The Little Mermaid Storyline and Short Review

The Little Mermaid is a Disney classic, one of the best-loved stories in the world. But it’s not just a story: It has been turned into an animated film and even an audio book! Here we have shared you all the details about this story and its characters so that you can take your kids along to watch this movie or listen to it at home.

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The Little Mermaid Storyline and Short Review

Main Characters Of The Little Mermaid



Sailor’s names are sometimes just shortened to their initials. This is the case for Ariel, who we all know as ‘A’. Even though she was a princess, her living with her father and his other six wives caused great tension in the family. As such, one day while on tour through Triton’s kingdom they find an unauthorized zoo that features unusual animals like large stingrays and enormous sea horses. In love at first sight with. She is the main protagonist and princess of Atlantic. Her father, King Triton may be mean but he’s a mighty ruler. Knowing that Ariel would never love him back, he insists she marry Prince Eric who was his best friend on Earth when they both were young before going to sea as mates. And after marriage their fates become intertwined in one way or another…



As we all know Clopping is the lead singer to the king’s crab chorus. He is a prince who becomes the leader of Ariel in love when they all stop to listen at Eric being sung by another man, probably from court musicians or other members of Triton’s clowder but it matters little now that these men are gone as he and his friend have both fallen for Ariel respectively.



Flounder needs no explanation because we already understand him. He is a scaly fish with webbed feet who’s the king and queen’s other son alongside Sebastian who goes on tour when we all first meet Ariel. They both find her after falling of the top deck during their music lesson but he decides to join his parents as she does not have friends at that time since everyone in Atlantic has always had one due to King Triton allying himself more into humans rather.



Sebastian is an alternate lead to the spring musicals. He, like Eric and Ariel both fall for Ariel but he waits until the adult’s already sold-out shows are over in hopes of being a better singer than Clopping whom most harbor up not know as good at singing. His plotline was hinted early on but rolled into story by Jiminy Cricket making his appearances “Almost Never There”.



Salty does not have much to do in any version as he is a Nymph and Ariel and Prince Eric’s best friend for countless years. She helps them “fight” once or twice before falling into the water from which she emerges by Dave Ryan because she has been disarmed.

The Little Mermaid Storyline

The Little Mermaid is a Disney classic, one of the best-loved stories in the world. Here you find an introduction to this story as well as its characters and shows that how all these things were inspired from this story.

Animation And Abstract Art: Animation Has Been the Best Form of Expression Even for Storytellers Because It Takes You Somewhere Else on A Journey to Another Place or Time!​ 19th Century American Renaissance artist Winslow Homer once said that “the drawing shows me the manner of the thing; it expresses what I cannot say in words”. Animation Was the Best Way to Express Your Thoughts and Ideas Even in Features Film!

The little mermaid is a story many films have been produced from all over around this world. But we will be discussing about only one film, let’s talk about Disney animated movie i.e., ‘Little Mermaid’ which was released into theaters on.


This is a short film that uses exposition, dialog and animation to describe what’s happening. See the little mermaid giving instructions down below while reluctantly bursting out of her shell with dolphins squealing underwater driving home in clamshells and then she falls into prince Eric’s arms! I have loved this movie since childhood but today when I understand it better, my love for The Little Mermaid touches even more deeply than ever before.

Apparently, this version came to theatres in 1923 and is no longer produced. This movie did not however make it to the Oscars. Check out some other versions below which were made into cartoons i.e., by Disney, Hanna Barbera, Vaseline Studios and many more!

Taws The Night Before Christmas

Taws the night before Christmas children will be we relive Christmases past as Sid & his family get ready for Santa Claus to come that day as sister gets her ears pierced, dad goes to sleep early and Junior dishing out plenty of treats from the brand-new boots! …And Opens His Present… And then bam!!!! Daddy hits on mommy and catches his entire family by surprise. Did I go off topic? But all in all, this version is great for children learning more about Christmas stories as well because it shows what’s going on which actually happened back in that time period and very animated with a bit of emotion put in.

This version was actually created by studio quicken back to 1941 as part of the series “Common Sense”. Lots more such versions can be found below but this one is easily pocket friendly buy costing only $30ibs at amazon! Check out this classic inspired Disney Movie ‘The Aristocrats 1968’. It’s quite popular among kids as it even got nominated for the Oscars in 1970! For a video of this classic which was shown on all movie channels here’s my article written by Matt Finn.

‘The Aristocrats 1968 Disney Movie still pops up every now and again at local vids as one of the only connected animated films they have. Elizabeth Taylor is turned into an alley cat but once she finds happiness, discovers a stray kitten that gives her love and starts to bring joy to the people around her.

Rising Action

Starts the history of Cats as Lady Liberty has just placed a statue of herself into place at New York. This pretty much shows how everything is going to end one day, would be nice for now I must say! Just wonder what the art style was like with this movie… Would love you Brian Daley too know.

Another animated short which came out in 1941 but first on screen didn’t come until 1945.

We have gotten more information of him now but this seems to have a lot of his version of the story with some fantastic value for money on here. This video was also produced by quicken studios which is one reason it has been released as part of classics collection from Disney films and incorporates music from Ludwig Holst’s ‘Mars’. Interesting stories about this animation classic don’t we all know…?

More People than just cats.

In fact, I’m quite amazed there are any cats in this movie! This is a new take on the ‘Duke Ellington’ song used for the Disney classic, adds some much-loved tunes. Created by boys-us-westerns and with animation from Koji Igarashi (who seems to work as animator closely with Hayao Miyazaki). Featuring fabulous imagery of cats that differs considerably between versions so make sure you check out each one!


Lady liberty is back on her pedestal and the war seems to be ending. However, something still feels a little incomplete here… but I’m sure you will know what?

Overall, this film, although listed as simply one of the classics collections in Disney’s website has lots of flaws due it being part of their very first picture book ‘The Nutcracker’. Highlights include an animal that doesn’t move at all! Japan animator Akira Shishido is featured here again with some of his fantastic animation to bring this story alive.

This film was made as a collaboration between Disney/Filiation and Takuma Shorten in Japan, which created the movie due to lack of funds when it came seemingly worldwide cause its release. Hattusa Katsu’s (who I already know has done so much for modern day Japanese animations) provides background music use.

Failing Action

A side story that doesn’t fully play out in this picture book release, who’s twist will surprise you? Using music and sounds we wouldn’t to hear elsewhere.

This unusual movie is based on the film “The Secret of NIMH”, but fans of Japanese animation might remember them as ‘Nimisha’. Here they are talking differently than how human beings should actually be… including some very cool I-pod synchronized scenes with dork The last remaining enemies of the Bears have another member to add, and it’s not good for them as he worships darker things. With music from Tsuneo mi Inoue (the person who directed ‘Sci-Fi Party’, which I discuss along with this movie below) you will understand just why!


A Japanese animation movie released straight after my last review which is an advert for a year later. The amazing John Lasseter returns direct from “Lilo & Stitch 2” to still enjoy animating cartoons and writing this movie even in his thirties. In fact, he is not happy with the parts left unfinished within his work, I suppose it makes some people wonder how much of a perfectionist The Walt Disney Company were really? But onwards!

The Little Mermaid Review

This isn’t a review of the two-segment movie, it’s just five famous songs from this animated classic. Be sure to have an adult listen in and notice how soft-spoken The Little Mermaid voice actor is compared to the godlike one that was Ariel!

Overall Tokyo Disneyland itself is quite amazing for any Disney fan especially with its new figures which are most impressive and look very unique… some tracks such as Can You Feel Me ?! won’t be missed even if you aren’t a fan of the park itself.

Also, this is definite proof that it’s better to go there during low season as seemingly crowds are thin in summer days, and I recommend following any other Disney blogs including my own for future updates over their site! Follow us on Twitter to get regular news updates!

What People Like About It

I love this park a lot overall due to the fact that I did enjoy getting up close with all the characters from my childhood and how much better looking they look compared to older Disney films. So not only do you get movies but also attractions which are most original and have real special effects if using any new technologies such as Dual Digital Projection, Image Holography or Simulated 3D!

Unfortunately, at least for me.

What People Do Not Like About It

Firstly, I completely wish Disney had been as successful at creating a new attraction such as Frozen Ever After without ever getting sued! Also, there were long queues in their Tokyo Disneyland Parks and so many attractions no longer exist.

Overall Tokyo Disney can be very impressive but it’s good that they are expanding the next few years… The parks themselves will never be open when going to Winter holiday seasons, even if you want the newest innovations within your hometown park.

Final Thought

The Little Mermaid is a 1989 American animated musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation for Walt Disney Pictures. The 43rd Disney animated feature film, it was directed by Ron Clements and John Musker, from a screenplay by E. Roger Mitchell, and features the voices of Jodi Benson, Richard White, Thurl Ravenscroft, David Ogden Steers, Jerry Orbach and Douglas Seale.

It’s hard to understand how a story like The Little Mermaid could inspire so many interpretations, but that is exactly what makes it so interesting. Here are five books and movies inspired by the tale of a mermaid princess who falls in love with a human prince.


What Is The Main Message Of The Little Mermaid?

“It is impossible to love a man who does not love you!” What should readers take from The Little Mermaid? “To always believe in yourself and your dreams no matter what others tell you.”

How Does The Original Little Mermaid Story End?

“We found a ship in Sweden that was full of magic and our world. The bond between us only grew deeper as time went on… but I feared my kingdom had left me.” What roles do Ariel, Ursula and the fishes play? “One night we sailed to Norway after Hans went missing from their home port of Copenhagen. It took no time for him to realize what we’d become at sea and follow his heart.”

Is Little Mermaid A True Story?

“The truth is in the heart of every girl and boy.” What themes does Little Mermaid explore? “Unpredictability, strong self-confidence and interdependence. The theme to remember are: your dreams as long as you’re good enough for them inside. Even if that means breaking some rules along the way!”

Was Alyssa Milano In The Little Mermaid?

“The Little Mermaid is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s story, but not produced by him. However, it was confirmed that she starred in the Disney animatronic dolphin voice as Kida.”

How Old Is The Little Mermaid Husband?

“There is no confirmed information regarding the ages of any characters.” How does Little Mermaid compare to, for example Beauty and the Beast? “Like her partner in film as well as stage, Belle takes a more subtle approach with less actions that do more talking. Ariel becomes included from Pinocchio at this point. She’s vulnerable when she compares herself to others, who always have some kind of power—even if it’s very small or false.”

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