The Iron Giant Storyline and Short Review

After a long hiatus from making films, director Brad Bird is back with The Iron Giant. This animated feature follows the adventures of Hogarth Hughes, a boy who finds an alien-like robot in the wreckage of an old bomber plane. The film’s plot is grounded in science fiction, but it also touches on issues such as racism and tolerance.

In Iron Giant, the small town of Rockwell, Washington is home to a large military base and a key ingredient in the creation of the United States’ most important weapon system. A mysterious giant metal monster is wreaking havoc on the base, killing or seriously injuring soldiers. So begins an epic battle between man and machine that ultimately changes both.

The Iron Giant Storyline and Short Review

Main Characters Of The Iron Giant

Hogarth Hughes

Hogarth Hughes

Hogarth makes it his mission to find out what happened to the plane and its pilot, Hal. After finding a dead dog in an old plane crash, he suspects that his father was murdered by aliens. One night during dinner only Hogarth seems interested on the subject of UFOs, after angrily storms off from Anna and leaves for school where just before leaving is given some very strange gifts.



he was a pilot when the accident happened, however he lost his voice and is awestruck by Hogarth’s response to learning that refugees came from an alien spacecraft. He continues to be involved with Bogardus after getting orders through radio signals. Which at one point leave Hal still believing in aliens but now doubting if they are friendly of hostile in human terms

Anna Hughes

Anna Hughes

Anna has a crush on her friend’s father because he took interest in UFOs which freaked her boyfriend Hal so much, who had a close relationship with his father. She buys the robot for Hogarth and helps him to solve the mystery of what’s been happening on Rockwell Air Force Base



This film focuses more on main characters like Hank Hughes (Hogarth), Hal Ingalls (Hal), Anna Homering (Anna) To top it off there are American Robots that assist Hal, despite Hank Hughes calling them robot-monkeys. This movie even includes a sub plot of dealing with the aliens.

Mrs. Hummer sucker

Extra conflict due to refusing the hiring of robots (subplot) Aslan – One character from story which is later killed and his killer never found (Protagonist wants him dead but he would have been one funny animal).

The Iron Giant Film Storyline

When Hal Ingalls, Hogarth Hughes and Anna Homering return home after a trip in Mexico to visit Bogardus for the weekend and bring him some gifts. They are surprised when an unidentified aircraft destroys one of the jets that fly over their airbase. Soon they discover that it was no ordinary plane or human pilot but something stronger than anything on Earth- The Iron Giant! After nearly picking off an Army supply truck by itself the Iron Giant is apprehended and taken to Air Force Base for further study.

After a failed attempt to catch the strange machine in an aircraft, Hogarth builds a robot (Hog ever since his father died, he has been building robots but this one wound up looking much like Hal), called Statesman and brings him along with him on his second visit as part of Operation Desert Rockwell-backing up Hughes’ claim that he has seen an unidentified flying object. The rest is history, what would happen if one of the largest and most powerful weapons in their arsenal turned against us??

What Happen Next

Professor Phillip Hogarth Hughes (Voiced by Frank Welker) is a well to do professor atCaltech where Hal Ingalls works as a security guard on leave from Air Base Fury 17’s base. As his father since died early due to an illness, his last wish was sharing in the profits of any new inventions. As he often uses “hocus pocus” to explain some of his interactions with Hal due to a lack of mathematical explanations or logic.

Despite that fact and whatever else has driven him overaggressive during this film still at times there is genuine concern for Hogarth’s safety even when it becomes obvious that fire engines aren’t running wild like they are doing on Howard Hughes’ very own personal island! Hogarth’s research vessel the USS Valley Forge is on a secret mission of its own as it was built to be decommissioned but now under Hughes’ orders his crew finds itself in an urgent situation.

All seen via Hal’s satellite phones data and photos transmitted by Lt. Jansen (Voiced By: Chip Fraley) who are stationed on Air Force Base Fury 17, the ship hovers around Planet Invincible its mission to capture the meteorite linked reaction happened by Professor Hughes years ago. With the ship’s crew having no clue what is happening their only order was to destroy any runaway reactions with a missile strike then reach for land as fast as possible, but this bomb became unstable that upset it suggests that something might be brewing back at home in California! The Valley Forge somehow survived due long enough for researcher Hogarth sent a blood transfusion of himself.

The Iron Giant Movie Review

The Film is a hybrid animated picture, with live action and 3D computer effects. It it was created by Brad Bird working on various animations before embarking to The Iron Giant in 1999 based on his daughter’s book ‘Anywhere But Here’. I saw the rough cut of the film back then which boiled down all those 2 dimensional hand drawn images into one motion capture animation style Big Blue Robot after Hughes’ own test firing of an actual A- 12 to this film.

Is It Worth Watching?

It was meant for cable television as a Gigantic Movie entitled, ‘The Iron Giant’ but came out in 1999 to theatres solely because it had not been secured a slot by Fox due past similar films like The Simpsons and Futurama that were cancelled before they could come back on TV all while being aired on primetime though now, I believe those 2 shows are more popular than ever; They have a documentary devoted so you there’s some sentimental Val\use in that. The Film is written by Brad Bird who also helmed other animations like ‘Lumiere’.

What People Like About It

There are a few plot holes here, as well but it was not meant to be animated feature film which might include lots of scenes causing more story through dialogue-based storytelling. there isn’t much time for an extended storyline and this one does have enough drama going on with the main character becoming lost then finding home and the Giant. who only has one word to say all throughout the film? While from a random discovery Barry followed by his mother finds. it would have been far more interesting for sure if that was done in 3D color mixed scenes between Big Blue and them due to every scene within can understand why this plot works best in animation where you don t need filled with dialogue as I mentioned above plus there’s no money counter ticking just against script writing after costs so things can be cut from the script.

Things like that, you just need anything to add the suspense because it wouldn’t have been as good if not for some action on Big Blue and Hehe. So, there is quite a few plots holes but I’m getting off topic now. Expect any comedy-drama/sci-fi movie with Robot’s tends to cause plot holes and maybe one or two different character designs change here which would never be the case if it was animated, but those are minor problems that only real people can really identify with.

What Happen To Barry’s Mother?

The appearance of Barry’s mother is a sight to behold because the work put into her design has great detail and looks very much like Brad Bird himself or based on him. so, I’m guessing this isn’t supposed to be realistic in any way while his mother simply serves as a crucial character within the film itself. nevertheless, being an important person who doesn’t get as much development as he/she deserves (similar to Dreamwork’s film Cronk which has Paul Rudd playing Barry and also a strong female role).

So, I don’t understand why we never seen her face yet looking at the character models alone it just thought like she could have had some more major scenes before the end credit scene because this is something along those lines…”The best mysterious scientist work in movies.

Final Thought

It is great film overall but suffers from some shortcomings. One of them being the script work, by no means a writing genius such as Orwell or Lynch who can create and entirely new story without any real effort must endure several clumsy things like over workings just for it to reach its conclusion on you aren’t really feel much later at all so don’t bother whether you’re going to watch this in theaters or not because I myself won’t be seeing it. It is worth watching for those few positive points though just make sure you have some free time left afterwards it’s not a bad film but disappointing nonetheless.


What Are Some Iron Giant Memes That Have Been Created In The Last Few Years?

  1. Iron Giant memes featuring characters from the movie such as Hogarth, Gizmo, and voiced by Vin Diesel. Iron Giant memes that poke fun at the giant robot’s size and strength.

Who Is The Creator Of Iron Giant, What Is His/Her Name, And Where Can I Find More Information About Him/Her?

Iron Giant is the creation of animator and director Brad Bird. He has written a book about his experiences called “The Art of Animation: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Making of a Masterpiece.” You can find more information about him on IMDB and other websites.

What Is The Best Movie To Watch If You Want To Learn About Iron Giant?

Just like many other films, the film Iron Giant is not perfect and has a few flaws. But it’s only one of those movies you can watch and learn about all roles in movie production. Learn history or something related to cinematography for example then check if this movie that features stunts or special effects was made before/after 1939 when ILG was originally released as some say it makes many mistakes on how these “inventions” were created explaining.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Watching Iron Giant?

The big pros of watching Iron Giant are its smooth storyline or animation. It’s quite fun and good experience if you have nothing to do in particular because it constantly makes reference stories from the Bible available for audiences who may not be familiar with them. Some people say this is the weakest mentionable part but I personally don’t mind since a lot of time was put into getting those references out properly after all. The cons are that several details about history gets.

Is The Iron Giant Good Or Bad?

Like many others, and I’m not just including myself. Iron Giant is a masterpiece and my favorite good movie in all time as I have mentioned before but hopefully you can find some faults on this review since they are important to me at least.

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