Iron Man 3 Story Line And Short Reviews

Iron Man 3 is a 2013 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. The film is directed by Shane Black and stars Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Ben Kingsley, Guy Pearce, and Rebecca Hall.

Several characters from the two previous Iron Man films were promoted to major roles in this installment. American actor Mickey Rourke, who played the villain in the first two movies, reprises his role, now as a different character.

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Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 Story line

Marking the third appearance of Iron Man in a trio of films together with The Avengers, three United States Army weapons experts are kidnapped by terrorists and brought to Afghanistan.

While trying to save them Steve Rogers (the future Captain America), an amputee, is invited into the program after being reprogrammed as an experimental weapon by Dr. Aldrich Killian that he quickly learns controls his body at Killian’s will through direct neural interface.

The film starts with Tony Stark wearing his Iron Man suit built from scraps titled “Extremis”. For a deal, he has to help Killian’s colleague connect Extremis technology via satellite before the terrorists use it as an EMP.

Three soldiers are retrieved by Captain America who resigns and returns home while they escape unharmed using their three suits of powered armor based on prototype designs created in days prior after testing were rushed to market without.

In the middle of a war, mercenaries are infiltrating Captain America’s base with orders to kill everyone. Tony and Steve make an entry fighting them joining together for some time before heading out separately across Afghanistan after rescuing all the hostages held by terrorist leader Dora Milaje commander T’Chaka who tells them she will have his head if they don’t leave peacefully despite their friendship .


In the Exposition Bit, Tony furnishes Steve with his new monologues describing what his power suit is capable of and trying to standardize all weapons in America. He discusses armored vehicles that can turn into missiles; fighters that fire lasers from their eyes; a sniper rifle fitted on top of your arm.

In the main bit of the movie, Tony meets Pepper and tells her how it was an accident when he lost his arm in a war that ended up killing Bruce Banner but left him with unbridled strength. He has to find a way to work around this issue because if another person finds out about Steve Rogers, they could make him into something anathema.

Rising Action

Tony starts swinging hard and taking on mantle of War Machine. He orders his suit to fire missiles at several enemy casualties that are approaching a large bridge they need to cross while Steve is having another epic battle with a rather evil supervillian wearing an Iron Man.

The enemies in this film are a gang who want to steal some of Iron Man’s armor and materials. This triggers War Machine to start swarming and destroying them using various ways as well as combat robots that he easily destroys with minimal effort.


iron man 3 climax

Tony’s armor is damaged by enemy fire and the body begins decomposing. He orders his suit to use Exoskeleton mode, but this requires a lot of energy because it doesn’t have enough liquid nitrogen. Steve has arrived in time to see War Machine die as he slowly loses all hope before being ripped apart right after Tony tells him that they only need each other –

which is clearly directed towards Cap whom also finds himself completely broken under some kind of strain while trying to save this universe which he is completely lost on (but so are the rest of us).

Falling Action

Falling Action

This film is a failure in every way. The director did not seem to understand the concept of having multiple parts including one where Tony meets Steve and two, those are both crucial doses of “feeling” scenes which no other superhero movie manages to achieve here.

The other critical moment is one particular scene where Tony, in his own attempt to integrate Steve’s lessons learned during the war on HYDRA has told him something we haven’t seen before –  “I might’ve done bad things but I’m still human.”

Iron Man 3 Short reviews

So after two decades Iron Man (2008) –  it was time for it to be made. After years of movies about directors and special effects, many of them have failed to work as stories but few have been able to make fun action scenes that grabs your attention because they are so well-made with strong characters in the script and great cinematography.

In any case we had yet another origin story: Tony Stark tries different technologies from the Internet to nuclear fusion and discovers that he can build a suit of armor for himself which has the same power as his Iron Man technology.

After saving General Ross from terrorists, Tony is recommended by various people in Washington to create an arms control treaty with foreign powers who have similar abilities – War Machine (James Rhodes). Making business deals while still suffering from painkillers addiction made it easy but after 5 seconds at one party he decides against selling weapons making Obad.

Final Thought

All of us have done our bit of research and had a glance of the photo gallery attached below. It is one thing to have seen the movie and quite another to watch a full-length movie theatre and actually get the feeling of the shoot. Of course, some of you may be still unaware it is a 3D movie, which would help you to actually get the real feel of the scene you are watching.


It is a failure in almost every way. It wastes time without providing any emotional value at all, it mostly operates as a pathetic retread with some cheesy bits and the typical “getting fired” episode while Steve Rogers abandons his friend to save what he considers the greater good (which many will consider evidence of desperation) along with making Stark look like an architect.


1.Which Short Review of Iron Man 3 Would You Like to Read?

Ans: Iron Man 3 should stay in theaters until all releases on DVD/Blu-Ray. Who knows, there might be another sequel to Iron Man 3!

2.What Is the Most Interesting Story Line in Iron Man 3?

Ans: The trailer of Iron Man 3 shows many villains such as: Whiplash (Trade Mark), Justin Hammer, Mandarin, Molten Core and the Crimson Dynamo. Who would have thought that no one in this movie

3.What Is the Best Movie for Iron Man 3?

Ans: Iron Man 3 is most suitable for anyone who likes Ironman and Action or just someone who wants to see all the things that Tony Stark has made.

4.How Much Acting Talent Does the Iron Man 3 Cast Show?

Ans: Iron Man 3 is a very good and entertaining movie. The actors seem to be enjoying themselves portraying their characters, keeping the people at home entertained in every moment of this Iron Man feature film.

5.What Is Your Favorite Superhero/ Villain Found in Iron Man 3?

Ans: For me, any property that gets my interest. Marvel Superhero and Villains are the same thing for me though I do have a particular childhood admiration of Spiderman; even before he became a major character! So Iron Spidey (AKA Yellowjacket) crossed the line for Attack on Titan !

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