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Ile Baleine Island is a small uninhabited island located in the middle of the Saint Lawrence River, between Montreal and Quebec City. The island has been declared a Special Wildlife Area and is home to over 400 species of bird including the Bald Eagle, Snowy Owl, and the Eastern Bluebird. Various types of ducks, geese, wild turkeys, and other wildlife can also be found on the island. The island can be reached by boat or plane.

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Ile Baleine Island



Ile Baleine Island was first occupied by First Nations people, who called it “Baleine island” (from the Algonquin word for duck). It was later used as a fur-trading post. The island was purchased in 1902 by industrialist and philanthropist Joseph-Octave Laporte, with the intent of creating a bird sanctuary.


The island can be reached by boat or plane. Boat access is from the island of Montreal. A flight to Pointe-Calumet Airport, north of Quebec City, allows for a ten minute tour on an amphibious military plane before landing at Ile Baleine Island. Culture, recreation, & environment

Ile Baleine Island is part of a larger island chain on the St. Lawrence that includes: Iles aux Coudres; Ile Riverain; Îles Perrot (part); and Coaticook. The island provides nesting habitats for over 450 bird species, including eagles and owls.



The island has a humid continental climate, with four seasons. Summers are hot and humid, with temperatures averaging 26 degrees Celsius (79 degrees Fahrenheit). Winters are cold and dry, with temperatures averaging −3 degrees Celsius (−19 degrees Fahrenheit) annually. Precipitation averages a little over 300 millimetres (12 inches) per year, with most in the summer months.



The island has a small but thriving Francophone culture. There are annual cultural fêtes, and the island hosts a number of music festivals throughout the year. Fish, eels and seafood dishes are imported or can be had locally.



Ile Baleine Island is part of the provincial district of Rivière-du-Loup. As such, it is represented in the Quebec National Assembly by members of the Parti Québécois. Ile Baleine island used to vote for the provincial electoral district of Iberville-de-Grâce. In 2001, immigrants from southeastern Quebec numbered 899 and made up 7% of its population.

106 or 2% identified themselves with a religious group other than Roman Catholic, Protestant (Anglican), Jewish, Muslim and Buddhist; another 292 residents did not state any organized religion in their census return.

Government services

Government services

The island is served by a single post office, a hospital and two community colleges. Parks and recreation Ile Baleine Island has no marinas, but there are a number of places where one can set foot on the island to moor or sleep at night: Port-Alfred, Plaisance river mouth (Port Alfred) Park Campground; River Blanche campground.

During weekends in summer available campsites located along the shore at Banc Sans oiseau – Narrows Road/Église Laurentienne accesses for camping tents as well as cabins. A large camp is also located by Duchâteau beach on the eastern side of the island, adjacent to a nature reserve. The island also has a few off-shore islands which can be accessed by kayak or canoe.


Baleine Tourism

Ile Baleine island is a popular tourist destination, primarily because of its natural environment and picturesque villages, as well as its proximity to Quebec City. The island hosts a number of cultural events throughout the year, including the Fete de la Saint-Jean-Baptiste (Saint John’s Eve) celebration and music festivals. Sport and recreation

The island also offers a variety of hiking, kayaking, and fishing opportunities. For example, the island has golf courses dedicated to both senior (island-bred born player who participated at the 2014 Canadian Open PGA Seniors Championship as an Example) and junior players with two 9 hole green mats on Ile Batture Gorges plateau with Olympic sized pool overlooking Lac Saint-Jean downtown Quebec City. One can become one of five most expensive real estate in Canada (Source property price indexes provided by Sellax Brokerage Inc.).




There are a number of ferry services that run from Quebec City and Montreal, as well as private boats which can be chartered. The island is also connected to the rest of Canada by a highway bridge. Ile Baleine island was settled in 1673 by the Sulpicians, who had come from Port Royal on Île Royale (Cape Breton Island).

They established another settlement at Quebec City, then a small fishing village on the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River. In 1764, Ile Baleine became part of Lower Canada when it was annexed by France as part of a greater united colony in 1763, but was ceded along with the rest of Lower Canada (now Quebec) to Britain by the Treaty of Paris in 1853.


Ile Baleine Island is a small but stunning island located off the coast of Grenada. It’s known for its crystal clear water, lush rainforest, and white sand beaches. Visitors can explore its diverse ecosystems via hiking, kayaking, and bird-watching. There are also a few restaurants and shops on the island, which makes it the perfect spot for a day trip.


1.Is Ile Baleine Island Touristy?

Ans: Ile Baleine island can be explored by foot, kayak, or bike. However, it is not overly touristed and so visitors can enjoy the island without being swarmed by crowds.

2.How Is Transportation To Ile Baleine Island?

Ans: The island can be accessed by boat or plane. Boats departing from Montreal or Quebec City typically make a stop at the island before continuing their journey downstream to either city. Flights depart from nearby airports every few hours and most often land on the Grande-Baie (Great Bay ) island, which is an hour’s drive from Ile Baleine Island.

3.What Is The Climate Like On Ile Baleine Island?

Ans: The island has a temperate climate that varies depending on the season. The most popular time to visit is during the summer, when temperatures

can reach upwards of 30 degrees Celsius. In winter, it can be pretty cold and windy so make sure you pack your warm clothes!

4.Is There Food Available On Ile Baleine Island?

Ans: Yes, there are a few restaurants and cafes located on the island which serve various types of cuisine including seafood, French food, pizza etc.

5.What Types Of Wildlife Can Be Found On Ile Baleine Island?

Ans: There is a wide variety of wildlife that can be seen on the island, including many types of birds, amphibians, and mammals. Some popular animals to watch include the Grenadian monkey, sugar glider, and harpy eagle.

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