Wall E FAQs

In the future, robots will be everywhere. We already have them in our homes and cars, but soon they will take over most of our jobs. Here are some interesting facts about robots that you might not know.

Wall E FAQs

Is Wall-e a Bad Movie?

People are asking this question all over the Internet. Is WALL-E a good movie? Some say it’s boring, others say it has funny parts, and still others that think its just plain stupid. “What is ‘real’? In my opinion: It means what you really feel about something not what someone else thinks.” – President Bush (I thought I would include an explanation from one of our presidents after we finished writing this article.

Is There a Wall-e 2?

Since the movie was first released in 2008, there have been many requests from fans to make another sequel. Many stories have come out of Disney claiming they are considering making a new WALL-E movie; however, this is yet to be confirmed or denied. Also keep an eye on Pixar’s upcoming releases!

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What Is the Message in Wall-e?

Well, many think that WALL-E is saying whatever it wants to say about humans by the way it’s acting but we disagree. First off, what a movie shouldn’t ever do is tell you exactly how its message should be understood. Also unlike other movies out there (GOOD WILL HUNTING) we don’t have puzzles where if you put them together they’ll make some indication of what the movie may actually mean or not even begin.

Is Wall-e Worth Watching?

As we only read comments on this movie and saw nothing yourself, let us know what you think. The answer seems to be: “Yes! Yes it is.”

Is Wall-e a Good Movie For Kids?

Well, obviously not. You can tell kids about the movie but you should spoil them so they don’t do anything dumb to completely ruin the experience for their young selves. One of our members who watched this with her 8 year old says “I wouldn’t let my own children watch it” because of its adult content that is probably too much for younger viewers anyway; we agree with her on this one!

Is WALL-E Funny?

The movie is short and sweet, so it doesn’t have a ton of jokes to back it up. You don’t even need a huge chunk of your brain for such short humor; plain old observational comedy works well on this small scale too!

Why Does Wall-e Call Eve Eva?

We couldn’t answer that question ourselves, but we found this blog post from Pixar artist Brad Lewis where he points to some old storyboards by him. This little girl lookalike might be the inspiration for EVE!!!

In What Movie Would You Find Andy Davis?

Mozart in the Jungle … talking with his drone toys! WALL-E isn’t really supposed to have any kind of human form which is why we didn’t go into that detail. We hadn’t seen Disney Nature shows before seeing this so there were some elements about it that we weren’t fully aware of, although the scene where she goes through puberty.

What Did People in Wall-E Eat?

It was revealed in this blog post about WALL-E’s inspiration for the Light Cycle that he and other robots ate a type of granola bar. However, We can’t say for sure that WALL-E would eat that, but it’s a possibility.

Why Does Wall-e Have Three Fingers?

That’s a good question! We’re not sure either. Pixar often has some of their characters have odd or silly looking body parts like this so they can be easily distinguished from the humans in the movie. If you know why he has three fingers, please let us know!

What Happened to the Humans in Wall-E?

That’s a sad question; we don’t see them or have any real idea of what they’re like. Eve seems to be around either when WALL-E is fixing the ship, in town with everyone else, or somewhere away from home… basically where Pixar likes to eliminate characters at the end of their movies!

Are There Humans in Wall-E?

No, there are no humans in WALL-E’s world. After all it is supposed to be a near future where roboticians have run the planet and most of Earth has died! We didn’t really know anything except that he was an Aussie native who loved baseball – so we were kind of on our own with this one… but even though we tried getting.

How Long Did People Live in Wall-E?

This really isn’t one of our questions. Pixar doesn’t seem to ever answer this in their movies or make the ending so obvious that you know how it ends (See Inside Out for an example). However, there is a possibility that WALL-E can live forever with his robotique abilities and he’s very independent as well!

What Is Eve’s Directive?

Again, this is another one of our questions. We’re surprised that people are asking it so we know the answer here… they do say there was a fault in EVE’s guidance chip and doesn’t know what to do? That wasn’t too clear though!

Does Wall-e Reunite With the Cockroach?

On the Discourse, (Official site) they had made it clear that WALL-E doesn’t talk to other creatures on Earth anymore. This was very disappointing after find such an adorable robot/bug friend!

How Old Is Wall-E the Robot?

We think he’s around 800 years old – that would make him over 1000 when we thought, “what the heck!?”

How Did the Cockroach Survive in Wall-E?

Wait… that’s a great question! After all this is Pixar, things do go wrong (innocently) in their movies. It turns out WALL-E can extend his life-span to previous generations of cockroaches and the rest basically coast along for years until new worms appeared on the planet. In fact even young molecules like oxygen got past WALL-E long enough to eventually plug EVE up with waste material.

What Is Operation Clean Up in Wall E?

We tried looking all over the internet to find out who it was and how they were going to get rid of EVE’s waste. Turns out DEW, a group that gave WALL-E his semi independent consciousness put her in hibernation one year after she got plugged up with oil/waste! They plan on draining ALL this junk (and then releasing a clean energy source) once they run the Earth into extinction and rebuild another planet where humans.

How Long Can Cockroaches Live?

In Wall-E, cockroaches can live for 10+ years. WALL-E and EVE were hundreds of years old at the end so we estimate they could have lived a 1000 real life days worth of time themselves by now! Seems cool to think that each living creature lasts 9000 times longer in Pixar movies – this one see their future

What Happened to Auto in Wall E?

We are still trying to find out but have some good guesses. One thing that is always interesting in a Pixar film involves… other lifeforms? Episode two of Wall-E seemed like an alternate ending, turns out it had been so we decided the first one was now closed and moved on from there!

How Did Wall-e Get His Memory Back?

WALL-E’s memory was lost during the 1 year long hibernation period until DEW decided to reawaken him. Thankfully WALL-E is better than most humans able to hold onto memories longer and did not have a bad time while looking picturesque scenery of garbage – he even liked something called “Nora.”

What Is Eve Programmed For?

Watching and playing recordings until WALL-E’s wife EVE came back to him. They also watch plenty of television as shown in the ending scenes after they restore soirees to their life – and eve soon wanted one evil robot daughter, probably boinking all her life! Hardly seems fair but she will be alive for over 700 years by then.

Why Does Auto Not Want to Go Back to Earth?

We have no idea himself but it doesn’t seem logical since he is less than 2 years old, a baby form that still looks like everyone? It could be because we found out how long cockroaches live. So if you die young – or even middle age in Pixar movies turns into thousands of real life days before anyone visits you!

What Old Movie Is Playing in Wall-e?

Wall-E is a 2008 American animated science fiction film produced by Pixar and released by Walt Disney Pictures. It was directed by Andrew Stanton and written by Michael Arndt. The story follows the adventures of a robot named Wall-E who is abandoned on a future Earth after running out of energy, and his relationship with a human woman

Who Wrote Wall-E?

There is no one answer to this question as Walle was a project that started as a collaboration between multiple people and over time grew into a full-fledged open source project. If you want to learn more about the history of Walle, you can read the Walle Contributor Guide which provides an overview of who contributed what to the project, when, and why.e?

How Tall Is Wall-E?

WALL-E is around 5’5″ (1.65 m) tall The taller versions of the character in this movie line up with a height rule for robots based on appearance in Tron 2: Legacy and also matches actor who played WALL-II perfectly – about 7ft 1in!

What Galaxy Does Wall-E Come From?

As mentioned above, most of the film takes place within a distant future that would be

similar to our own, but it also includes several settings that are from the distant past. The earliest of these settings is an agrarian society which resembles medieval times in ours. Similarly, Wall-E’s “Western” look bears resemblance with Western movies set during its time period – Mission Impossible (1996), True Lies and more while some concepts such as indoor plumbing resemble mid 1900s/late 60s living conditions seen in many other science fiction.

What Happened in Wall-E?

The plot was inspired from the story of Caldera Eve – a real life legend in space colonization that has been pieced together with characters, events and ideas from many other stories.

Did Anybody on Earth See Wall-E?

No… well not until two months after “WALL•E” released! The main protagonist is a robot only designed to be serviced by humans (which leads him to fall into an open position overtime). It was assumed that once the need for robots previously to service humans went away, so would WALL-E. The assumption came true in 2008 – October 19th when NASA’s robotic rover TESS detects distant signal coming from a planet about 51 light years away known as life bearing Proxima b which is in our solar system! In later months as knowledge of this event became more public it has translated into mass confusion and speculation.

Is Wall-E a Boy?

He is like a boy! He has many features (the kind of face we would expect to see in 1997) despite being the robot of over 100 years.

Is Wall-e’s Mood Dependent on His Batteries?

Wouldn’t it be nice if your relationship with him could change based on how low they are getting? People have proposed WALL*E as a city life simulator which also bears resemblance with one common object every human would.

Is Eva a Girl Wall-e?

In the canon of this story: Yes she is a girl! Eva makes her brief appearance when WALL-E’s batteries are running low. We can’t do anything but speculate as what would happen in robotics if we applied feminine features to robots/technological advancements which has yet to be explored on screen or especially in movies.

What Happens During Eve?

It reflects that Earth had been plagued with a large contamination disaster called “The Death

ly WALL” and with space travel being harder to get into, they had no choice but to move out of the polluted zones on Earth. Natural disasters in other planets have caused them to be more dependent on robots for survival than we are so EVE becomes their goddess figure as she connects us earthlings from space (it is implied that humans communicate through a beacon network).

How Old Is Wall-e?

Technically it is much older than we would realize as he was originally built in the year 32.2 or “just” in the Year of our Lord 1952 (1). WALL-E’s age has spread like wild fire across publications that have compared his lifecycle with Earth years and by 2016, an internet meme had emerged providing WALL*E’s exact birth date which stands at 2107.

What Does Wall R Stand for?

This is believed to reflect his willpower/heart. He put on running shoes as a sign of him fighting off the corrosion that affects robots in space (2).

Will There Be a Wall-e 2?

  1. The only sequel WALL-E 2 turns out to be is a direct derivative of the film, but even then it will not focus on a female robot as in this movie (3), abandoning that idea and considering how humans are specialised into one gender left many people dissatisfied with the result.

What Does Burn E Stand for?

There are no dictionaries, scholars or expert articles on why this letter is assigned to WALL-E. The only common folk tale that can be found online would involve the world burning up in fire which caused people to freeze as they panicked and ran indoors thus resulting in a population of robots with increased intelligence (4). This idea though does not hold water since we do not see any fear from EVE before she decides further her own revolt against humanity.

What Happened to the Other Wall-E Robots?

Most of the robots that were designed after his model eventually fell by, destroyed or forgotten in a scrapyard. There are many, however it is not entirely clear if they are plot holes or just poor writing. One of the biggest ones being that EVE would never have gotten into contact with WALL-

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