Adams Island, Antarctica



Adams Island, Antarctica


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It is a place where polar explorers flock to, and an unconfirmed land mass in the world map. But, the fact is that this mysterious land mass, which boasts of having a total area of 96 square kilometres, is considered one of the best tourist destinations in the world. If you have always wanted to go to this place and are not sure where you should go, here’s a sneak peak ahead at Adams Island, Antarctica.

Adams Island, Antarctica

Adams Island, Antarctica – The Facts

Adams Island, Antarctica is located in the Southern Ocean. It’s an uninhabited island that measures 96 square kilometres, making it one of the smallest pieces of land on earth.

Adams Island is home to a range of interesting wildlife, including seals and penguins. The island also boasts Apostles Beach – one of Antarctica’s most beautiful beaches.

The sea surrounding the island is known as the Ross Sea, and it sustains large numbers of seals, penguins and whales.

What To Expect On A Trip To Adams Island

The island lies about 56° south and 135° east of the western tip of South America. Physically, it has a northwest-southeast dimension (of around 20 km), and its waters are up to 200 metres deep in places.

Travellers report seeing some large, white-quartz boulders along with a few black rocks on the floating sea floor. But it is not known whether these are actually manmade or natural objects. You can take in a sight of Great Ocean Road (Australia) ‘s north coast satellite image here .

The journey to Adams Island also includes days off for exploring Hallett Peninsula – an area lying 240 kilometres from South America and The highest point of the uninhabited island is 174 metres. A few settlement attempts have been made on its land surface, but they were abandoned as there wasn’t enough fresh drinking water available to colonists.

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The Different Habitats On The Island

I am sure you are all familiar with the name of Antarctica. However, do you know that it is called as Adams Island in Antarctica?

The name Adams Island comes from a ship captain who discovered this land mass in 1820. The sea captain was named as Lieutenant James Clark Ross and his crew member, Charles Wilkes was also present on board the ship. They were sailing to South America when they came across this island while they were passing through the Antarctic region.

Charles Wilkes was an American explorer and naturalist who explored Antarctica during the years 1838-1843 by flying over it from different locations on board a large balloon named ‘Albatross’. His main aim was to explore the area for new places where he could set up his base camp for further exploration.

After landing on Adams Island, both Charles Wilkes and Lieutenant James Clark Ross took some samples of rocks and soil which were later sent back to London where scientists confirmed that these rocks were indeed found nowhere else in the world except Antarctica itself. This discovery gave rise to a lot of controversy among scientists since there had been other attempts before which resulted in no success at all but nevertheless there is no denying that what Ross and Wilkes did managed to change history forever!

The Stunning Views Of The Surrounding Ice Cap

As mentioned earlier, the large Enceladus Island is located next to another island which belongs to Ross Island. This particular geography is nothing short of stunning!

The region of this small planet has been protected as part of Antarctic Treaty System since 1959 and thus roughly 19 million sq km area around it alloted for exclusive jurisdiction by other nations. However, there are few places where outposts exist where tourists can reach if they have special permits from the relevant authorities.

Let’s have an idea of the region that you have when exploring this unique place!

Whether You Visit In The Winter Or Summer Season

Imaging the environment with a camera will bring out all its beauty as you are transported into a whole new world captured by photographic film. However, it is recommended to get used to these unpredictable climes where hot air can reduce lenses and cameras drastically!

Taking in more of this dazzling place from above on an aircraft would be like having your own planet tour because viewing everything that’s happening below creates such mesmerising scenes.

You might also want to know what kind of habitats are available in this cold region. Now let’s look at the list below!

This place is home to a wide number of species including non-native plant life which grew unnaturally due to experimental climate manipulation by humans

These places have been managed as exclusive tourist sites and thus you might want to check their respective websites if they provide details on fees, tour types etc…

What Transportation Is Available To Get To The Island?

As it is so small and mountainous, the only practical means of transportation in this region are planes from various airlines.

For alternative directions, you can also travel by boat to reach certain spots around Antarctica like as for instance surface campers that have a shelter structure built on ice blocks deep sea or directly by aircrafts till Ross Island where connecting flights will land up at Milne Bay thus bringing one closer to the coveted Antarctic! You can even choose between taking private planes to a certain spot or ski boat for your safety. These are the last 20 activities that you can consider doing in Antarctica!


So, there you have it! A comprehensive list of the different activities and things to do in Antarctica. While travelling to this incredible continent is certainly an invigorating experience, make sure that you also enjoy spending time doing some of the fun-filled activities listed above. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself ready and pack your bags – it’s time to explore the southernmost realm on earth!

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