Mangrove Island: Discovering the Wonders of These Unique Ecosystems”

Mangrove Island is an uninhabited island located in the United States Virgin Islands, about two miles off the northwest coast of Saint Thomas. The island is a protected national monument and a bird sanctuary.

The island is an irregularly shaped rock averaging by with a length of and width at its widest point. The highest point on the island reaches above sea level while the lowest part of it only drops to.

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Mangrove Island



Mangrove Island is a remnant of the ancient island arc that once extended from North Carolina to Puerto Rico. The island was first sighted by Europeans in 1502, when explorer Juan Ponce de León spotted it while sailing through the Virgin Islands. Mangrove Island was also charted by Christopher Columbus in 1493 during his voyage across the Atlantic Ocean.

It remained uninhabited until 1844, when American Loyalists fleeing America’s War of Independence used it as an encampment. Mangrove Island was later purchased by the government for $15,000 in 1869 (equivalent to approximately US$800,000 today) and given its current status as a protected national monument on 10 March 1919.

The island served as a quarantine station during 19th-century yellow fever outbreaks in Saint Thomas before being decommissioned in 1984.



Mangrove Island has a tropical climate, with average temperatures ranging from 78°F to 86°F in the summer and 50°F to 74°F in the winter. The municipality of Saint Thomas receives an annual rainfall of about 53 inches.

Flora And Fauna

Mangrove Flora and Fauna

Mangrove Island has a unique biodiversity. It is home to much of Saint Thomas’ bird population, including the brown-throated tern which was deemed “threatened” by the U.S Fish & Wildlife Service on 7 December 1996 due to its decreasing numbers in North America (this status would later be downgraded to “endangered”, likely as a result of recent preservation efforts).

Mangrove Island is also frequented by the endangered Caimans, “Pelicans”, Lucayas and Green Sea Turtles.



The traditional music of Saint Thomas is closely related to Caribbean styles. It features influences from Haiti, Jamaica and the Virgin Islands. There is a flourishing reggae music scene in Cay, with many performers taking part at the annual “Reggae Chili”.

The founders of The Original Blues Brothers band all live on Mangrove Island and remain very much active performing their own renditions of popular blues appeals.



Mangrove Island is a part of the Saint Thomas District. Mary Hein, the incumbent member of United States House T ville-Saint Thomas is running for re-election as a Democrat. St. Thomas is governed by the Saint Thomas Town Council which has 10 members, including Mayor Chaisty Hein, who was elected in November 2009 to replace then-Mayor Gwen Kulik with a term of office that expires on 20 December 2017.

The council currently holds 6 seats representing 5 single member districts and 1 at large seat for mayor . By tradition, the mayor is elected citywide every three years.

Government Services

Government services

The island is served by the Saint Thomas Airport with regular scheduled flights to Charlotte Amalie on Saint Croix. The National Park Service also operates a visitors center on the island.

The federal government maintains no permanent presence on any of the islands in United States Virgin Islands Bureau of Land Management Law Enforcement Operations Center, which provides public safety for uninhabited U.S. Virgins islands’.

Until 2001 it operated an amphibious fire support base at Gypsy Hill though its mission was gradually transferred to St Thomas and Castries in the years since.



Mangrove Island is the most popular tourist destination on St. Thomas with around 250,000 visitors per year. Many guests come for its crystal clear waters, lush vegetation and unspoiled natural environment .



Mangrove Island’s economy revolves around tourism; land use is principally agricultural with a small percentage of homes built for residents working in service industries . Fresh produce such as bananas and mangoes are also major exports.

Most restaurants, grocery stores and small businesses are found on St. Thomas, since larger-scale development of resorts has not been permitted in the national park. The island is also known as home to a well established discotheque scene .



Mangrove Island National Park offers 4km of trails for hiking and biking . The Reserve consists primarily of mangroves swamps with mud flats such as at Msnadoe Bay .

From the ranger station at Ssani Kuss and a few trails enable access to some of the wildlife in this area, including green sea turtles , crabs and birds such as red-footed boobies .

Mangrove is an arid environment that lacks freshwater so there is little shade making this not ideal for swimming but wind surfing which was popular on some beaches before Hurricane Hugo.


Mangrove Island Transport

The only way to get on and off the island is by ferry which departs from Cruz Bay in St. Thomas (and Charlotte Amalie) every 20 minutes during daylight hours.

Buses also serve Gaviota village on the east side of Mangrove Island, however they only run once an hour so it can be difficult to reach some attractions. There are two different ferry landing locations and types to choose from.

One is located at Salt Ponds and the other is on Ssani Kuss where it makes a short loop before arriving in Cruz Bay; however, negotiations between BVI Port Authority (BPA) have been made which will allow salt ponds ferries deliver passengers directly onto Ssani Kuss September 2013 instead of doing a short tour around St Thomas first as in previous years.


Mangrove Island Cuisine

Mangrove Island National Park is not only known for its natural beauty but the unique cuisine that can be found on the island.

One popular dish is goat curry which is made by cooking goat meat with spices in a coconut milk sauce. The curry can also include plantains, potatoes and green beans .

Another dish that is often made on Mangrove Island are loco moco which consists of rice and gravy mixed together then topped with a slice of cheese (typically American processed white). There are also creole dishes such as rice and seafood which usually includes shrimp, conch or crab.


Mangrove Island is a small but precious piece of land that’s slowly being lost to development. Once home to diverse wildlife, the mangrove island is slowly succumbing to encroachment and neglect.

If you’re interested in protecting the island, we’ve put together a guide on how you can help. The Virgin Islands is where many historical, cultural and natural wonders are located. One of these treasures that it housed is the mangrove island.


1.Where Is Mangrove Island Located?

Ans: Mangrove island is located in the United States Virgin Islands.

2.What Is The Size Of Mangrove Island?

Ans: The size of Mangrove island varies, but on average it’s about by with a length of and width at its widest point.

3.How High Does The Highest Point On Mangrove Island Reach Above Sea Level?

Ans: The highest point on mangrovie island reaches above sea level.

4.How Low Does The Lowest Part Of Mangrove Island Drop Below Sea Level?

Ans: Mangrovie island drops close to closer to the water’s surface and drops very quickly, before too long it has reached floor.

5.How Many People Have Died On Mangrove Island?

Ans: It’s unknown how many people were to die on mangrovie island, but it is suspected that there was at least one.

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