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Iron Man is an American superhero film based on the Marvel comic character of the same name. It was released in 2008 by Paramount Pictures.

Tony Stark, a brilliant and legendary playboy, is an industrialist and genius who builds a suit of armour to protect himself from the consequences of his extravagant lifestyle. The success of this movie led to Iron Man being adapted into a number of Marvel Comics titles including Iron Man: Extremis and The Iron Age .

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Iron Man

Iron Man Story line

The story begins with inventor Tony Stark getting drunk at a nightclub. He is caught in an alley by soldiers and taken to General Ross, his friend who wants him back as a consultant for Strategic Air Command (SAC). The following morning he awakes from amnesia suffering damage but does not realise that he has been attacked the night before.

After learning that the military has been keeping a weapons research programme from him, Stark creates his first Iron Man armour so as to fight off enemies and Russia. He also saves physicist Obadiah Stane (Jeff Bridges) who seeks reparations on behalf of Ivan Vanko, whose father was killed by Stark years before working with SAC. Stane and Vanko have collaborated in creating is signature weapon.

Stark, who keeps his identity secret from world leaders and the public, creates an intricate private life for himself in order to protect happiness of his friends Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) and James Rhodes.

He becomes increasingly erratic due to alcoholism which makes him refuse involvement with alcohol breathalyzer tests he is administered regularly by SAC as part of a test over nuclear weapons meant for China.


When Stark finds himself under a de-briefing concerning his military dealings, the S.A.C.’s need to stop him and questions on where he got metal strength armour from; James Rhodes develops suit of Iron Man after rescuing Tony in Afghanistan which then makes contact with Stane’s company who sell similar armours to other countries using US technology via China as intermediary thanks.

Stane and Vanko are involved in a race to develop the present-day equivalent of Iron Man’s armour before Stark can. This is further complicated by Stane discovering that Tony has developed an expensive lifestyle with potential threats on his life against which he must mount, while Vanko aids him with funding in order to be able produce the armour more efficiently. In planning it out, their plan involves using missiles as test subjects for their prototypes instead.

Rising Action

At a press conference, President ‘Jones’ (John Rhys-Davies) is about to launch Stark’s Iron Man in order for him to destroy the missiles. However, his speech turns into an impromptu defence of Tony because he helps those who can’t defend themselves against larger threats such as weapons and other dangers that may cause destruction.

He then reveals their plans on behalf of Stane’s company which Rhodes discovers by having footage taken during his involuntary stay there that cannot be withheld and thus Stark also has to keep secret.

To avoid this Stane orders Vanko’s attack on Stark but Rhodes only fears Iron Man being revealed due to him not having footage of it apparently though the media does know about what was going in Afghanistan after leaving it himself for reasons he can’t reveal, which would lead them directly back towards his own involvement with local bombing operations as informant agent running guns etc despite being reformed and officially in the states army.


Iron Man climax

Stark’s design finally works although lacking a power source so then he must either take Stark Industries’ own accountants hostage at which point the government intervenes but that brings out Rhodes and Fury who reveal his past crimes to him. Stane is because Vanko ordered it. The missile explodes in mid-flight along with everyone on board.

But Stark survives thanks to being caught in a parachute harness whereupon Iron Man flies over and kills Vanko with his repulsor beams. Stark has himself invited to the party, both as a test of their ability and because they know that now he knows enough not to endanger them but is forced by Fury’s threats at gunpoint (having needed power armour for the events in Afghanistan) into joining him until public opinion forces Peter Parker out of hiding back onto home soil whereupon Spider-Man (Tom Holland) helps save Tony .

Falling Action

Stark is re-instated at Iron Man, who no longer has the need to be vigilant. However he still needs a caretaker due to his current state (quite ill and not needing an active power source.) Stark secretly hires Rhodey as that person with Spider-Man taking on their mentor role particularly since Peter Parker now lives in New York whereas Nick Fury had moved out of the city after relinquishing command of S.H.

However Rhodey’s former project, War Machine (Don Cheadle), is still operating and Tony Stark must join up with him to help disable the threat. They capture Whiplash (Mickey Rourke) but he gets away after using his suit when nobody is looking to a plane attempting a landing at LaGuardia Airport which destroys both him and the plane; in fact one of their passengers, Secretary Ross steps out into an open area with unsecured cargo.

Iron Man Short reviews

Compared with the previous movie, this one is much more simply told but still retains its sense of fun. Jon Favreau’s efforts are well-advised and it yields a good result in spite of an arch tone that unfortunately affects too many aspects. It ends rather abruptly after Thor’s departure from Earth yet before he could explain his absences to Odin or Asgard thanks to him merely taking off without explanation which was countered by Loki mentioning some sort of deal.

In the meantime Pepper Potts marries multi-millionaire and philanthropist Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) while a scientist after he brainwashes her into being an informant – later it will turn out she was always afraid of giving information so had to be forced. In between, a villainous organization consisting mostly of villains get wind that something is happening as they should have known because Tony Stark spent years in prison for any number of crimes committed.

Final Thought

Iron Man came out in 2008, and it was a big hit. This is one of those superhero movies that comes with all the car chases and fights, but more importantly it has a lot of philosophies laced through it. To understand the intricacies behind Marvel’s poster boy and his thoughts on life, industry, women and success you need to read this article and learn all that’s there.


1. How Did Tony Stark Create the Iron Man Suit?

Ans: The suit is essentially his own armor. There was a portable Arc Reactor that he built at the beginning of the film, but Phase One doesn’t have this device in any way. The great thing about the movie Iron Man 2 though is that they populate Tony with what amounts to an artificial soul.

2. How Did Tony Stark Become Iron Man?

Ans: The first time we see Tony Stark, It’s 2013 a traumatic scene that is repeated in the his brainwashing phase. In 2008 however there was no Extremis as such so much of it had to be made up.

3. How Did Iron Man Get Along With Captain America?

Ans: Better than you might be expecting really. This being said they don’t spend any more time together in this film and aside from playing golf will never cross paths again after Avengers.

4. What Is Iron Man’s Story?

Ans: Basically Tony Stark is one of the few people who are able to control his new found abilities. The Extremis shots allow him to be reshaped and he can even change in quite a way without dying as well. He’s now essentially immortal, I guess that makes sense according to this film though you wouldn’t know it from all the movies we’ve seen above where they really did cause deaths or permanent damage by turning characters .

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