where repairs are often carried out for boats sailing in and out of OMAN’s territorial seas .

In addition, the presence of American ships in their territorial waters has also become a frequent occurrence on this island so that more time can be spent repairing them and for oil cleaning procedures to take place.


Grantham Island does not have a permanent population, which makes it an important administrative hub for the Musandam governorate. The main economic activity on the island revolves around its strategic location and its proximity to Saudi Arabia, where repairs are often carried out for boats sailing in and out of OMAN’s territorial seas.

Government Services

Grantham Island consists only of offices and services related to the Benban administrative cluster, as well as a small number of hotels. The island does not have a permanent population, which makes it an important administrative hub for the Musandam governorate.

However, there is no private real estate and travellers can stay only in hotels located on this landlocked territory one kilometre (0.62 miles) offshore of the Jordanian border that has an asphalt surface measuring around 2km.


Tourism is not a significant economic activity on Grantham Island. There are no organised tours or attractions, and the only means of accessing this landlocked territory is by boat from neighbouring Saudi Arabia. Boats also travel from Musandam’s southern governorate of Dakhiliyah and Qassim, the capital of neighbouring Hasa.

While most residents are expatriates or work for organisations in other countries situated along this border area, the island does serve as a rest stop during cruises travelling between OMAN at sea to Bahrain and Oman Gulf ports on land.


The only form of transport on Grantham Island is by boat from Saudi Arabia. Services are based at the eastern outpost of Al

Majlis. The navy provides a supply boat that can be taken overland to villages on shore as well as serving boats travelling between islands and along this border area.  “Grantham Island” is one of several British political terms, often being used in derogation of another such intended phrase; by virtue if its portrayal by Jeeves early in all other stories except ‘The Mating Season’.


Grantham Island’s cuisine is similar to that of neighbouring Saudi Arabia. This includes dishes made from rice, lamb and mutton, as well as sweets such as baklava and shawarma. There is also a limited selection of fresh vegetables available.

Currency (Saudi Riyal)The currency of this territory is the Saudi Arabian Rial. It was formerly pegged to a fixed-rate exchange rate with sterling, but has since been floated in line with market rates and then subsequently changed back by Riyadh.


With white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, lush palm trees, and a turquoise-blue lagoon, Grantham Island is the perfect getaway for travellers looking for a luxurious beach vacation. With plenty to offer tourists of all ages and interests, Grantham Island is an ideal spot for anyone looking for an easygoing but active vacation.

In addition to its superb beaches, Grantham Island also features interesting attractions like the Dolphinarium and a botanical garden. With so much to do and see, finding the time to relax won’t be a problem on Grantham Island.


What Are The Main Attractions On Grantham Island?

The main attractions on Grantham Island include the Dolphinarium, a botanical garden, and the Golden Sands beach.

What Does The Dolphinarium On Grantham Island Cover?

The Dolphinarium is a dolphin compound in which there lives three bottlenose dolphins and two Pacific white-sided Dolphins. Bottlenose dolphins are distinguished by their wide, flattened heads and long snouts, while common white-sided do not have these characteristics.

The enclosure has concrete stands for four of them around it as well as an extensive array of equipment for operations such as blood sampling, surgical procedures and physical therapy.

What Do The Dolphins Eat?

The dolphins on Grantham Island require a special formula diet in order to make sure that they’re getting all of the nutrients needed for their bodies.

The dolphin compound also takes samples from them so that researchers can monitor whether or not there are any problems with eating their food properly, or if any toxins may have been ingested accidentally by them due to injuries received during training sessions ( this is something that the dolphins really don’t want to happen).

When Are Dolphin Shows Held?

They’re held at 10:00 AM, 12:00 PM and 3:30 PM.

What’s Special About Visiting Grantham Island During Christmas Time?

During Christmastime there are a variety of holiday-themed events on Grantham Island other than dolphin programs. The Holiday Train Hunt features a live train made up to look as though it is on a railroad. The train chugs through the woods just like one would imagine it to, halting for acrobats and different decorations that are up in the area.

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