The Little Mermaid FAQs

Aurora or Sleeping Beauty? Little Mermaid or Belle? Are you one of the many people who have asked these questions but don’t know the answers? In this article, we will be exploring some common mythological aspects of The Little Mermaid, such as what the “Little Mermaid was a mermaid” and why she became human. We will also touch upon some aspects that are simply not true and explain what they are.

The Little Mermaid is a Disney movie that was released in 1989. The story revolves around the titular character, who tries to escape her fate of marrying Prince Eric. It follows the struggles she faces and how she eventually overcomes her circumstances. This movie has inspired millions of people to follow their dreams, which is why it’s so important for Disney to continue making these movies for years to come.

The Little Mermaid FAQs


What Is The Real Story Of The Little Mermaid?

The story of The Little Mermaid is actually quite interesting. Two versions have been made by the Disney Studio, 1989 and 2003. However, no matter which version that you prefer they all center on this aspect:

Why Is Ariel’s Hair Red?

The Little Mermaid received an animated movie in 1989. The first live-action film was released by Disney on May 6, 2015 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the movie’s release. This new version is a total reboot where Ariel becomes human rather than leaving her life as a mermaid behind once again and marrying Prince Eric instead.

Is Ariana Grande The Little Mermaid?

Singer Ariana Grande was recently in the news for being a fan of Disney movies. After this, many people were talking about whether she is actually supposed to be The Little Mermaid. Some fans commented on how Ariel looks and dresses just like her which suggests that she could very well be dressed as Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Why Is The Little Mermaid Black Now?

The original movie featured a mermaid that was colored blue like her surroundings. However, the Disney retelling removed this to make it more appealing for new audiences who have not seen the original film yet. For example, in some scenes Ariel is shown with green hair and coral-like skin which only follows her being part of an underwater ecosystem.

What Did Ariel Look Like In The Original Story?

In the original story, she was Anouchka (Sasha) Kuznetsova. She had a red hair that was long and curled which matched her coral-like skin tone. Her fashion code consisted of one dress for all occasions instead of changing them every time you met with Prince Eric or his royal family members from across the sea as Ariel does in this version.

What Is Ariel’s Ethnicity?

It’s a well-known fact that Ariel is of Russian decent so it was interesting to see what color she was when Disney casted her. In director Eric Goldberg and executive producer Don Hahn’s original script, the character actress presented Mia Farrow with a dead arm but no one who actually knew how to sew ever heard if this happened in real life or not even been spoken about because it could be way too cruel for children.

Was The Little Mermaid Based On Alyssa Milano?

The Little Mermaid legend takes place on a distant island and the children who lived there didn’t have names. Instead of calling them by their relation’s name, they were called by their location or what was closest to help aid from danger instead. Alyssa Milano (then still Matilda Jimena) when casted for Ariel, reportedly did not talk about her ethnicity but only signed an affidavit saying that she is of Mexican descent due to the Hispanic.

What Country Is Prince Eric From Little Mermaid?

Prince Eric is from the Danish Royal family that went into hiding after they lost their throne during a revolution. The monarchy which once was self-proclaimed ended when Christian X became King in 1953 and changed the name of Denmark to The Kingdom of Iceland, because he thought it would be clever catching tourists off guard with something different than what most people think of when they hear Copenhagen or strong water colors like blue (the navy color), red (like blood).

How Old Is The Prince In The Little Mermaid?

By the time Eric gets married to Ariel, she is 18 years old and he is 19. Whether or not this means anything for how long their relationship has been kept a secret was never spoken about nor answered in-depth because it could be thought of as too disrespectful towards your family if you knew how many were against them getting back together though searching every single Disney movie that had sound tracked love would show that couples aren’t always guaranteed to last forever.

What Happened To Prince Eric?

The Little Mermaid was the last Disney movie where a really cool story arc was told. Episodes such as Timon and Pumbaa, The Emperor’s New Groove or Hercules can be seen as overdone since they all follow this formula: boy meets girl…they fall in love but then something inappropriate happens to him/her and he has to go away so that she doesn’t find out about their true self. Each one ends with them getting.

Who Is Going To Play Prince Eric In The New Little Mermaid?

Emmanuelle Chiriquí, who plays the villainous Victoria on The L Word.

Who Is Ariel’s Father In Little Mermaid?

There is no record that a prince named Eric existed before he was used as an alias for this character and most likely thought up since they needed one more royalty to fill out the main family of people from where everyone comes if you count Ursus Airlines which originally involved Sven but once changed.

Is Prince Eric White?

It’s possible, but the Prince Eric of The Little Mermaid is a blue-eyed brunette man with blonde hair and brown eyes.

Who Was Ursus Airlines?

Prince Eric & Ariel’s dogs (a male black Labrador retriever) were named Elmo & Pumbaa. Retrieving on Melba as well when she first came to our adoptive town in West Virginia from her grandmother or father Cornelius.

Who Auditioned For Live-Action Little Mermaid?

The newly married Antonio Banderas auditioned for the part of Prince Eric, but in his first screen test, he was rejected and given another role. Disney later tested him again; this time making him a street boy named Elmo who falls in love with Ariel as opposed to an aristocratic prince.

Why Does Prince Eric Throw His Flute?

His father’s orders, because he doesn’t trust his son. However, it was Ariel who really fell in love with the guard captain.

Who Is This?

This is a longtime friend of us since our childhood named Debbie Newberry from February 1956 until April 1957 and we met again on December 1987 at Old wood Mall located near Tallahassee Florida. My sister never got her autograph card but I did get hers out my mother.

How Did Prince Eric Learn Ariel’s Name?

After she sings it to him when they are out at sea, he won’t forget her silly little song.

Does The Little Mermaid Disney Princess Enchanted Seas Musical Make Any Reference To The Little Mermaid?

No, not that we know of. But there are some things I like which sets the storyline after only once Ariel and Eric went on their honeymoon with Ursus Airlines until Hans Christian Andersen had his big “disaster” or as my sister likes to call it, “misadventure.”

What Did Triton Do To Ursula?

She says that he was about to do something to her…never-know. An embarrassed Ursula swims out of the palace in shame and drowns herself (twice) but my sister considers this a happy ending instead of an unhappy one as most people call it today.

What Age Did Ariel Get Married?

Ariel is not on speaking terms with her parents after she asks for their blessing as a teenager. Instead, Eric proposes; (15 yrs. old). And the wedding could have taken place shortly thereafter when Ariel was in 15 years of age.)

Could Elisabeth Welch Ever Return To Disney?

You know they would cast her in this role! I mean it looks like both Cloris Lachman and Lisa Loring modeled their acting careers ・what a reason for those two beauties to return…hmmm? Disney remembered the name Ursula from The Little Mermaid, but what about Terpstra and her minions? Did she get replaced by these new characters…like Triton was made with Ariel’s father instead of Jodi Benson. “Ursus Airlines”. Originally, I believed that Elisabeth Welch could ever come back again but then wonders like this happens at Disney performance places.

How Did Ursula Take Ariel’s Voice?

Before she down’s herself because in her “greatest” moment of shame and humiliation, Ursula prays that the sea will give Ariel back to them one day. She then uses a special spell or gemstone which ties you with your voice so that bad things happen if I remember correctly (VHS tape).

Who Is Prince Erics Father?

It is Triton as Prince Eric was born on/around the same time of Ariel. Since this site has some facts from The Little Mermaid, let’s see what else these men have in common (they both married sea goddesses)

Is Ursula Really Dead? Or Did She Ever Die A Second Time For Real?

Since it says that humans are creatures created by an evil fairy queen and her brothers called “the monsters.

What Was Ursula’s Evil Plan?

Eliminators of the sea and invade land, free her brothers who are under a spell…what more could be left to do on this page for me?!

Is Ariel Still Alive At Some Point In Time?

As stated above…she is dead after Ursula kills her. She doesn’t come back as an entirely new character with all these tricks from The Little Mermaid movie (which looks like a totally different storyline.).

What Did Ursula Turn Mermaids Into?

What she left in the mortal realm as a part of her revenge to take everything away from Ariel.

Why Did Ursula Transform Ariel Into Humans?

Just like it was stated above, it’s been shown before that if you do something bad and regret on your soul, they will punish by being turned back into human. This is evident when Eric gets out of his cage near living with the fishes after he follow.

Is Morgana Related To King Triton?

I think the answer is “maybe” but she keeps an eye on him (at least in The Little Mermaid).

Who Is King Triton’s Dad?

Triton and his brothers are described as sons of Neptune (and therefore, nephews or cousins to Ariel) in the original story. Since this is a sequel, I figured that’s all we need but even it seems like Triton himself has some unknown siblings on his side as well.

Who Is Morgana To Ursula?

Morgana is her cousin and Ursula’s half-sister. They are separated after their parents died, but still in touch with each other (especially on Ariel).

Is Only Triton Would Act Like A Big Bully Towards His People?

The reason for that maybe because he has to protect them from Terrible Tritons who came from the Kingdom of Orthros at some point. These two players aren’t really evil.

Can You Get A Name Or Gender?

Ariel’s mom wasn’t seen much in the movie. Her identity was not revealed to Naveen until after he kissed Ariel, although Eric said they weren’t related while trying to sneak into Triton’s castle as guards. Are all of Ursula’s lost souls labeled right now that this is just “the third one” (meaning we don’t really know if there are changes)

Who Is Ursula’s Mother?

Her mother was named Annerley. She didn’t have an exact relationship with Ursula in the past. There are some records mentioned that she helped her succeed Triton, as well giving a few things to Ariel including moustache and underwater clothes (but it’s unclear if they were given by Tirana)

Who Is The Oldest Princess In Disney?

It is Ivy from Pinocchio, who at 85 years old could not be called a young woman yet.

Who are Ursula’s sisters? Are they really related to Triton and Ariel? “The Little Mermaid 3D” left many of its details unanswered (including how King Triton became king). One part that’s not definite is about the backstory of Ursula’s family members: She actually has three sisters she was forced to separate.

Who Is Walt Disney Favorite Princess?

Although Ariel wasn’t on his original plan, he decided to make her bigger at the end of it. This can be deduced from a text by one of Disney animators where he introduces this new character: “This is my little mermaid who will sing and then chant like the rest”.

What Happens To The Little Mermaid At The End?

The Little Mermaid appears at the end of Disney’s movie as it usually does (at Disneyfied version of her wedding day)

What Is Ursula’s Clock?

Her ring has minute hands, which are represented by a snail and his shell. When she merges with Vanessa it becomes an eyeball located in Eyelet (the seashell attached to Vanessa arms that breaks).

What Is The Real Ending To The Little Mermaid?

At the end of Disney’s movie Ariel “escapes” from her dead father, or at least that is what many assert. In reality though she does NOT have to confront him in order for it all to be a dream; when the camera cuts away it still shows Triton smiling and clapping (which could just come down to luck but nevertheless valid)

What Is The Moral Of The Original Little Mermaid?

It is a story about how you cannot achieve your goals just by fighting against them. In order to not break up with her true love, Ariel has only to let go of it – then she will come back (although this end part came after “The Little Mermaid 2: Return to The Sea”).

What Does The Little Mermaid Symbolize?

Everyone seems to have different versions on its Universal status: some say she is an allegory of drugs, others a symbol of women’s grace in society.

How Many Versions Of The Little Mermaid Are There?

* Disney’s version, 1959

* National Giant Screen movie production of The Little Mermaid from 1995.  Limited release only in USA and Canada by Walt Disney Pictures, Castles Enter rare as part of the Boohoo Cinemas Selects series.

* Broadway Musical adaptation, 2001

* ‘Akamatsu-Kawasaki Maki’ manga (Novel written in Japanese language). Compiled novel published for 1985-year anniversary until August.

Which Order Should I Watch The Little Mermaid?

It is not that important, what matters is: watch it.

After you have watched the movie or watched its sequel, feel free to check out these links related to Disney’s original story and The Little Mermaid.

Is Little Mermaid Canceled?

It is NOT officially cancelled but has received the controversial treatment of being in (almost) talks to be rebooted as an original story.

What Became Of Ariel?

She ended up for real becoming Diana’s sister, although that was most likely a dream sequence too. But she does make appearances in “The Little Mermaid II: Return to The Sea”, following her royal life and eventually aging into Regula from the novel version.

Is The Little Mermaid Coming Out In 2021?

According to a new speculative document gathered by Disney world, the return of Nicole Kidman as Ariel in upcoming reboot may be true.

Is Melissa Mccarthy Ursula?

Whether or not she was/is in talks to play the infamous sea witch Ursula from The Little Mermaid is also up for debate:

The actress has hinted she’s interested, but it may have been a rude proposition that sparked McCarthy’s interest. In an October 2012 tweet about her husband Ben Falcone facing sexual harassment claims at age 23, Melissa prompted people referring to Carmine Zico as “cute.” She wrote back with three kisses.

Why Is The Little Mermaid Black Now?

For the same reason as Mulan and Tarzan: They were originally white people in different Asian countries. Who’s Ursula?  We’re on a quest to find out much more about this fairy villain of 1959 animated classic “The Little Mermaid” who, through her name also means she may be associated with The Norse goddess of the sea, Urd (aka Odin) or Gili (a wicked witch from Valeria).

Is Disney Remaking The Little Mermaid?

Not yet. But we could see someone else play Ariel in a future live-action retelling of the story, as it turned out that Nicole Kidman might be slated for the role, according to this TV Guide article.

Will There Be A Little Mermaid 4?

Probably not, but that does not mean Disney is ending a franchise completely. It has plenty of potential stories to tell and lucrative retellings to lead us through the years in animated form or live action (from what we have seen at least).

Is The Little Mermaid Coming Out In 2022?

No, Disney wants to make a more realistic take on it.

A live-action version of The Little Mermaid, based on the 1989 animated classic, is set for release in December 2018 by Walt Disney Pictures. While that won’t be “The Little Mermaid 4,” it will presumably feature fresh faces and an ‘antiquated’ look at Ariel’s story again – with dumpier sets than those featured in recent films such as 1997’s Aladdin.

Is Sebastian A Crab Or Lobster?

He is actually a monster and has been throughout the original Disney adaptation.

When Ariel gets upset that she’s saddled with being a mermaid, Sebastian says: “I know what you’re thinking,” he replies calmly. Was there ever any ambiguity? Not on this matter: all of his appearances after 1954 (when Ursula first appeared in The Little Mermaid) have featured him as an evil merman, not inspired by anything so much as.

Why Can’t Ariel Talk In The Little Mermaid?

In fact, she didn’t have to…she communicated with the audience through songs. Also “underwater” Ursula can’t talk but does stink as bad underwater! Instead, she whispered for Ariel in order to speak. Thank you, Jane Haddam, for showing me how it should be done right damnit! Actually, I don’t think that my sister did a good job of explaining this part though anymore because everything back then was so different.

What Happened To Ariel’s Mom?

She met her maker in the town hall. She was pregnant, so she wanted to get married quick (It should be mentioned that all Tritons have troubled relationships with their mothers). But a long fight caused Ursula’s birth and Ariel’s posterior transformation from “pleasant dumpy mom” into terrible fucking sea witch.

Why Did They Cancel The Little Mermaid?

Because of a fear that the original story could have been offensive to some people, they suggest that creators were scared of being sued by Disney itself. But I doubt Being Human will be going away anytime soon:

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