All About Of Rear Window (1954) FAQ – Everything You Have to Know

“Rear Window” is about a photojournalist who breaks his leg while on assignment and has to stay home convalescing. He passes the time by spying on his neighbors across the courtyard, eventually becoming convinced that one of them has committed murder. He enlists the help of his girlfriend, who lives with him, and a nurse who visits him regularly to investigate the mystery. 

All About Of Rear Window (1954) FAQ

Rear Window (1954) FAQ

Was Rear Window an Adapted Screenplay?

No, “Rear Window” is an original screenplay by John Michael Hayes. In Hitchcock’s filmography, only two of his films are adaptations: “The 39 Steps” (1935) and “The Man Who Knew Too Much” (1934). Both were remakes of earlier Hitchcock films.

In a previous assignment, Jeff was taking pictures of crash test dummies being hurled from a rocket-powered car. When he went back to retrieve a camera he had left behind, some explosive charges went off prematurely and blew him into the air and onto a pile of rocks. 

What Is the Plot Hole of This Movie?

After breaking his leg, Jeff has to move around with crutches in the apartment. There are several scenes where he is shown moving out onto his balcony, and in these scenes he is not using the crutches. He just holds them in one hand.

It’s a plot hole, but it would be difficult to justify otherwise. In some of these scenes, there are other people around and he needs to use both hands (like when he uses his binoculars). However, this doesn’t explain why he isn’t leaning on the crutches when he’s alone on the balcony.

Also, if you look carefully at the scene where Stella carries him back into the apartment after his accident, you’ll notice that he’s not wearing any shoes. He never wore shoes again throughout the rest of the film as a result of his injury. 

Why Is Jeff Whispering When He Is on the Phone to Tom After Lisa’s Arrest When He Is in His Own Apartment?

He has a cold. He thinks Stella is asleep and doesn’t want to wake her up. She was in the room with him but was about to leave. 

Who Was the Dress Designer for Grace Kelly’s Outfits?

Edith Head, who claimed that “the dress” had been bought in Paris for Kelly to wear at her wedding to Prince Rainier III of Monaco.

What Is ‘rear Window’ About?

A photographer with a broken leg spies on his neighbours from his apartment window and becomes convinced that one of them has committed murder.

Unhappy with the confines of his life as a professional photographer, L.B. “Jeff” Jeffries becomes obsessed with watching his neighbors through his window. He has little interest in anything else until he sees what appears to be a murder being committed by one of them, Lars Thorwald. He enlists the help of his socialite girlfriend Lisa Fremont and his visiting nurse Stella to investigate further, with unexpected results.

Is “Rear Window” Based on a Book?

No, this film is based on an original story written by Cornell Woolrich. The original title of the story was “It Had to Be Murder.” It was later published in a collection of short stories under the title “Rear Window.”

It was based on a short story called “It Had to be Murder” by Cornell Woolrich. 

How Did Jeff Break His Leg?

How Did Jeff Break His Leg

He was on assignment in Texas photographing a rodeo when he was thrown off a horse and broke his leg. He arrived home in a wheelchair just before the start of the film. 

What Did the Little Dog Dig Up in the Garden?

The salesman’s neighbour’s dog buried something in their garden and the salesman was seen digging it up while they were away. The audience is led to believe that it was his wife’s body but in actual fact it was a bone from a previous murder (the murder of Miss Lonelyhearts) which he had buried there previously when he thought nobody was watching him. It turns out that he has actually hidden her body in the cellar. 

What Was in the Hat Box in Rear Window?

The hat box has been widely speculated about. The most popular theories are that it was supposed to contain a woman’s head, or it was supposed to contain Mrs. Thorwald’s jewelry, or it was just there to make you think something bad was inside and nothing at all was inside.

The answer here is debatable, but part of it is the fact that Hitchcock chose a main character who doesn’t move around very much, and instead observes other people through binoculars. “Rear Window” is also significant because of its unusual camera angles and its setting (a single apartment complex).

Many people have written papers on this, so it’s impossible to summarize them all here. One common theme is that people who are voyeurs are in effect “trapped” by their voyeurism — they can’t lead full lives because they’re always looking at other people’s lives.

Why Is Rear Window Significant in Movie History?

“Rear Window” is significant in movie history for several reasons; it’s a blend of genres, an early example of “voyeurism” in cinema and a film that features one of the most memorable characters in cinematic history: James Stewart’s L.B. Jefferies.

Hitchcock blended genres in his 1954 classic. The film is both a suspense thriller and a comedy, which is something that few directors have perfected since Hitchcock. L.B.’s girlfriend Lisa (Grace Kelly) is the traditional “damsel in distress,” but her character also has sass, wit and intelligence — qualities rarely seen in female characters of the era.

The film itself is an example of cinematic voyeurism at its best; Jeffries’ character (and through him, the audience) watches his neighbors as they go about their daily lives — some happy, some boring and some violent. Hitchcock plays with the concept of voyeurism throughout the film, often filming scenes from Jeffries’ line of vision and using extreme close-ups to add tension to moments of action.

What Is the Message of Rear Window?

The message of the film? Nothing good can come from being nosy — especially if you’re a photographer with a broken leg confined to your apartment!

The message of Rear Window is that “we are all connected to each other as human beings.” This theme is emphasized through various symbols in the film including:

Jefferies’ broken leg: This symbolizes that he is temporarily grounded and unable to take part in life. Without Jefferies’ leg injury, it is unlikely that he would have had so much time.

Why Is Jimmy Stewart in a Wheelchair in Rear Window?

Why Is Jimmy Stewart in a Wheelchair in Rear Window

The general plot of the movie is that a photographer who is recovering from a broken leg takes up the hobby of doing some amateur detective work. He begins to suspect his neighbor has murdered his wife and disposed of her body. After some investigation, he realizes that he may actually be right about his suspicions. He then tries to gather enough evidence to prove his finding.

The main character, Jefferies, is played by Jimmy Stewart. In order to make the movie authentic, Hitchcock had Jimmy Stewart’s leg placed in a cast for the entire duration of filming. This meant that Stewart had to be in a wheelchair for many scenes throughout the film. While this was probably not very comfortable for him, it did mean that Stewart had to play the role in a much more realistic manner than if he had just had his leg propped up on a chair or something similar. 

What Was the Budget for Rear Window?

The budget for Rear Window was $2 million dollars at that time (which would be about $18 million today). It ended up grossing nearly 9 times its budget at the box office when it was released, as well as receiving critical acclaim from both critics and audiences alike. The fact that this film has been so well received over time demonstrates how successful Hitchcock’s vision was with this particular project!

How Was Mrs Thorwald Killed?

Lars Thorwald (Raymond Burr) stands out as a man who could have murdered his wife, who seems to be missing. The main character and protagonist, Jeff (Jimmy Stewart) becomes convinced of Thorwald’s guilt through a series of small clues that he witnesses from his window. Through these clues he forms a story in his own mind, which he tries to prove to others.

As the film progresses, Jeff becomes more and more obsessed with the dark drama unfolding across the courtyard. While watching Thorwald, he observes a woman in black entering Thorwald’s apartment while her husband is at work. He believes she is having an affair with Thorwald, and ultimately convinces himself that she was the one who murdered Mrs. Thorwald and disposed of her body by removing it piece by piece in two suitcases on two separate days.

Who Is the Villain in Rear Window?

Who Is the Villain in Rear Window

The answer is the wife, Mrs Thorwald. The villain in Rear Window is Lars Thorwald. Here’s why:

  1. Thorwald’s wife got sick and died, and he was the only one with her when she died.
  2. He moved a lot of things out of their apartment after his wife died.
  3. He went on a vacation to “get away from places that remind him of her.”
  4. He put flowers on his wife’s grave after he got back.

Who Was the Woman Who Left in Rear Window?

Mrs Thorwald was the woman who left in Rear Window. That was the killer leaving the scene of her crime.

Who Was the Woman in Black in Rear Window?

Mrs Thorwald was the woman in black in Rear Window. She is the killer who is wearing black to conceal herself and to show that she is a widow.

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