The Last Legion (2007) FAQs

The Last Legion is a rare breed of movies that, despite being spaced quite a few years apart, stand side-by-side as distinct and yet parallel stories. These two stories are not necessarily mirror images of each other, but they are in fact fusing together. There is no need to explain that the two films share similar characters and similar settings, but what is worth explaining is how the films are so riveting that they succeed in subverting the established rules of cinema. Here are some faqs to help you understand the Last Legion better.

Is the Last Legion a True Story?

The Last Legion (2007) FAQs

It is a true story.

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Was the Last Legion a Flop?

The Last Legion was a flop because it did not have the resources to promote its movie. The studio had spent $100 million on marketing and promotion of the film, but there were no positive reviews from critics and audiences. They were also unable to sell their merchandise which would have helped in promoting the movie as well.

Is the Last Legion a Good Movie?

The Last Legion is a fantastic movie and if you haven’t watched it yet, then I would highly recommend it.

I think The Last Legion is one of the best movies to watch in 2019. It has everything that a good movie should have like amazing special effects, amazing characters and an interesting story line. If you are looking for a good action packed movie with some comic relief thrown in then this is the perfect movie for you!

Who Is Mira in the Last Legion?

Mira is the main character in The Last Legion. She is an excellent swordsman, who despite being female, has achieved high levels of proficiency with the sword. Mira also displays a knack for strategy and tactics, both of which she uses to great effect against her enemies.

What Legions Were Lost in the Teutoburg Forest?

According to the legend, in 9 AD, the Roman army was on its way to Germania Inferior when they encountered a large number of Germanic tribes near the river Ems. The Romans were not able to defeat them and suffered heavy losses.

How Old Was Thomas Brodie Sangster in the Last Legion?

Thomas Brodie Sangster was just 16 years old when he starred in The Last Legion.

What Was the Last Legion in Britain?

The last legion in Britain was the 10th. It was created on December 14, 1881 by Lord Charles Beresford who wanted to make an army for England to counter any possible threat from Russia.

He also said that he had made the legion because he thought it would be good for England’s prestige and would enhance her international position.

Who Played Demetrius in the Last Legion?

Mira’s love interest in the movie is Demetrius. He is played by Welsh actor Taron Egerton.

Why Is the Last Legion Rated Pg 13?

This movie is rated PG 13 because of the intense action scenes and some mild language. This doesn’t mean that it’s not suitable for children or teenagers, but you should always watch this with your child or teenager to make sure they don’t find any objectionable content.

When Was the Last Roman Legion?

Last Roman legion was probably the Ninth legion. The last known record of this legion is when they were stationed in Britain, fighting a rebellion against the Romans in AD 43. They are believed to have been wiped out by the British tribes that lived there at that time.

Do Any Roman Eagles Still Exist?

Some Roman eagles still exist, but there is no evidence that any of them are actually in existence anymore. They were made out of bronze and were used as a kind of flag or emblem by the legions.

Which Military Commander Was Known as the Teutoburg Liberator Rok?

The Teutoburg liberator ROK was Julius Caesar. He led the legions that conquered Germany in the 1st century AD, which is why he’s often called “the teutoburg in general.”

What Happened to Arminius After Teutoburg?

After the Battle of Teutoburg, Arminius decided to ally himself with Rome and helped them conquer Germany. He became one of the most famous Roman soldiers, and eventually rose to become a general himself.

How Old Was Thomas Brodie Sangster in the Maze Runner?

Thomas Brodie Sangster was 11 years old when he played the role of Newt in the Maze Runner film series.

Was the 9th Legion Eagle Ever Found?

The ninth legion Eagle has never been found, but there is evidence that it may have existed. It was a prized possession of the legion and is thought to have been destroyed in Britain during the rebellion mentioned earlier.

What Happened to Britain’s Lost Roman Legion?

Britain’s lost Roman legion is still a mystery, but it’s likely that they were wiped out by the British tribes that lived there. Their disappearance only became known when historical records were written decades later.

What Happened to the 13th Legion?

The 13th legion was probably destroyed in Britain during the rebellion mentioned earlier. There is no evidence that it ever existed outside of Roman Britain, so it’s possible that all trace of it has been lost forever.

What Roman Legion Went Missing?

The 12th legion is the only Roman legion that has definitely gone missing. It’s thought that they were wiped out by the British tribes during the rebellion mentioned earlier, and their disappearance only became known when historical records were written decades later.

What Happened to the Roman Army When Rome Fell?

The fall of Rome left the Roman army in disarray, and they were eventually defeated by the Germanic tribes. Most of them were killed or captured, and their legacy was lost forever.

How Were Plumbata Thrown?

With aplomb, an expert wields the deadly Plumbata – a short sword with an impressive sheath and terrorizing impact. With smooth motions, practitioners spin the blade around their hand to create a whirling wall of death that can crush bones, fluidly sever arteries or range widely in all directions for savage decapitation strokes.


Starting a career in 2007, when the Last Legion hit theaters, would prove harder than it does now. Things had changed on the set of movies, though. In cinemas, CGI and digital effects had become more prominent. But in this film, all the effects appear to have been done manually. So what was it like to begin your cinematic career and get in on the ground level? Here, we have gathered answers to your questions about working on a past film back then.

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