Trodely Island – You Have To Know

Trodely Island, located in Bay of Bengal, is a 640-acre uninhabited coral atoll belonging to India. The atoll is known for the world’s second largest mangrove forest. It is also home to the world’s second largest nesting colony of hawksbill turtles. Trodely Island was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987 due to its importance as a Ramsar site and its natural beauty.

Trodely Island History

Trodely Island

Trodely Island was first sighted by the Portuguese in 1505. The island was later charted and named by the Dutch in 1610. It was occupied by the French from 1756 to 1783 and then captured by the British under Admiral James Saumarez in 1793 during their struggle for control of India. Trodely Island came under Indian rule after independence from Britain in 1947.

Ecological Importance

Ecological importance

Trodely Island is home to one of India’s largest mangrove forests, which provides habitat for a variety of birds and other wildlife including leopards , Arabian trogons, Brahman cattle and wild boar. The island also has a diverse flora consisting of 16 plant species which include shrubs and ferns besides the wonderful beach vegetation that consists mainly of sea grapes, flame grasses among others.

This beautiful Island needs protection because it is not only full of life but unique to Indian territory in terms of geography, history & ecology

Trudely Island suffers immense damage by human activities such as vandalism for pearls or gem stones like corals plucked from coral reefs , destroying the natural habitat with industrial intervention hitting completely on ecological balance .

Its rich biodiversity could not face the onslaught of global warming , coral bleaching, salinity and ocean acidification. The consequences of these factors would be a devastating pace for the world’s largest nesting colony & eco-tourist attraction as it is today.



The Trodely Island climate is humid subtropical with hot, humid summers and mild winters. The average temperature is 26.1 °C (79.0°F). The Indian summer monsoon from south-west passes over northern Kerala and the Malabar coast of Lakshadweep, bringing rains during June–August .

The annual rainfall ranges between 150 mm to only 18 inches around 1 October which produces a vegetation that requires moisture by this time, once the few months are gone coral bleaching take place on most parts of Lakshadweep .


higher studies

The island is home to one of the oldest civilizations on earth, which was established by natives who arrived here some 10,000 years ago. Trodely Island has a rich heritage with statues and carvings dating back thousands of years. The people here are predominantly Hindu but there are also Christians and Muslims on the island.

The main language spoken is Malayalam but English is also understood. There are few basic facilities such as hospitals, schools or banks on Trodely Island so it relies heavily on tourism for its economic sustenance .

Young people in particular have shown an inclination towards leaving for overseas for higher studies, which is now an easy option thanks to technological advancements in our times. There has been a rise in the number of students opting for foreign universities every year with about 50 students joining international colleges and institutions each year on this island alone .



The island is divided into two parts – North and South. The political system is based on an assembly which has 60 members, of which half are elected by proportional representation and the other half are elected through first-past-the-post voting. There is also a governor who serves as the head of government. Trodely Island is a part of the Malabar district in Kerala state in southern India .



Tourism has been the mainstay of Trodely Island’s economy for many years now. Most visitors come to see the ancient ruins and sculptures that dot this small island. According to Tamil Nadu’s Tourism department, more than 200–300 tourists visited the island in 2014. There are no big hotels on Trodely Island that cater exclusively to foreigners but they do offer room-sharing facilities where you can stay with a host or even go solo if preferred. It is also possible for visitors to eat out alone at this small restaurant and get people along during trips into other parts of Malabar .

Government Services

Government services

The official language of Trodely Island is Malayalam. However, English is also widely spoken and understoodThere are no banks or other big commercial enterprises on the island, but there are a few small stores that sell basic food items. The main source of income for most people on Trodely Island comes from employment in the tourism industry.



The main attractions on Trodely Island are its ancient ruins and sculptures. There are several temples, palaces and other structures that have been left in ruins after centuries of neglect. However, the island is also home to a number of interesting museums that showcase some of Kerala’s traditional arts and crafts. The majority of visitors to Trodely Island come from Tamil Nadu but it is also popular with people from neighbouring states such as Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh .

Although there are no big hotels on the island catering exclusively to foreigners, room-sharing facilities where you can stay with a host or even go solo if preferred.

Landmarks And Attractions Include:

Landmarks and attractions include

Other facilities that are available on the island are restaurants, ATMs (Indian/Foreign), post office for sending letters as well as money orders etc., doctors’ services, one petrol pumps where visitors can buy water or diesel oil etc., and few shops along the main road (called ‘Street’).


Trodely Island is an upcoming digital destination that will offer its visitors a unique experience. Utilising cutting-edge technology, Trodely Island will offer its visitors an immersive experience that will allow them to explore the island from all angles.

Offering a 360-degree view of the island, the site will also feature interactive elements that will allow visitors to learn more about the history and culture of the island. Trodely Island is set to open in 2019 and is expected to be a hit with tourists and locals alike.


1.What Is Trodely Island?

Ans: Trodely Island is a digital destination that will offer its visitors an immersive experience. Utilising cutting-edge technology, the site will offer its visitors an aerial view of the island as well as interactive elements that will allow them to learn more about the history and culture of Kerala. The site is set to open in 2019 and is expected to be a hit with tourists and locals alike.

2.How Much Does It Cost To Visit Trodely Island?

Ans: Visitors will not have to pay any fees in order to access the site. However, they are encouraged to donate towards the development of Trodely Island.

3.What Are The Benefits Of Visiting Trodely Island?

Ans: The main benefit of visiting Trodely Island is that it will offer visitors an unparalleled experience. Utilising cutting-edge technology, the site will allow them to explore the island from all angles. Additionally, the site will feature interactive elements that will allow them to learn more about Kerala’s history and culture.

4.What Are The Ages Recommended For Visiting Trodely Island?

Ans: The site is not specifically designed for any specific age group, but it is generally recommended that children under the age of 12 should not visit. Older children and adults may find the site interesting as well.

5.Can I Visit Trodely Island If I Am Not A Resident Of Kerala?

Ans: Yes, visitors from all over the world are welcome to visit Trodely Island.

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