Snow White And The Huntsman (2012) Meaning and Ending Explanation

Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) is a fantasy-adventure film based on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, retold by the Brothers Grimm.

The film features Kristen Stewart as Snow White, Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen Ravenna, Sam Claflin as Prince Eric, and Chris Hemsworth as The Huntsman. It was released in 2012. The film was not well received by critics, but it still gained an estimated $155 million at the box office worldwide.

Snow White And The Huntsman (2012) Meaning and Ending Explanation

Meaning of The Title Snow White And The Huntsman

Meaning of The Title Snow White And The Huntsman

The title “Snow White and the Huntsman” likely refers to a character in the fairy tale named Snow White. This character is usually depicted as a beautiful young woman who her stepmother and stepsisters persecute because of her natural beauty. In order to protect herself, she secludes herself in a dark forest and lives on berries and wild animals. Eventually, Prince Charming comes searching for her, and they marry.

The meaning of the film may be different for each viewer. Some could interpret it as a metaphor for how Kristen Stewart’s character, Snow White, must overcome her fears in order to find happiness.

Others might see it as a story about the Evil Queen and Prince Eric who abuse their powers and use others to achieve their goals. Still, others might see it as an adventure tale with fantasy violence and romance elements.

The Theme Of The Movie

The Theme Of The Movie

There is no one clear theme to “Snow White and the Huntsman.” However, some elements that may be important to consider are the characters’ psychological journeys, Prince Eric’s redemption arc, and Snow White’s independent spirit. It is also worth noting the various fight scenes and stunts involved in the movie.

The Message Of The Snow White And The Huntsman

The message of “Snow White and the Huntsman” may be different for each viewer. However, some key themes that are likely to be implicit in the movie include self-reliance, courage, and independence.

  1. The message of Snow White And The Huntsman is about the importance of self-confidence and believing in yourself.
  2. The message of Snow White And The Huntsman is that love conquers all.
  3. The message of Snow White And The Huntsman is that you should never give up on your dreams no matter how difficult they may seem at first.

Snow White And The Huntsman Movie Hidden Meaning

The Theme Of The Movie

The hidden message of SnowWhite and the Huntsman is that love conquers all. After being cursed by a jealous woman, Snow White fights her way to become Queen, proving herself a powerful leader who can stand up to anyone.

In the end, she triumphs over Ravenna (another person who tried to hurt her) with help from her husband, the Huntsman. This story teaches kids that it’s never too late to find love and make a new, better life for themselves.

The Story Of The Snow White And The Huntsman

Snow White (Kristen Stewart) is the princess of Tabor, the son of King Magnus (Noah Huntley) (Liberty Ross). He marries Ravenna (Charlize Theron) after saving her from the Dark Army, an invading group of glass warriors.

Ravenna, the Dark Army’s leader and a strong sorceress, murders Magnus on their wedding night because men like him abuse and squander women’s beauty. Duke Hammond (Vincent Regan) departs the Castle with his son William but is unable to rescue Snow White from Ravenna’s brother Finn (Sam Spruell). Solitary in the North Tower, Snow White is exiled.

Ravenna’s tyranny has left Tabor in ruins as she regularly takes the youth from young ladies to preserve a beauty enchantment placed by her mother. Nature and humanity turn on one other. Ravenna learns via her Magic Mirror (Christopher Obi Ogugua) that Snow White is destined to destroy her unless she swallows her heart and becomes eternal.

Snow White flees into the Dark Forest, where Ravenna has no authority. Ravenna brings Eric the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth), a drunken widower who escaped the Dark Forest, to lead Finn after Snow White. In return, she pledges to resuscitate Sarah.

But Finn confesses that Ravenna cannot restore the dead. As a reward for escorting Snow White to Duke Hammond’s palace, the Huntsman aids her escape. Snow White’s childhood friend William (Sam Claflin) infiltrates Finn’s band as a bowman to locate her.

An enormous troll guards the bridge, Snow White and Eric depart the Dark Forest. Eric gets knocked out amid the melee. Snow White calms the troll as it approaches the kill. Surrounding them are ladies who have mutilated themselves to escape Ravenna. The ladies reveal Snow White’s actual identity to Eric as he recovers. He leaves her with the ladies, claiming she’s better off without him but returns when he sees Finn’s men assault and destroy the hamlet.

Eventually, Snow White and the Huntsman meet up with a group of dwarfs led by Muir (Bob Hoskins), Beith (Ian McShane), Gort (Ray Winstone), Coll (Toby Jones), Duir (Eddie Marsan), Quart (Johnny Harris), and Nion (Nick Frost) (Brian Gleeson). Muir finds Snow White’s identity as the only one capable of defeating Ravenna.

The Main Idea Of Snow White And The Huntsman

Snow White and the Huntsman is an action fantasy film based on the Snow White legend. It was published in 2012, the same year as another Snow White retelling, Mirror, Mirror. Whereas that film recasts the narrative as a more lighthearted adventure, this is a darker retelling.

In a world governed by a tyranny, the vain and selfish Queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron) discovers that her stepdaughter, Snow White (Kristen Stewart), is destined to surpass her not just as the “Fairest One of All,” but also as the kingdom’s future ruler.

Through her Magic Mirror, the Queen then learns that the only way to stay in power is to devour Snow White’s heart and obtain immortality. Snow White flees into the Dark Forest, and Ravenna hires the Huntsman Eric (Chris Hemsworth) to locate and kill her.

On the other hand, Eric takes pity on the little princess and teaches her the skill of fighting. Snow White now leads a revolt against her stepmother, with the help of eight dwarfs (including Ian McShane, Ray Winstone, Nick Frost, and [in his last film] Bob Hoskins) and the Duke’s son William (Sam Claflin).

The Ending Of Snow White And The Huntsman

The Ending Of Snow White And The Huntsman

Ravenna dresses up as William and escorts Snow White away from the others. When the Huntsman and William locate her, the disguised Ravenna tempts her into eating a poisoned apple, but she is forced to leave as a swarm of ravens.

Ravenna grows from the black ooze as the ravens return to Tabor via a breach in the ceiling. William kisses Snow White, who is now comatose, without seeing that a single tear has dropped.

She is brought to Hammond’s Castle’s main hall. There, the Huntsman expresses his love for Snow White, who reminds him of his late wife and kisses her, breaking the enchantment as she wakes when a second tear falls.

Snow White delivers a stirring speech in the keep before taking leadership of the Duke’s troops and leading them into war against Ravenna. Ravenna seems vigorous and youthful in the midst of a litter of dead women.

As the army approaches the Castle, the defenders launch a barrage of flaming balls, while the dwarfs penetrate Tabor via the sewers and prowl about within the keep, disarming guards and getting access to the gate mechanism, enabling the Duke’s troops to assault the Castle.

Snow White climbs the castle tower to meet Ravenna, just as William, the Huntsman, and the Duke’s men approach. Ravenna causes the ceiling in the hall above the troops to shatter into jagged, black glass pieces. The troops utilize their shields to avoid being slashed to ribbons, but the shards morph into warring monsters.

While the warriors are distracted, Snow battles the Queen, who eventually defeats her. She is about to murder Snow and eat her heart when, using a maneuver given to her by the Huntsman, Snow White stabs her in the heart instead, causing Ravenna to wither and die.

Hammond’s army has triumphed. As the realm is rebuilt, Snow White is crowned Queen. Snow White glances across the cathedral to catch Eric’s gaze during her crowning. Many acknowledging glances are exchanged between her and the Huntsman.

Ending Explanation Of Snow White And The Huntsman

Ending Explanation Of Snow White And The Huntsman

Once upon a time, King Magnus and his Queen had a lovely daughter named Snow White, who is reared alongside her closest buddy William. The King mourns her loss while fighting a dark invading army when the Queen dies.

He saves Ravenna, a lovely prisoner, and marries her the following day. On the wedding night, Ravenna stabs King Magnus in the chest and leads an opposing army headed by her brother Finn to destroy the King’s army. Ravenna imprisons Snow White in the Castle’s Northern Tower as William, his father, the Duke, and a few survivors flee.

Years later, the realm has been emptied totally, and Queen Ravenna, an evil witch, maintains her beauty by sucking the youth of young females. When the Magic Mirror informs her that Snow White will be the cause of her immortality, she requests that Finn bring her the princess.

On the other hand, Snow White escapes and runs to the Dark Forest. Queen Ravenna comes to a Huntsman who misses his wife and offers to resurrect her if he captures and returns Snow White to her. When he catches Snow White, he realizes that the cruel Queen deceived him, and he becomes the princess’ defender.

Meanwhile, William discovers that Snow White is still alive and sets off with Finn’s troops to see her. The Huntsman and Snow White are introduced to the eight dwarfs who transport them to the magical Fairytale Land. When Finn and his men ambush them, William discovers them and leads them to the Duke’s Castle, where they plan to launch a revolt against the wicked Ravenna.

Was The Ending Satisfying?

The ending of the movie Snow White And The Huntsman was satisfying. However, the movie was not satisfying in the fact that it was a bit confusing and hard to understand. I feel that this movie could have been much better with a better ending.

Snow White And The Huntsman Movie Symbolism

Ending Explanation Of Snow White And The Huntsman

Some Movie symbolism in ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ that may be of interest to students include:

  • The story of Snow White is a metaphor for the struggles young girls go through when they are trying to find their way in life.
  • The ending of the movie is satisfying because it shows that love conquers all.
  • The Huntsman is a symbol of protection and guidance.
  • Ravenna is a symbol of jealousy and competition.


A sequel was in the works with filmmaker Rupert Sanders. The Hollywood Reporter stated in August 2012 that the sequel was scrapped due to Sanders cheating on his wife with Stewart controversy and that a spin-off feature focusing on the Huntsman was planned instead.

Universal subsequently confirmed that the sequel would go forward. According to a 2012 source, Universal had approved a sequel, with Stewart reprising her part but without Sanders as director owing to the incident. Production began in 2013 after a screenplay was produced.

The movie was supposed to come out in 2015. Chris Hemsworth told E! in September 2013 that he was unaware of the sequel. As of June 4, 2014, the sequel’s directors were Frank Darabont, Gavin O’Connor, and Andrés Muschietti.

Darabont was reportedly in discussions to film the sequel on June 26, 2014. After Legendary Pictures withdrew, Perfect World Pictures stepped in to co-finance the project with Universal.

On July 31, 2014, the project was reported as a prequel named The Huntsman, set for April 22, 2016. Darabont quit the project in January 2015, but Emily Blunt was cast in the third starring role. Cedric Nicolas-Troyan was subsequently confirmed as the film’s new director. Jennifer Aniston will reprise her role as Dwarf Nion.


Snow White and the Huntsman, 2012 is a new live-action fantasy film. In this film, Snow White is portrayed by Kristen Stewart and Queen Ravenna by Charlize Theron. The story is loosely based on the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It also pays homage to Walt Disney’s 1937 animated classic. The movie was directed by Rupert Sanders and written by Evan Daugherty.


1. Why Did Snow White Wake Up After The Huntsman Kissed Her?

Ans: There are many possible explanations for why Snow White woke up after the Huntsman kissed her. One possibility is that she was drugged. Another possibility is that she was using a Sleeping Beauty kiss to wake up from a deep sleep.

2. What Is The Moral Of Snow White And The Huntsman?

Ans: Snow White and the Huntsman is a story about a young girl who is cursed by an evil queen. The Queen orders her Huntsman to kill Snow White, but he falls in love with her instead. The Huntsman eventually helps Snow White escape from the Castle, and they live happily ever after. The moral of the story is that love can conquer all.

3. Do The Huntsman And Snow White End Up Together?

Ans: Unfortunately, no one really knows what happens to Huntsman and Snow White at the end of the story. However, there are many theories that circulate online. Some people believe that Huntsman marries Snow White and they have a happy life together. Other people believe that The Evil Queen and Snow White kill Huntsman is left alone once again.

The most popular theory is that Huntsman returns to the forest, and Snow White follows him there. They eventually get married and live happily ever after. So, while we may never know for sure what happens to these two characters, there are plenty of stories available to read that explore their fate in more detail.

4. What Is Your Favorite Adaptation Of Snow White? Why?

  1. My favorite adaptation of Snow White is the 1991 Disney movie because it is my all-time favorite Disney movie.
  2. I love the 1991 Disney movie because it is a beautiful and classic story that is still relevant today.
  3. I love the 1991 Disney movie because it features a strong female character who goes against the odds to get what she wants in life.

5. Why Is Snow White Obscure To Most Kids Nowadays?

Ans: There are a few reasons why Snow White is obscure to most kids nowadays. First, the story has been remade many times, and it does not follow the original fairy tale as closely as some people would like.

Second, there have been several movies made about Snow White over the years, and they all vary in terms of quality. Third, kids can enjoy many other characters, such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Rapunzel.

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