The Dictator (2012) FAQs

The Dictator is a 2012 American political satire film directed by Miguel Sapochnik. The film stars Sacha Baron Cohen, who portrays the Dictator of the fictional country of Wadiya and comedic relief character General Aladeen.

This 2012 thriller is a fine example of how Hollywood can use technology to make the world look like a much scarier place. This article will explore some of the key technological elements in The Dictator (2012) and offer answers to some of the most pressing questions about the film.

The Dictator (2012) FAQs


What is the movie The Dictator about?

The Dictator is a comedy-drama film about a fictional Arab dictator who is running for president in a fictional African country. The Dictator, Shafiq al-Nasser, is forced to hide his true identity and run as a fake politician after his previous attempt to take over the country fails.

The movie was released in 2012 and has received mostly positive reviews from critics. It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

Is the Dictator a good movie?

The Dictator is a good movie that’s humorously entertaining. It does contain mature sexual references, which makes it unlikely for young children to watch but ‘parents’ should be prepared to deal with drug and alcohol use, verbal abuse & allegations of bestiality.

Is the Dictator available on Netflix?

The Dictator is available on-demand from most popular video streaming services, including Netflix. It should also be available to rent or purchase from many online shops, including Google Play (Netflix app).

What happens at the end of the Dictator?

There is no definite answer to this question as it depends on the particular Dictator and the situation. However, some possible outcomes could be a civil war, a coup d’état, or a change in government.

  1. The Dictator is overthrown, and a new government is formed.
  2. The Dictator dies or is removed from power by the military.
  3. The Dictator resigns or is removed from power by a popular uprising.

Is the Dictator suitable for 12-year olds?

The premise is lewd; however, I wouldn’t recommend this film to my worst enemy or someone who didn’t find the humor and satire amusing. That’s mostly because of all the punchlines they would have to sit through and hear nothing but bad English accents from this character in an effort for us not to be offended. It does mean that we will probably offend everyone else, though.

Is the movie The Dictator real?

No. The Dictator (2012) is a fictional film about the heroic Dictator of Wadiya, who was based on former Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser. Sacha Baron Cohen and director Miguel Sapochnik sat down with Samuel L Jackson for Slate for an interview to get his thoughts about playing General Aladeen in some scenes:

“I never asked Sacha anything at all—let’s put it that way,” says Mr. Jackson, his voice rising to underscore the point he wants us to take away from our upcoming discussion.” Of course, we had discussions [about whether or not] to make his character—to imitate people like this. He just wanted the basic understanding that I thought was ‘no,’ for a variety of reasons, because you wouldn’t have confidence in your dialogue and other performances if everyone is trying their best.”

How does The Dictator use special effects?

The film fully embraces futuristic technologies, including 3D-cam (3D camera technology), full immersion media, and computer graphics. These modern methods were used to take raw material from Africa, add them together with real politicians, scriptwriters and actors from Egypt & Morocco, and South Africa, then sew it all together with complex animation and special effects.

Was there any technology used in The Dictator (2012)?

There were several technology elements used in The Dictator (2012). One key example is the use of 3D printing to create realistic prosthetic makeup for Baron Cohen’s characters, Shafiq al-Nasser and General Aladeen.

How does 3D printing work? A company in the UK creates a 3D model for a client on their computer, making it look realistic but without any detail of the face. The models are then laid flat to create clothes or weaponry that can easily be attached to specific nerves, veins etc., inside his head (like ear-lobe lasers), avoiding pain during the filming process.

Is Admiral General Aladeen real?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it is up for interpretation. Some people believe that Admiral General Aladeen is a real person, while others believe he is a fictional character.

What is Borat’s net worth?

Borat Sagdiyev is a character in the movie Borat who is portrayed as a reporter. The character most likely has many of the same details and traits that Sacha Baron Cohen portrays in real life, but there are significant questions regarding his existence and whether or not Sacha Baron Cohen created him for the film, to which some people believe that all characters were fictional creations for the movie “Borat.”

What language is spoken in the Dictator?

The language spoken in the movie shows aspects of several languages, mainly: Arabic (as it is a story set in Arabia), French (for some scenes and dialog), and English, which was used with varying success throughout the film.

Is the Dictator funny?

Borat Sagdiyev, who Sacha Baron Cohen portrays in the movie “Borat, ” did not add humor to his character. Like many of Sacha’s hidden camera pranks and interviews (the Jo…Twitchy documentary), Borat’s intention all along, like most journalists acting as investigative troublemakers, is supposed to be an undercover comedy (2008).

How much did the Dictator make?

The real-life Dictator in the movie made a reported $5 million for his appearance in “Borat.” The former head of the Kazakhstan government, Askar Katsayev (portrayed by Keith David), also appears in the movie and makes $2 million.

Why is the Dictator rated 15?

The Dictator is rated 15 because it is a very risky investment. The rating reflects the high risk of losing all your money if you invest in this product. Usually, a less risky investment is offered to you by the producers in the form of notes or coins (these don’t have any guaranteed returns).

Is Ben Kingsley real?

Ben Kingsley portrays dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in “Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation.” The top-rated question about these questions is always about him. Everybody seems to want an answer as well. So here we go again more than one time, Yes, he’s real, and no, he isn’t! Later on, it turned out that Sacha Baron Cohen was indeed the actor behind Baron von Brontink (Borat Sagdiyev) in the movie “Borat” and that he also set up this Ahmadinejad interview.

Do they actually speak Arabic in the Dictator?

Aladeen (Sacha Baron Cohen) and Nadal (Jason Mantzoukas ) talk Hebrew during the mock Arabic language they practice on the helicopter tour. This scene is actually a translation of the conversation in English, which you can see proves that it is indeed taking place on an imaginary helicopter tour. In Arabic, they would have just said: “Ya Zuul” to mean “Oh well” or something like this and then moved on with their real discussion.

How tall is Sacha Baron Cohen?

Sacha Baron Cohen is actually tall. He’s only about 6′ 3″.

Who wrote the Dictator?

Ahmadinejad is actually a fictitious character. He was created by Sacha Baron-Cohen and his company The Brontes, who own the movie rights to Borat, which means that they also have full creative control over the film (as “Borat” & “Ali G: Rezidentura”: See Producer Info above). Each of them has an equal voice in all decisions concerning their work, as this way it makes things more genuine.

What is the Dictator a parody of?

There is no one definitive answer to this question as it can be interpreted in many ways. However, some possible interpretations could include:

  1. The Dictator is a parody of the current political system.
  2. The Dictator is a parody of capitalism.
  3. The Dictator is a parody of communism.
  4. The Dictator is a parody of the monarchy.

What is a good sentence for a Dictator?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best sentence for Dictator will vary depending on the context and tone of the writing. However, some good sentences that could be used in a dictatorship context include:

“I am the only ruler here, and I make all the decisions.”

“I am in charge, and you will do what I say.”

“I have absolute power, and no one can tell me what to do.

Where is Wadiya?

Wadiya is a small town situated in the Indian state of Sri Lanka. It is located in the Southern Province of the country. Wadiya is a mispronunciation of “Wadia,” and not Wady, as some other people have suggested.

It’s actually the same spelling that Borat uses in his book, called How I Learned to Love America (he spelled it “Wadiyaha”). The name change was made by Sacha Baron-Cohen’s company The Brontes because the publishers felt that using such an unpopular word would make their sales look bad.

Would you recommend this movie to a friend? Why or why not?

Yes, I would recommend this movie to a friend because it is an action-packed thriller that will keep them on the edge of their seats.

Why or why not?

I would not recommend this movie to a friend because it is violent and contains scenes that may be disturbing for some.

Is the Dictator explicit?

The Dictator is not explicit; this means that it does not use any profanity or vulgar behavior. There is nothing left to be revealed about the person – he can’t even talk, for goodness’ sake!

Was the dictator flop?

No, the Dictator was not a flop. In fact, he was quite successful in terms of his policies and goals. However, there are some people who feel that he was a bad leader and his rule was oppressive.

What are some amazing facts about the movie ‘The Dictator’?

  1. The movie ‘The Dictator’ is based on the life of Saddam Hussein, who was the president of Iraq from 1979 to 2003.
  2. The film was directed by Larry Charles and starred Sacha Baron Cohen as Hussein.
  3. The cast also includes Anna Faris, Isla Fisher, and Ben Kingsley.
  4. The movie was shot in 2011 but wasn’t released until 2012 due to concerns about copyright issues.
  5. It has been met with mixed reviews since its release but has been a box office success nonetheless, grossing over $155 million worldwide.

What are your thoughts on The Dictator (2012)?

I absolutely loved The Dictator (2012)! It was an excellent movie that I would highly recommend to anyone.

The Dictator is a great satire of modern-day politics, and it was very well done. I found the characters to be very likable and the plotline to be extremely engaging. I really enjoyed watching this movie, and I’m sure you will too!

What is the film based on?

The film is based on the life of Hussein, who was a Dictator for nearly three decades. The movie was well done. It kept you interested and in shock at times.

Who stars in the movie, and what are their roles?

The main stars of the movie are Sacha Baron Cohen and Anna Faris. They play Saddam Hussein and an American TV reporter, respectively. Other cast members include Isla Fisher, Ben Kingsley, Jasper Paice and Adeel Akhtar.

When was it filmed, and why were there concerns about copyright issues?

The Dictator was filmed in August of 2017, and there were concerns about copyright issues because the footage was taken without the permission of the individuals who were interviewed. There are a number of reasons why it is important to get the consent of those who are interviewed before filming them. This is especially true if they are not aware that their footage is being recorded.

If someone does not want their footage to be used, they may be reluctant to speak openly or provide accurate information for fear that it will be used against them in the future. By getting their permission beforehand, you can ensure that their contributions will be used fairly and without bias.

How did audiences react to The Dictator (2012)?

There were a lot of mixed reactions to The Dictator (2012). Some people enjoyed the dark and satirical humor, while others found it offensive and offensive. However, audiences seemed to appreciate the performances by Sacha Baron Cohen and Anne Hathaway. Many people also thought that the film was well-made and well-paced.

Is Sacha Baron Cohen a good actor, or do you think he went over the top with his performance as Saddam Hussein?

I think Sacha Baron Cohen is a great actor, and he brought both humor and political commentary to The Dictator (2012). Many people approved of his performance, but others pointed out that it took over the top.

Did you find any inaccuracies in this movie? How did they make up for them?

I believe the biggest inaccuracy in The Dictator was who spoke on behalf of all Arab women. In reality, there are many different perspectives among Arab countries when it comes to their opinions on issues like female genital mutilation or violence against women. This may have been why the audience did not find it that shocking, but in reality, Arab women would not be happy with their representation, which could have explained some of their negative responses towards the film.

Do you think the story was believable?

Yes. It was a great movie, and it used humor to address some very real issues (women’s rights in Iraq).

How did you like Sacha Baron Cohen’s performance?

I liked it. It was very true to the character of Saddam Hussein, although I am not an Arab or a woman, so that I may have missed some subtle differences in his portrayal.

Do you believe that this film adds anything to history?

Yes. The Dictator’s biggest way to change history was by explaining why countries did what they did during the Arab Spring uprising. Most people understand what happened, but because no comic book adaptations were depicting political revolutions before now, few people have known of these details or understood them fully until The Dictator came out two years ago, which explains why many audiences still certainly cannot imagine a future where women have been able to exercise their right to vote freely.

What are some amazing facts about the movie ‘The Dictator’?

  1. The movie ‘The Dictator’ is based on the life of Muammar Gaddafi, who was the leader of Libya from 1969 to 2011.
  2. The film was directed by Larry Charles and starred Sacha Baron Cohen as Gaddafi.
  3. The cast also includes Emily Mortimer, Aaron Paul, and Ralph Fiennes.
  4. The movie was shot in locations in Morocco and Tunisia over a period of two years.
  5. The Dictator premiered at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, where it received a standing ovation from the audience.


The Dictator is an Iranian political satire that was released in 2012. Jafar Panahi directed it and stars lead actors Shahab Hosseini, Golshifteh Farahani, and Narges Rashidi. The film won the Palme d’Or at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival and a number of other awards. We’ve collected some of the most common questions asked about this critically acclaimed comedy.

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