Ratatouille FAQs

This is a great Pixar film that is easily relatable to a lot of people who have never cooked before. This short tells the story of how it took 3 chefs (one human, one rat, and one bird) to produce this delicious dish. The movie begins with the rat, Remy, cooking the vegetables in an oven. Then, the bird arrives and asks for advice on what to do next. The rat replies that he needs some more ingredients.

Ratatouille FAQs


What is the moral lesson of Ratatouille?

To an extent. Logic would dictate that the rodent and bird must attend to their own call of duties first before they can help prep cook food, but Remy makes a great point when he argues against this saying “General Practitioners do it every day” which is what we all know has sped up our medical treatments into modern times in terms of how fast someone gets to specialists whether one wants surgery or not promotes efficiency at its optimal perception rather than suggest.

Why did Remy and his father argue in Ratatouille?

The film tells us that Remy’s father was a chef who was very proud of what he did and when opportunity to move up in his position as the head mouse at Gusteau insults him, being passed over for promotion by Mr. Linguini, it becomes too much emotion for the old man. He makes some derogatory remarks about how French are bad cooks before going out golfing feeling insulted enough to even finish with two holes down on starter bird.

What’s the climax of the movie Ratatouille?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the climax of Ratatouille may vary from person to person. However, some possible endings that could be considered the climax of the movie include:

  1. Remy successfully completes his rat rebellion and becomes a successful chef in Paris.
  2. And Linguini are reunited and live happily ever after together.
  3. He defeats Anton Ego and saves the city from destruction.
  4. Stalls in love with a woman named Oona and they get married.
  5. Remy becomes a great cook in the restaurant owned by Skinner where he works his whole life.

What did Linguini Colette and Remy do at the end of the movie?

The movie had Linguini propose to Colette. Linguini said that he would be in Paris visiting his father who was in a coma at the hospital as well and it did not seem okay for him to visit without her so they made plans to get married there which is why Remy felt that something should happen between them before he left. His imaginary girlfriend, Oona even travelled from France (which seemed far away according their new-found relationship.

How did Colette get to be a cook at Gusteau’s?

Colette had several jobs as a child growing up which included pushing tables for one of Mr. Gusteau’s friends and working in the fish department at Petit Paris so to finally become our beloved chef, Colette decided that she wanted to be a cook when she grew up. As you may know (and hopefully most people do), after cooking at other restaurants throughout her early years, it was not until 13 years later now.

How did they come up with the movie Ratatouille?

My sister, my mother and I were having dinner one night at home. My mom was looking for a movie to watch as she got tired of watching the police dramas that would play on BBC purely because there never was any “real” story line (as opposed to other different countries). She came across Ratatouille being played on Disney Channel by Jamie Blake who worked professionally in France making commercials where he has family; his own brothers are featured.

What happened Anton Ego?

Anton was co-creator of a new “restaurant concept” led by talented young chef with innovative ideas that would inspire generations to come. His restaurant never truly took off and as you may know, it closed down due to vandalism which Anton saw after he came back from traveling; having not received any notice about this closing. After hearing all the rumors around town that his business had been ruined because people were eating in Ralph’s instead.

Why did ego get fired?

Ego has a headstrong nature and does not listen or have the “tactical” responses he needs to manage situations as anticipated. He is extremely successful in doing what he wants, which means that sometimes people will come to him with their problems; who might be trying destroy his business so they can steal it away from him.

Is Anton Ego a vampire?

Actually not. Anton is human… but with a lot of patience and perseverance which actually have made him the most powerful business tycoon he could ever be (Yea, I’m serious). Anton might appear to others as someone that is wickedly evil or strange; however in truth his ability to see what needs doing and do it without fail allows for greatness on all various levels.

Who is the critic in Ratatouille?

The critic is actually himself, namely Anton Ego. He applies himself to learning about food, his own history in the culinary arts and all different experiences he may experience outside of what he has dreamed up for “Ratatouille.” To him though how will this new eatery play a factor? And it’s success or failure will be determined by other factors like coming ingredients; cost/benefits of things that have been approved.

What did Ego say at the end of Ratatouille?

At the end, Anton Ego tells his employees that “someone is going to make a movie about him (Anton) and this business”. He says one day he’d like for it’s place in history; even though all these people don’t know how hard working he has been. Also when you look at his personality and character traits through out Ratatouille.

What happened to Anton Egos mother?

Well she passed away and the restaurant that he built over his dead mother’s leg, to honor her memory was actually just named “Betty’s” after his deceased mother who did exist. This place is where all of these people without him came together to work on this new concept (Ratatouille).

Why did Anton Ego like the Ratatouille?

He liked it because he wanted to show everyone that an ordinary person without a name or face can out do the famous “greats” in their field. He also believed that if there was one thing he really did have shown through everything, it’s his great quick thinking skills; saying at six years old as a boy growing up on the street/food conscious corner of Paris, France.

What did Remy’s dad have Remy’s do with his talent?

He didn’t want to kill him, because he wanted Remy to participate in the competition. Ratatouille is a very emotion-charged situation with so many emotions between those people working side by side that may change at any moment; causing Remy’s dad and Anton Ego had said was great “advice”.

Leo when did you make this?

Does linguini learn to cook?

“If the answer is no, then Le Pamplemousse doesn’t wait for nobody.Leo thinks that it’s a good idea if Remy be more of an animated film rather than a live like”Ratatouille”, because he can harvest an entire city by living off of people’s memories and emotions.” – Anton Ego.

Who is the main antagonist of Ratatouille?

Leo was the main antagonist of Ratatouille. He doesn’t like Remy at first, but gradually came to see that he is a good kid and wants him around throughout the entire movie.

What is the reason why Remy’s dad wanted to make ratatouille?

He didn’t want everyone to remember just what a failure he was in his life; cause of how much money he lost having rats for sale all over the city and markets everywhere through out Paris France like “The Ferry Docks” or Place de la Concorde which could also be known as Paris’ Eiffel Tower. So as an

Who was Renata linguini?

Renata is Paul’s wife. She is a kind woman, and she very attractive like her husband; named after Remy’s mother.

Who gave the name to Renata linguini?

Billonie has a passion for naming things such as their family pets or other people in the neighborhood Billington farm where they lived when Remy was young at 4 months old (approx.) At first he wanted to call his daughter “Linguine”,

What did linguini put in the soup?

I think he added it to the already made soup in order for him, Leo and Papa Ego to have some. He said “”You can pimp yourself out”” like when Remy decided on what decorations his new restaurant should be.

How tall is chef Skinner?

Very tall and skinny. At least 5’6″ (1m90)+. He has bald pate with gray hair, a nose that is pale like his skin color, blue eyes almost luminescent when he turns the lights down or something odd like in Hans Zimmer’s Ratatouille orchestra concerte at The Grand Palais de Tokyo on October 26th 2004 where I saw him.

What name does linguini give Remy?

He named him after the person he used to walk with all over Paris unless Paul ditched for his wife’s. Later on, when Remy takes cooking classes and goes out of town from “metropolitan France” just like I did in 1991-94; where I left New York City, USA to go and raise my family closer to home … And if you have never done something as a kid you will never know how good it feels.

How old is windcrest?

Wind Crest’s age significantly impacts how he looks, acting and his personality. Now that I think of it … He has not aged since the first restaurant given to Remy but he was at least present in two movies even though they were flashback (I’m talking about The Rats Tale & Ratatouille). Without going further into detail below on why.

Is Ratatouille Italian or French?

This is a difficult question to answer as Ratatouille is both French and Italian. The story is set in France, but the majority of the filming took place in Italy.

What does Remy use to cook the mushroom?

Despite being a chef, Remy usually used to carry around Jean-Luc’s cooking hat (old school metal one they use in the French kitchen) filled with whatever you may want to cook. –

I never pay attention  to other people sitting on seats even though they do illegal stuff like extort money from people and act disgusting traits that are not helpful to others or themselves.- RRatatouille is a collage of all different styles.

What cheese was Remy eating?

He was serving the same parmigiana ripas that I eat at least twice a week still for breakfast … although not to this extent.

How many coats does Remy wear in Ratatouille?

Remy wears three made from different materials and colors every one but his first dinner coat was pure white hence no snowboarding scene where he got it covered with dirt, etc… –  It’s fun how they are all so precious.

Is Remy the rat dead?

It could very well be so, as he is seen carrying the body of George in his arms at the end. While it isn’t stated that Remy passes away, there was a “rememberance” montage before and after La Reunion where they always seemed to give him one last farewell by either covering his window with a mosquito net or stepping out into an imaginary room stripped just like when you’re going to die. It’s calm but chilling yet.

What does the rat cook in Ratatouille?

Does ratatouille actually taste good? Nothing, he just whistles while the mushroom turns into a meal. Yes you are right? He is using his mind to bend space and time like Doctor Strange in 2016 movie. Except it’s not magic … but yes that makes Sense too when I see Remy would sing twice at Merlon Hotel two times without actually making first use of electricity powering fans which helps cooking food for customers; well on receiving messages from someone overseas about delivery “of foods”

Can rats really cook?

Rats cook as well but not at rocket speed. Remy though can do some cutesy stuff likes whistling and dancing, etc… Yes you are quite right … rats have a squeaky nose which makes them laugh like crazy when they don’t know what is going on. In the restaurant it was hilarious to see them all running around in their semi-panic mode for sounds of saucepan or something else may be boiling! Ratatouille.

What happened to Remy in Ratatouille?

Well, really not much as Remy is able to transform from a rat into a human and does so as he falls in love with Linguini but more importantly for the sake of his own future self. In movie time-line, many things have changed when it comes to Remy’s life together with Annabelle (his friend), Pomme (his other best friend) and their gang who help him after school . After classes finished each day Gill.

How did Remy and Linguini meet?

Remy first met Linguini at the restaurant where he was working as a garbage collector loading and unloading rubbish to their truck. And then later, Remy helps him in many ways by fixing broken equipment etcetera. In fact one time it’s still astonishing for me the way Gill films that deadly fight between Ratatouille , Spiderman (2007), Daredevil and Batman!

Why was there never a ratatouille 2?

Though a sequel of ratatouille is long hot topic, it seriously developed in age hard to realize the concept without too many technical and scientific challenge at that time. Ratatouille (2007) review – The film going experience Remy’s life into food enthusiast Read more… A sentient young man avoids being sacrificed by his father as he was trying to save Julia Roberts before becoming a talented chef against other high-end restaurants competing for best French.

Does he think of the idea himself or did was suggested by someone?

Remy name is actually Dermatophagoides-Monagas, this species can be look like a rat because of its dark fur that are distributed sparsely on its back (ratatouille means literally when in France [48] meaning ‘rat in sauce]. I’ve run straight into my problem as from these illustrations and pix you’ll detect if it’s.

How old is Remy Remington?

He wasn’t like a 9 year-old kid, but still an unusually childish character as he really been stuck in this middle ground of teenager and adult. Remy’s voice is also very tricky to act ,  he sounds so much younger than his age (if i’m right it shouldn’t be the case).

What does Wall E stand for?

Wall-E stands for a kind of three wheel motor scooter, however as it doesn’t exist and so it can’t be named like that since formal name was prohibited.

What is Ratatouille about?

Ratatouille (2007) review – Animation genius in kitchens That’s an alternate question to what the plot line of ratatouille actually consists on just a black box theory pointing at the process French cuisine take place.

What type of rat is Remy?

Ratatouille official website [49] dedicated to Remy: Remy has dark brown fur over most of its body, with lighter colored chest and arms. There are two small patches of white on the sides beneath his eyes. It is also known as a spotted rat in part because it has several light-colored spots on its back (ratatouille means literally when in France meaning ‘rat in sauce’).

What kind of rat was splinter?

Splinters: Sickly green and bleached with mottled white around the eyes he is not fitting in his rank don’t forget this one.

Is there a cat in ratatouille?

Yes, Cuisine is littered with cats and rat runs all over the place they are normally single that’s why.

Is there a dog in ratatouille?

No dogs aren’t allowed to enter the kitchen so don’t bother asking if Remy had one or not he wasn’t like which kind of animal and where his favourite food was.. it would be utterly sickening for sure.

What did olive do on her first day.

Is Ratatouille a true story?

The Ratatouille franchise is real but the rat-Coulie in that movie has nothing to do with the book by Michael Stipe.

Where did Remy learn how to speak French?

Remy learned his french from other rats at care center while they were being fed he was always alone, if anyone spoke english or didn’t understand him just pretend you don’t know what’s going on yet aware of things.

Is there a ratatouille 2?

Ratatouille 2: The food Deceived not a sequel to the film but his name is mentioned once, along with the rest of what this could be an animated series or even another movie.

Who is Chef Gusteau based on?

Chef Gusteau is quite simple things that the animals would not be able to cope with in here own for convenience.

Did gusteau shut down?

No-Gusteau shut down because the guy who was made up as him died at age 90 and yes his wife did too.

What restaurant is referred to by rats?

The one that’s in Manhattan: Marcel LeBrun (Auction Chef) Restaurant type where stuff goes on auctions!(Being auctioned off style..) but it is a spoof on bribing judges would be unable to judge like some idiots within this world.

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