All About Of Merino Jarpa Island – Everything You Have to Know

Merino Jarpa Island is a unique destination that offers travellers a chance to explore sheep farming in an untouched part of New Zealand.

The island is home to a flock of 80 sheep that are used for breeding, and visitors can take a guided tour of the farm, learn about the history and process of wool production, and see how the sheep are managed. The island is also known for its excellent hiking trails, and it is possible to cycle or horse ride around the island.

Merino Jarpa Island History

Merino Jarpa Island

The island was first settled in the early 1900s by a group of Norwegian farmers, and it became known as Merino Jarpa Island after the sheep that were raised on the island. The farm continued to operate until 2004, when it was bought by a new owner who decided to focus on promoting tourism instead of wool production. The farm is now run as a tourist attraction, and visitors can enjoy tours of the shearing shed, sheep yards, and barns.


Location and Arrival

Merino Jarpa Island is located off the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island near Ha ast, between Hokitika and Blakes. The island is accessible only by boat or helicopter, as it does not have a landing site on the mainland.

Getting There

Getting There

Merino Jarpa Island lies 5 km due east of Greymouth at coordinates , but visitors will need to call Otago Harbour ferries for sailing times before heading over to their island destination.  They can book a tour here Public Charter flights from Queenstown are available during summer months, when you can get there within 2 hours using your own equipment (although we really recommend getting there in a vehicle).

Way , a private charter service, also offers helicopter charters to and from the island (as well as a number of other locations). Trips can be booked through the company website here .

Accessing Features & Facilities

Accessing Features & Facilities

Visitors can enjoy recreational activities in addition to taking a tour of Merino Jarpa Island, including scuba diving or rock fishing. They should consult local operators for more details on these activities. At present there is no overnight accommodation at this location, though you may find several B&B accommodations within easy reach by public transportation.



The climate on Merino Jarpa is pleasantly temperate, with cooler summers and milder winters. The island experiences occasional rain showers, especially in winter.

Wildlife, Flora & Fauna


A visit to this island is an ideal opportunity for visitors to experience a more natural environment than they are likely to encounter in the tourist industry that surrounds most parts of New Zealand. This island is directly linked with mainland NZ by a narrow stretch of land, so many creatures can simply cross between them very easily.

The island’s location means that it can also be a safe haven for some species of fauna, too.  In particular, the Island has an abundance of native birds and insects, such as kakapo – one of the few bird species in NZ to have been completely wiped out from all other locations .

The island is home to a number on molluscs , including Ellisland snails which are notable for their bright colours (see photo above).  Also present is Karamea thornback dragonfly whose predators include eagles, falcons and cats.



The island is home to a number of Māori tribes, who continue their traditional lifestyles. The island has a small commercial centre, where visitors can find local food, gifts and souvenirs.

Tour Times

Tour times

The tour time for Merino Jarpa Island ranges from 2 hours for solo tourists or small groups to 4 hours for larger groups.

There are currently no tours operating on the island during winter ( December – February ).


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1.What Is Merino Jarpa Island?

Ans: Merino jarpa island is a private island located in the Hauraki Gulf, which is part of the Auckland Region of New Zealand.

The island was purchased by a group of farmers in 1992, and it now consists of 80 sheep that are used for breeding and wool production. It also has some excellent hiking trails, as well as cycling and horse riding facilities.

2.How Popular Is Merino Jarpa Island?

Ans: Given its unique location and features, Merino jarpa island has become quite popular with tourists who want a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is known for its quiet and peaceful atmosphere, interesting history, and great hiking trails that are suitable for the whole family.

3.What Make Merino Jarpa Island Unique?

Ans: Merino jarpa island is not only popular because of its beauty but also due to the clever feature it has: as you move around in this private island, live sheep can be seen grazing all over!

This makes them an attractive item which appeals to many tourists who visit New Zealand every year seeking new experiences and adventures! Many people have chosen to purchase a sheep as a pet, paying extra money for the unique experience it offers.

4.Is Merino Jarpa Island Safe To Visit?

Ans: Yes, Merio jarpa island is quite friendly and even though there are many animals and plants around you can have peace of mind in your travels. To be more specific, the island itself has been very carefully managed since its founding so that tourists won’t get involved with any dangerous substances or activities since these are not allowed on an island with such history and relevance!

The land is well maintained through biosecurity control procedures to be sure that it is a safe place for its owner, and in fact, has received the “Peaceful island” title under the Tourism New Zealand’s Comply with Curfew certificate.

5.What Time Should I Visit Merino Jarpa Island?

Ans: The best part of this amazing island are its peaceful atmosphere which makes any moment okay to take pictures or stroll around freely without worrying about public transportation disruptions or questions by outsiders!

This tranquil setting can make your journey go smoothly too as you would be able to enjoy any activity on schedule rather than being rushed in a tight schedule because buses , trains, etc. can be unpredictable. As per local media a typical island commute time would see people spending anywhere from 10-30 minutes waiting for them to reach the destination where you want to go next!

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