The Departed 2006 Film FAQ

The 2006 film, The Departed, has been on our minds lately. It’s a classic for a reason. The film, which starred Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg, was set in Boston, Massachusetts, and earned critical acclaim. Despite its success, there are still a few questions about the movie that we’ve never gotten answers to.

The 2006 film, The Departed, has been on our minds lately. It’s a classic for a reason. The film, which starred Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg, was set in Boston, Massachusetts, and earned critical acclaim. Despite its success, there are still a few questions about the movie that we’ve never gotten answers to.

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about The Departed, answered by our experts.

The Departed 2006 Film FAQ


What Is the Significance of the Blue Suit Matt Damon Wears in the Movie?

The blue suit is significant because it belongs to Sonny Whelan, one of Boston’s top organized crime figures. When Dublin and Bourne interrogate Whelan at his home, they find out that he has several incriminating items hidden in his closet, including the blue suit. This corroborates what Dublin and Bourne suspected – that Whelan was in on the conspiracy to murder Senator McCarthy.

What Is the Significance of “the Bags” Del Rio and Costello Find at Costello’s House?

The bags are significant because they contain assassination weapons – specifically machetes and shotshells. It seems as though someone is planning to kill Costello soon, which leads them to the others. The bags are likely to contain drug money, and they provide a key piece of evidence that helps convict Costello. They also serve as a warning to other crime bosses in Boston – Del Rio and Costello will not tolerate any interference from them.

What Is the Significance of the Picture of Senator Mccarthy That Matt Damon Finds at Whelan’s Home?

Matt Damon’s character, Jason Whelan, discovers a picture of Senator McCarthy at the home of his ex-girlfriend. The significance of this image is that McCarthy was notorious for his attacks on suspected communists in America during the early 1950s.

What Is the Significance of the Posters That Are Hanging in the Bar?

The posters in the bar, which depict a jingoistic image of America, have significant meaning. They are a reminder to Jason Whelan and other characters in the film that their patriotism is praised by society at large.

What Is the Significance of the Map That Bryce Dallas Howard Finds in Her Bag?

The map that Bryce Dallas Howard finds in her bag references Jason Whelan’s mother, who died while he was serving time in prison. It symbolizes how Whelan has been deprived of contact with his family throughout his entire life.

What Are the Possible Meanings of the Numbers That Show Up on Damon’s Cell Phone?

The number that shows up on Jason Whelan’s cell phone may represent a combination of different things. It could be a reference to Whelan’s prison number, his birth date, or other personal information.

What Is the Significance of the Key That Appears to Be Stuck in Bryce Dallas Howard’s Bag?

The key that appears to be stuck in Bryce Dallas Howard’s bag has a significant meaning. It symbolizes how she has been searching for a way out of her life, and it also suggests that she may have feelings for Jason Whelan.

Are There Any Other Special Features Included With This Version of the Film?

Yes. This DVD includes a digital copy of the film and the following special features:

-Theatrical Trailer

-Deleted Scenes (10 minutes)

-The Making of the Departed

-Easter Egg

How Do I Get a Copy of the Departed 2006 Film on Dvd?

You can purchase a copy of the film on DVD from retailers like and

What Is the Difference Between This Dvd and Other Versions of the Film?

The main difference between this DVD and other versions is that it includes a digital copy of the film.

What Is the Best Way to Watch the Departed 2006 Film Online?

You can watch the film online by streaming it from and

What Is the Best Way to Watch the Departed 2006 Film?

You can watch the film on DVD by purchasing it from retailers like and

Where Can I Find Out More About This Film and Its Director?

You can find out more about the film and its director, Martin Scorsese, on the official website for the film.

What Is the Point of the Departed?

The point of the film is to examine the consequences of crime and how law enforcement responds to it.

Where Can I Find Out More About the Deleted Scenes and the Making of the Departed?

You can find out more about the deleted scenes and The making of the Departed on the official website for the film.

What Did Matt Damon Get in the Box in the Departed?

Matt Damon got a key to the city in the box.

What Does the Rat at the End of the Departed Mean?

The rat at the end of the film may represent life or a warning to those who break the law.

Who Is the Father of the Baby in the Departed?

The father of the baby in the film is Johnny Boy, an Irish mobster.

Is the Departed a True Story?

The Departed is largely based on the novel The Departed by William Monahan. However, it’s not a true story exactly – some details (such as the character of Frank Costello) were changed for dramatic purposes.

Did Scorsese Use Any Real-life Police Officers for the Film?

Yes, some of the characters in The Departed were based on actual people. For example, Billy Costigan was based on former Boston Police Department officer and current columnist Dick LeGrand – who sued Paramount Pictures over the movie’s accuracy. Other real-life actors’ cameos include Ray Liotta as Pete Doyle, James Franco as Eddie Garvey, Mark Wahlberg as Jimmy Barbato, and Matt Damon as Bart O’Brien.

Do the Characters in the Film Hate Each Other?

No, not really. The characters in the film are just fighting for their interests – they’re not sworn, enemies.

Was Leonardo Dicaprio’s Character in the Departed Named Jack Daniels?

Yes, this is true – Leo’s character was originally called “Jack.” However, Paramount Pictures threatened to sue Monahan if he didn’t change the character’s name (DiCaprio’s real-life father is a used car salesman). So, the character was renamed “Frank Costello” (after DiCaprio’s father) and Scorsese decided to keep the name in the movie.

Are the Police in the Departed Corrupt?

The movie does hint at some level of corruption, but it’s not a 100% accurate portrayal. For example, in one scene Costello forces an officer to make a tape recording that incriminates another officer. But this type of thing happens – but typically it’s done behind closed doors and with the help of corrupt colleagues.

Was Brad Pitt in The Departed?

Yes, Pitt appeared in a small but pivotal role as Costello’s right-hand man and eventual successor, Billy Batts.

Why Is the Departed a Good Movie?

The Departed is a great movie because it’s suspenseful, engaging, and well-acted. It also features some clever plot twists and turns – making it hard to predict what will happen next.

Did Costello Know Billy Was the Rat?

No – at first, Frank believes that Billy has betrayed him, but he eventually comes to realize that the young officer was only trying to protect himself.

What Was in the Envelope Billy Give Madalyn?

There are many unanswered questions in The Departed, but the main one revolves around what was in Brad Pitt’s character, Billy Batts’ (Pitt) envelope that he gave to his girlfriend – Madolyn (Kathryn McCormick). Some believe it may have contained incriminating evidence against Costello – others think it might have been something more innocuous.

Where Was Departed Filmed?

The majority of The Departed was shot in Boston and other parts of Massachusetts.

Who Was the Baby’s Father in the Departed?

The baby’s father in the departed is never explicitly revealed, but it’s clear that he isn’t the father of the child. He may be the father, but we never get confirmation.

Was the Baby’s Father Killed in the Departed?

It’s unclear. It’s possible that he was killed, but it’s also possible that he left town before anything happened to him.

How Did Sergeant Dignam Know About Sullivan?

Dignam learned of Sullivan’s death from the Newsboy.

How Did Dignam Know That the Irishman Was Working With the Americans?

After leaving Sullivan’s wake, Dignam receives a call from his contact in America. The man informs him that an Irishman is working for them: Michael Collins.

Why Was Dignam So Hesitant to Believe the American Agent?

Dignam is initially skeptical of the American’s claims because he has been told that Collins is a reckless and deadly operative. However, when Dignam meets Collins himself he begins to reconsider his opinion. Collins seems to be a straightforward and honorable man, which makes Dignam more inclined to believe him.

Why Did Dignam Want to Go Undercover as an American?

Dignam wanted to learn more about the American plan to sabotage it from the inside. He is also drawn by the sense of adventure and patriotism that comes with infiltrating a foreign enemy base.

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