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Agnes Island


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Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one place in the world that you could wear another version of your personality and it would no longer be a big deal? Well, now imagine an island that allows you to wear whatever it is that you want, whenever you want.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, Agnes Island is just that. This little spec in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean grants its residents the freedom to do whatever they want, no matter how outlandish.

Agnes Island


Agnes Island first came into existence in the early 1800s when a group of religious women set out to create their own utopia. They were looking for a place where they could be free from societal norms, and so Agnes Island was born. Today, it is still home to a small group of nuns who live there year-round.

How It Works

Agnes Island operates under the principle that everyone is allowed to do what they want


Agnes Island Climate

Since Agnes Island is located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, it experiences a wide range of climates. From hot and humid summers to bitterly cold winters, everyone on Agnes Island is free to live according to their own passions. Food

Recently, there has been some controversy surrounding the type of food that will be served on Agnes Island. The nuns who run this tiny island say pigs are absolutely forbidden and also claim to eat fish only every so often. However, do not believe everything you read in these reports from local news outlets! There is no way anyone can stay healthy on a diet consisting entirely of seafood.


Agnes Island Culture

The culture on Agnes Island is largely based around the Catholic faith. There are occasional religious ceremonies, but the majority of daily life is focused around working and relaxing.

What You Will Need

To be a resident of Agnes Island, you will need to have a passport from one of the fifty countries that participates in the European Union or EEA. This means that anyone from anywhere in Europe can apply for residency on this unique island.


Since it is an independent island, Agnes Island operates under its own set of laws. This means that the inhabitants are free to practice their religion and live according to their own personal beliefs.


Since this island is located in the middle of the ocean, there is always a risk that something could happen while you’re on Agnes Island. However, as long as you take sensible precautions (such as sticking to established paths), your stay should

Government Services

There are no government services available on Agnes Island. Residents must rely on themselves to provide all of their needs, including food, water, and shelter.


The weather in the surrounding waters can be rough at times, but temperatures typically range from mild summers to bitterly cold winters.


There is currently no tourism on Agnes Island. This could change in the future, but for now, visitors are only allowed to stay on the island for a limited period of time. Work

There are no regular job opportunities on this island. Your duty will be to provide yourself with all of the resources that you need to live, and helping out when they aren’t enough is the perfect way to earn your living here. However, there may be a small impact on Agnes Island if Romania changes their laws regarding employment restrictions for foreigners (Greek-owned companies have been struggling since December 2015 due to labor troubles)


There is no regular transport available on Agnes Island. You will need to either hire a boat or arrange for a transport service through someone else. This can be tricky if you don’t speak the local language.

Water supply and sewage

There is no water supply on Agnes Island. Residents must bring their own drinking water and wastewater to the island, as there are neither sewers nor refuse systems available here. You will also have to look after all of your waste clean-up yourself.


There is no regular cuisine on Agnes Island. You will need to bring all of your food and cooking supplies with you, and make do with the local ingredients that are available. Food quality may vary depending on individual tastes.

Saddles and harnesses for transportable livestock (eg: ponies) are available from the farmer near the overlook, click here . She will also provide various other foodstuffs if you have them in stock. The rest of your resources must be gathered locally, around town or further afield on Agnes Island. Nuts, berries and roots can be dug up nearby or harvested next door


There is a fair amount of wildlife on Agnes Island, ranging from birds to deer. However, due to the lack of regular transport and food supplies, it’s important not to get too wrapped up in it all and overexpose yourself. Keep your eyes open for new opportunities around town and be willing to take risks if necessary .

What to bring with you on Agnes Island*

New player supplies checklist for mainland  Residents living at lower elevations and closer in need of additional supplies can click here . Sources, guides and equipment may be hard to find off-island, which is why this page exists. None of these are mandatory or essential items. The only thing required will be the starting basic box – mostly foodstuffs (candy bars), a day


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What Is Agnes Island?

Agnes Island is a private sub-island within the Central Region of Iceland. This region borders the Westfjords and Heidrun (aka Vatnsdalshn). Agnes’s exact location can be found using Google Maps, see below:

How to get there?

The quickest way to reach Agnehúsið – as mentioned above, you would much want it near lakes Þingvallavat

Are There Any Restaurants Or Other Food Service Providers On Agnes Island?

No. However, you would still find some snacks in the supermarket on shore at Pelagið

What animals are there on Agnes Island?

There are none apart from dogs (which have been trained not to attack people) and seagulls/fishermen’s cats​ . As for other wild species that don’t attack humans or start tugging your sleeve: deer, reindeer , eagle, puffin!! all these were

What Are Some Of The Things To Do In The Area Around Agnes Island That You Should Know About Before Going There For Vacation, Such As: Swimming, Fishing, Hiking, Boating, Etc.?

You would find plenty of water sports like swimming, sailing and boating in Pelagið. You can also fish (for salmon especially) or hunt birds & waterfowls on shore within the region​

Is There A Hotel Or Other Lodging Available On Agnes Island?

No. However, you would find some accommodation services in the area nearby Nestinn (formerly named Pleasing Palace hotel) or on shore within the region​

How Did Agnes Island Get Its Name?

Legend has it that Agnes was the daughter of a Norse chieftain and an Irish maid. One day, when she was bathing in Þingvallavatr, she fell into the water unconscious. A eagle saw her on the ground and flew over to fetch her with its talons outstretched​

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