All About Of Rocky Point Island – Everything You Have to Know

If you’re looking for a place to escape from the city, Rocky Point Island is perfect for you. Located in the middle of the Saint John River, this picturesque island offers a tranquil and relaxing environment. With pristine white sand beaches, lush green forests, crystal-clear water, and lovely sunsets, Rocky Point Island is the perfect getaway for anyone looking for some peace and relaxation.

Rocky Point Island History

Rocky Point Island

Once home to over 10,000 Acadians before 1700 and then again in the early 19th Century. Today, it is indeed a unique draw for visitors looking for an old world environment along riverfront nature trails on this island paradise taking you back hundreds of years.

Why come to Rocky Point Island? · Experience peace, solitude and historic beauty; the location invokes a feeling of familiarity ·

Be amazed at how lushly green this island has become since it was created as farmland for both hunting and fishing over four hundred years ago. Credit to UNESCO’s Biosphere Program-For generations local residents have been extremely proud of their unique ecological heritage which is now reflected in the many strategies being undertaken today.



The climate on the island is temperate with a moderate climate year-round. The temperature ranges from 18 degrees Celsius in the winter to 24 degrees Celsius in the summer. Average humidity is around 60% and annual rainfall averages 300 mm.

Winters are very cold with light snowfall that only lasts up to three days per year but summers can be hot and humid as the region experiences frequent showers which last through most of July, August, September and October.



Visitors will find Acadian culture here in the form of folk art, music and crafts. There are also many places to enjoy a leisurely lunch or dinner at one of the island’s restaurants. While on the island, don’t miss Whalen Farmhouse Museum where displays are dedicated to early Acadian and Maritime history.

Activities available at Turtle Beach from May 25th – October 31st include: · River Tubing  – Yes! Contact For more information Visit Rocky Point Island Ministry of Tourism website for further facts and interesting information.



Rocky Point Island is part of New Brunswick. The island belongs to the St George Parish Municipality and is represented in the House of Commons by Conservative MP Lawrence MacAulay. Elections are held every four years and the next federal election will be in October 2015.

David Coon of PC represents St George Parish for Legislative Council. Elections to New Brunswick’s House of Assembly take place concurrently with general elections, but representatives must live within their districts unless they resign or die before being sworn into office at a special assembly usually called by the Lieutenant Governor.

Government Services

Government services

The closest mainland service centre is at Grand Falls – Moncton. The RCMP provide police protection on the island.

Rocky Point Island has its own post office, grocery store and pharmacy, as well as a few restaurants. There is also an island library.

For those requiring medical care, the nearest hospital is in St George within 18 kilometres away across Bay of Fundy Waterway – 90 minutes ride by boat or 45 minute drive via a causeway and leaving daily at 5:30 am.



Rocky Point is a popular tourist destination with visitors from both Canada and the United States. The island has several restaurants, a small general store and post office, as well as an interpretive centre that offers information about the island’s history and ecology. The main attraction on Rocky Point is the River Tubing adventure which winds through picturesque canals for 3 kilometres (1.8 miles).

Visitors are taken through the mangrove swamp and up onto Bird Rock, a narrow rock jutting into the channel where nesting birds abound. The Rocky Point Interpretive Center has interactive exhibits about cultural history as well as fascinating accounts of journeys by native peoples to this island that lined many waterways in pre-colonial times.


South Molle Transport

Rocky Point is accessible by boat from mainland New Brunswick. There are several small businesses that offer taxi service to and from the island. The RCMP provides police protection on the island. Drivers should keep in mind that the chain of Rocky Point is approximately 90 metres (300 ft) and there are no shoulder.

Although intangibles such as tourism may greatly contribute to a small island, it also lacks essential infrastructure which puts pressure on running costs.


Raymond Cuisine

Rocky Point’s cuisine is reflective of the diversity of New Brunswick. The island has access to fresh seafood from local fisheries, as well as vegetables and fruits from the neighbouring farms.

The island has two restaurants serving regional cuisine: Rocky Point Lobster Cafe in a traditional wooden cottage on the waterfront and Rachel’s Place, an informal bistro with views across Bay of Fundy Waterway. Rocky Point is a popular destination for local and visiting boaters.

The Rocky Point Interpretive Centre offers visitors to the island the opportunity to watch sand eels, otters and sea turtles swim by during their aquatic journey through Little Tubing Basin-a natural aquarium where otters are an abundant sight many times of year.


Rocky Point Island is a privately owned island located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 191 kilometres north-east of Havana, Cuba. The island is home to a luxury hotel, numerous beaches, and a private airstrip that can accommodate yachts up to 140 metres long.

The island has been used for exclusive events and as a private getaway by celebrities, businesspersons, and other affluent individuals since the 1930s. In this article, we will explore the history of the island, its current status, and its potential uses in the future.


1.What Is The History Of Rocky Point Island?

Ans: Rocky Point Island was first settled in the 1930s by wealthy individuals who wanted a private island to escape from the bustle of city life. The island quickly became known for its luxurious hotels, white sand beaches, and stunning sunsets. Today, Rocky Point is used primarily as a luxury getaway for celebrities, businesspersons, and other affluent individuals.

2.What Are Some Facts About Rocky Point Island?

Ans: The island has a total area of 2.3 square kilometres (1 sq mi) and its coastline is 5,993 metres long. There are two airstrips on the island: one 880-metre runway for light aircraft; and another 1200-metre runway with ILS approach systems which can accommodate cargo planes as well as large yachts up to 140 metres in length.

3.What Is Its Status Today?

Ans: Rocky Point Island has been owned by the Nelles family for more than 60 years, and it’s their responsibility to ensure that the island remains secure from intruders; They employ security staff 24 hours a day and make regular patrols against swimmers who would attempt to trespass on or around the property during periods of darkness or bad weather.

4.How Can It Be Used?

Ans: Rocky Point Island is currently undergoing relocation plans, which would make the island accessible to employees so that they may benefit from its benefits and potential as an elite workplace.

5.What Can Be Done To Improve The Island?

Ans: Rocky Point Island is a popular private island that has unrivalled scenery, serenity and views of surrounding islands. This immense collection of resources could make it an ideal location for any business focused on luxury tourism or as a residence which offers privacy and exclusivity to its residents, clients and guests alike.

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