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Aitcho Islands


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If you are not just a flâneur and not just a tourist, but also a lover of adventurous itineraries, the Aitcho Islands may be the next destination on your list. Aitcho is a private island located in the Indian Ocean surrounded by the stunningly beautiful Maldives. It is owned by J.J. George and stands on three interconnected coral islands, which are smaller in size compared to the larger ones. The clusters of islands provide seclusion for tourists who wish to escape the bustle of the metros and enjoy their vacation without having to leave their comfort zones.

Aitcho Islands

What are the Aitcho Islands?

Aitcho Island is an archipelago located 1,000 kilometres off the east coast of India and about 4A4 hours away from Male on a direct flight. It lies in the Indian Ocean between Kuda Huvadhoo and Dhaalu Atoll that are part of Maldives. The islands can be reached via long-tail boats or private yachts .

Starting point: To reach Aitcho you need to get to Mahaleti Island first. The boats, both long-tail and yachts leave from the pier of Hulhule on many services daily at 9 am sharp (local time), while you can book a charter in private form with your own boat only 4 days before departure per day to 58 USD (minimum three persons) or 80 USD for bigger groups of six people. After having visited the islands by water, we then started using the long tail boats from Anantaf until Aitutaki, upon reaching the islands. Only then we discovered that these boats were travelling in pairs and not individually as previously mentioned

Picture of Coral Gardens on Lohifushi Island: Hulhule pier Departure times: We departed for our trip at midday with a 7 am boat to get to Ainaroge island where lunch would be served before going everywhere else . The last departure of the day was at 9 pm local time and needed to be onsite before 2 pm. It seems that getting a place in any of these boats is easier if you have your own boat (private charter) as long-tail booking are booked right after departure..

How can I get to the Aitcho Islands?

Meals: There are several restaurants on Aitutaki, Hulhule and Anantaf islands, the one serving lunch was of the best quality while we had great time at Alone ny Bee in Mahaletei. Many people prefer to have breakfast together with their boats crew before starting a short dive around Ainaroge or Aitcho archipelago after which they head south to Maamigili Island for an overnight luxury stay in a bungalow, plenty of time to go snorkeling during the day before arrival on Aitutaki at sunset. I shared my breakfast with Chef (Eugene), Amaty who had been fishing here and all his family members for many years since this is a nice place where few people want to disturb you from your peace

Ainaroge island: Lunch on Ainaroge Island Beach access looking towards Aitutaki island (from the lagoon of Anauroch): Ainaroge to Hulhule Beach access: Lunch on Baa Atoll made by Chef in a good traditional style thanks to his many years living here. The food and ambiance are really awesome making you feel comfortable at home, perfect for couple or groups that love swimming and having fun together.

What is there to do on the Aitcho Islands?

Hulhule island: Lunch and dinner on Hulhule Island Camping in Ainaroge village access to the beach in front of our bungalow Baa Atoll lagoon. On this day, you are allowed to stay for up to 1 night only (if 2 nights requested prior booking confirmation)

Aitutaki resort area: Meanwhile camping at Speka but purely optional unless you wish so! With a nice lagoon area, plenty of free parking and very private. Dining/tourism at the Resort: Adam’s Restaurant Waterfront for lunch People enjoying a ice cream on Aitutaki island dance lesson at end of dinner

Food recommendations – What to eat?  Here you can find all suggested foods that we had on daily bases in order to get good fullness before snorkeling some day while having peace, quiet and beautiful

Where can I stay on the Aitcho Islands?

Guest houses: There are 2 recommendations from our guests to choose.

I stayed in the bungalow of Sara when she came for a few days on her Hawiian Vacation and I could feel good about this place, it does what is promised being close enough to get quick access by boat or speedboat overnight before boarding time ). So the next day (that start at 6am) going with another couple that prefer Blue Water Biking so I visit the shop of “Blue Water Bikes” to get my bike.

I just wanted to say that this company has been supporting us for a long time now with our trips and tour packages adapt its bikes to people’s need based on what you are doing in your trip, very specific so thanks again guys! + more info in the comment section below. I’m already used by many bikers from around Aitutaki Thanks Fanu

What are some of the best activities to do on the Aitcho Islands?

Scuba Diving! I can totally recommend this as a short but at least for half-day trip (morning entry typically and some nice dive sites such highlight being the seahorses, black spot and jellyfin). Packages from Gordon Holmes Dive:

PartyDIVING…what? Dancing under water with your whole group of friends   New in 2016 – My friends got to experience the night dive directly from their bungalow. The package is safe and the crew are all very friendly but don’t expect too much of a party, it’s for newbies or people who don’t want to spend long at the resort.

– My friends got to experience the night dive directly from their bungalow. The package is safe and the crew are all very friendly but don’t expect too much of a party, it’s for newbies or people who don’t want to spend long at the resort. Paramotoring  – The local company, Cycle Tairua was setting up a new winged vehicles in 2016 that looked SO COOL!!! However they had stopped operations until mid 2017 after an accident when a regular customer damaged their trike on another plane and vandalised their equipment…pretty unfortunate! Aitutaki is an island of pure paradise but it can be tricky to find places to enjoy the beauty if you


Basically, what we can advise you is to simply enjoy the island life by doing some swimming and sunbathing during the day while at sunset enjoying a night of relaxation listening to sound of waves. And if you like travelling, feel free to visit different places around Aitutaki Group Islands as there are many possibilities with boats or planes depending on your interests.

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