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Hobbs Islands are a group of coral reefs located in the western Pacific Ocean. They are also known as the Tubbataha Reefs, after the Tubbataha Reef National Park that surrounds them. The islands are a popular destination for scuba diving, snorkeling, and kayaking.

All About Of Hobbs Islands

Hobbs Islands



The islands were named in 1842 by James Dwight Dana after the American Commodore William Hobbs. The name was assigned to a group of uninhabited coral atolls collectively also known as “Hobbs Islands”.

Geologically, they are central-ridge corals that extend westward from Palawan’s Central Ridge into the Sulu Sea, far west of Makassar Strait and Mindanao.

They consist mostly island inlets located roughly between latitudes 8° N (Philippine region) run north and south mainly within a depth range approximately 170 m to 225 m apart with a continued gradual divergence starting closest to Palawan State in the north and stretching towards Mindanao of approximately 125 km parallel east.

The islands are therefore geologically purely artificial extensions atolls that emerged or have subsided from near-shore sea level rise due to tectonic uplift, subsidence caused by deformation within a collared arc surrounding Talaud Arc (in neighboring Sulawesi).

They owe their existence as land parcels outcrops above global surface waves rather than “true” manmade structures such as those in the Philippines’ Coral Triangle originates with precolonial.



Clac (Barred Crocodile) was once a common sight in the islands, but has since been eliminated by humans.

The closest two islands are Second and Babayan which are designated as Marine Protected Areas although they remain uninhabited except for military personnel stationed there on inspection tours of aircraft carriers or other Navy ships at present days.

The largest island is Rota Islet located just northeast across the channel bypassing Talaud Island passage northward to the Philippines archipelago’s Makassar Strait with its waters still shallow until it opens into South China Sea beyond Samar Island, the northernmost tip of Borneo.

The islands were notorious during World War II as a base for Japanese submarines and naval support units which are still top secret to this day (“Operation Mo”).

Due to their strategic value in close range proximity to U.S.-held Philippines-based air bases like those at Iodol (currently abandoned after closure by American forces), Okinawa Kumejima Island, Yokosuka Base (for patrol cruises with Fast Patrol Craft Type 95 helicopters), Subic Bay Navy Yard Area C & D all strategically located westward north Calpain on Coastal.



The other more recent and modern bases at Clark to the north of Manila Bay in Luzon, Pola Point near Subic Naval base with its naval vessels permanently berthed by LST/L(6) transport ships are located far off shore closer on southern side at Sorsogon.

The entire Northwest coast is dotted with air force bases whose most known installations like Arebayah Halsey Field (Combat Air Wing 10), Buckner Marine Corps Base (CVW 22nd MEU supporting garrison units deployed there for joint U.S.

Philippines military exercises as USAFFE – unity of the Philippines armed forces were under the U.S.-based United States for defense purposes before Japanese invasion during World War II) northward to Zamboanga City, Dapa National Shrine Bataan Death March Memorial (Demska Hill Field).

Tacloban particularly well-known as Super Typhoon Haiyan’s direct landfall hit-before and after devastation covering it all in tropical storm surge that covered her airfield a relatively small 100 feet Air Base III L-732 building newer models of helicopters not needing to lift jet engine mounted external fuel tanks like other islands’ bases nearby at.



The Hobbs Islands, located in the Caribbean Sea, are a popular tourist destination due to their pristine beauty and rich history. The islands were first inhabited by the Arawak Indians, who used them for hunting and fishing. Christopher Columbus first sighted the islands in 1492 and named them La Isla Bonita (the beautiful island).

The Spanish colonized the islands in the 16th century, but they were abandoned after a hurricane in 1667. The English briefly occupied the islands in the 18th century, but they were finally claimed by the United States in 1834.

The US Navy used the islands as a training ground and base until 1898. Today, the Hobbs Islands are a popular tourist destination that is home to a small military garrison.

The United States Government leased the islands in 1898 and has had a historical presence on the Islands ever since. The Bureau of Indian Affairs established Fort Mifflin as an Army post south of St. Matthew’s Caye (which borders Hoog Island). The island supported eight families, many later transferred with their military duties to Guantanamo Bay Naval Base Air Field No 1 ().

Turnco was built for construction of airfield No 26 at caye(to reopen Dapa National Shrine Bataan Death March Memorial) and another government constructed base near Currituck beach just outside Ragged Point . After decom.


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Ans: The Hobbs Islands are a small chain of volcanic islands in the Central Pacific Ocean. They are approximately 280 km southeast of Midway Atoll and 2,140 km northeast of Hawaii. The total land area is only about 1.6 km2, making them one of the most uninhabited and remote islands in the world.

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Ans: Hobbs Islands is a small archipelago located in the south-eastern Caribbean Sea. The islands are uninhabited and are part of the National Park System of Belize.

The islands have a total area of 3.2 square kilometers and are made up of limestone and coral reefs. The islands are a popular diving destination and provide habitat for a variety of marine life, including Hawksbill turtles, barracudas, and numerous types of fish.

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