Iron Man 2 Story Line And Short Reviews

Iron Man 2 is an American film released in May 2, 2010. The plot revolves around the superhero Tony Stark who is portrayed by Robert Downey Jr.. Tony Stark, a billionaire, has built an energy system that can be used to provide inexpensive and clean energy. He is a brilliant inventor who has a new weaponry known as Iron Man which he uses against criminals and terrorists.

The film was directed by Jon Favreau and produced by Jon Favreau, Louis D’Esposito, Alan Fine, Stan Lee and Victoria Alonso. The screenplay was written by Justin Theroux, Paul Rudd and Drew Pearce.

All About Of Iron Man 2 Story Line

Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2 Story line

Iron Man 2 is an action adventure movie. The film is about this amazing person called Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and his life that changes after he create some special Iron man suit and fight with many dangerous enemies like the Mandarin but it ends up bad because of misunderstanding between him and Pepper Potts aka Phelyneousa Von Strucker (Gwyneth Paltrow).

The story line was good but I have one complain about this is that the deleted scenes and alternative ending was not shown in theaters because they thought it would spoil story of film I don’t think so if your could show some more cool stuff at least around 5 minutes than yeah no need to waste movie like the audience’s time is very important.

I am happy that there are a lot of improvements over Iron man 1 but still have a lot of improvement needs plenty improvements and more action scenes would really make the movie better but overall I like it a lot.Here is my short review about this awesome film: Iron Man 2 or known as IM2 in theaters(2007).


Exposition is one of the reasons why I decide to see this film but as a whole contain too much compare with “Iron Man 1” it also love that They took out plenty of scenes from the begining and end scene’s because those are bad for spoiler. Still Exposition was good although not perfect like Iron man 1 but still good most important thing in Exposition need to leave seeds more story line would be better then just fact everything about Stark Plot.

Story line was very good and action scene’s were full of sizzling steam.I had never expected that this more awesome sequel would be here one thing I’m glad since they removed some unnecessary scenes because Don Cheadle as Rhodey new Black Wolf are two best part in film is visual effects and Really like how every enemy has their own fighting techniques, guns, nothing is similar or reused again which Most important things about movie thanks to out of costume effects

Rising Action

Of course there is no lack of action scenes in this movie has plenty sizzling fight scene’s, gunfight’s and some high platform falling section.A lot of homage from first Iron Man 1 which I like especially Uhen the Ceremony is hilarious. Really nice that they slightly reinvented it introducing new weapon but still stuck at base concept because what pushing too far can lead to No One element should be an important plot mechanic for entire plot.

Yes in a heartbeat because there is always something that justify to see it again. Really special Iron man Fans would find lot of entertainments on this new edition which highly entertaining for action genre, especially I like the scene’s just perfect but not over acting and too much gimmicks routine putting emphasis on unnecessary scenes instead focus more at direction was great thanks to Jon Favreau.



Feels so perfectly climax that I couldn’t stop myself watch whole thing. Always anticipation who live the ending and watching it again My feeling is No One can top this one in future comparison, which introducing new enemy was just amazing responsibility to RDJ character will be stiffed after getting back his hands on Mark III armor by using Extremis Virus but unfortunately all great battle’s gone away for nothing because of overuse of old plot elements such as hospital scene.

I think this movie very progressive could have been ahead of its time due to their use of CGI technology. Most important thing that deserves acknowledgment is there was no masked man or zombies because All threat incoming will be made by Extremis infected user Even RDJ character i never seen need to mask up half the film with green costume which lead the audience fell offed(couldn’t understand why they they wear it)except in final fight scene.

Falling Action

Overall Hit & Run definitely deserves recognition as a great action movie also can be an important reference for every Hollywood Writer writing generic action sequences with no entertainment besides try to implement some little element into the plot which fit so very well here.

The Box office numbers later day so not sure how well this movie will do. I’ll be very surprised if doesn’t beat Snakes on a Plane even with that has ridiculous title and concept, would it really?

Well I’m just hoping Let’s see Enjoy! 2.0/5


The film has a perfect balance of action, some comedy and emotional scenes that adds drama in both personality scenarios. Really really good Iron man 1 remake is done right A Must see and I will recommend every one to watch it at least once also don’t forget to pick up 3D Blu-ray too many great added’s such as opening prologue, 7 deleted scenes 4 hours extra feature discussing about cast & crew Favorite Scene List.

Iron Man 2 Short reviews

It was revealed that he is General Ross “To be accepted as a superhuman ,we must reject the greatest sin: human goodness” . Some speculations were made on if this will not be further explored in future movies such watch Iron Man 2 SHORT REVIEWS BLACK WIDOW TRAI =Best Scene Shuri is great character she has so much.

Favourite Character in the Movie Good introduction and character development of his comic version to film but actually showed quite often he’s a complex personality whos not really appreciated much on her but only the very few people knows how awesome she is(T’challa)and when they get their own arc this is when we see a little of her true face.

Favourite Scene First time meeting Tony Stark after the Spider’s attack on his house, I will never forget this scene as it was awesome in so many ways Note:  Genre Thriller Drama/Action movie Style Action/genre : superheroes (Marvel) Follows up to The Incredible Hulk Producers Avengers Working Title Iron Man 3 Writers William J & said Fergusson.

Final Thought

Iron Man 2 is the sequel to the 2008 blockbuster Iron Man. It is directed by Jon Favreau and takes off from a story developed initially by director Favreau’s The Jungle Book (Disney) as well as comic-book series of the same name. This superhero origin film once again stars Robert Downey Jr. in the title role of Tony Stark/Iron Man. Iron Man 2 follows him as he struggles to get past post-traumatic stress syndrome after the events in the first film.


1. What Are Some of the Best Scenes in Iron Man 2?

After a crushing defeat at the hand of one of Tony Stark’s would-be successors, the man himself must once again assemble an army of allies to bring down him—Evil! Yes it is painfully accurate but do not let “evil” put you off from this intense and excellent chapter in any form otherwise if you are interested enough in Ironman or bet on recent Marvel movies

2. What Is Wrong With Tony Stark’s Character in This Movie?

Im going to try and answer this in a “Scientific” form. I put that statement there because Tony has many flaws like the other Marvel heros mainly with his personality which is changed from one time period to another so much based on how good he feels about himselfs.

3. What Is Your Review of Iron Man (Marvel Character)?

I have watched this film many times since and it just never failed to entertain me or not be a big disappointment in any respect. It treats us with so much science fiction mixed into action that you can truly get lost even if you don’t watch too many superhero films . Plan on watching Iron Man 2 Many Times !

4. What Is the Story of Iron Man 2?

Iron Man 2 is the sequel to Iron Man directed by Jon Favreau and stars Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Ironman, Terrence Howard as Dr. Harold “Happy” Hogan (Tony’s personal assistant), Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts (until she dies in a tragic car accident).

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