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Akutan Island


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Akutan Island is a tiny speck of land situated in the eastern Caribbean Sea. It’s a national park that covers an area of just 1.2 square kilometres, making it one of the smallest national parks in the world. The island is made up of coral reefs, mangroves, and limestone cliffs. Akutan is also home to a number of rare and endangered species of plants and animals, including the Akutan monkey, the mahogany anteater, and the golden eagle.

Akutan Island


Akutan Island was first settled by the islanders in the 1800s, who used it as a cattle ranch. But the island’s most famous resident is probably Akutan monkey, which was first introduced to the island in 1902. Today, there are around 150 of these monkeys living on the island – making it one of only two places in the world where they can be found.

The national park covers just 1.2 square kilometres, so you’ll need to take care when visiting Akutan Island if you want to see everything that it has to offer! Akutan Island is accessible by ferry from Adak Island on the west side of the Aleutian Chain. The 24-hour ferry, Aktayna (www.ktaynaeritrea.com), costs just US$40 per person and runs three times a week in summer – but only twice a week during other months except December 1 to March 15 when it goes five days out of seven each way, run midmorning daily with lunch and early evening departures at 11:30am Monday through Thursday excluding holidays and weekends where boarding begins as soon as all bags have been brought aboard.

There is a smaller ferris wheel next to the ferry terminal on Adak; you may be able to find one of these for less than $50 if someone else plans ahead and books it, but we recommend arriving early in order not to miss your ride due to traffic near the harbor or docks. It’s significantly more expensive (though still very reasonable) on Aktayna – while they don’t have transportation between airports, they do give discounts if guests buy roundtrip tickets before departing. If that isn’t an option or worthwhile given cost concerns when travelling with a stroller, Amtrak Alaska runs a train from Anchorage to Adak on the rare period when it stops there.

The one-way cost is US$71, but you pay only $14 each way if booking ahead . You can also walk across the ferry dock and meet people in line who are riding by golf cart; just ask for help at the vehicle check-in as soon as your group has boarded so that they’ll have time for you!


Akutan is tropical in the summer with average high temperatures of 80 degrees Farenheit and lows of 50 degrees, but it also has cold weather during the winter months averaging about 47 degrees Farenheit. Akutan experiences a great deal of rainfall throughout the year – from a low of just over 20 inches to as much as 114 inches annually – so pack your raincoat! The island’s two main towns are small enough that you can explore them both on foot, though if you have any mobility issues or don’t feel like exerting yourself there’s usually someone who will be happy to help carry your purchases to and from cars along the roadways.

The village on Akutan most likely has a health center or hospital (but who knows, there might not be any) for minor ailments or first aid; please consult your doctor before embarking on such travel in case you have an ongoing condition that requires additional monitoring during this time of year, but at least one clinic is certainly available if necessary.

The weather phenomena will also affect whether it’s safe enough to access water sources – some areas won’t supply you with much due to rainfalls while others may only provide minimal amounts because swarms of mosquitoes are covering the area – so you should always bring with you plenty of drinking water.


Akutan is the most isolated island in the Aleutians archipelago, and therefore has a unique culture that’s quite different from what you’ll find on mainland Alaska. The inhabitants of Akutan are generally subsistence hunters and gatherers who only use a small number of plants that they grow themselves or get from trade with other islands.

As such, their cuisine isn’t as varied or sophisticated as what you may find elsewhere in the US – though there are some local specialties worth trying, like yushka (a type of stew) madefrom caribou or sealskin, or cheese and salmon – but they are still unique to Akutan, which makes them a tourist attraction in their own right.


The government of Akutan is a monarchy, and the current monarch is Queen Esther Kujau. The island has no postal or telephone services, so if you need to send or receive mail, please bring whatever supplies you’ll need with you when travelling here – there’s not going to be any post office on the island!

Akutan isn’t part of the US mainland, but it does have its own currency – the akutan dollar. You won’t find many places in Akutan wherecurrency exchange is available (or even allowed), so make sure that you have enough akutans when you travel here.

Landscape and Geography of Akutan – Accessible features on the island include a lighthouse, abandoned buildings from World War II harbour infrastructure and some protected areas, including a ‘reef’ area for collecting shellfish that protect all marine life in exchange for payment (responsible fishermen have been told not to fish there).

Government services

There aren’t any government services available on Akutan, so if you need to get a passport or driver’s licence, you’ll have to bring whatever supplies you’ll need with you.

Akutan is also outside of the US mainland and doesn’t have any emergency services. If something happens that requires evacuation or help from authorities, people on the island will have to travel out to Anchorage (a two-hour ferry ride) or Jerome Island (a four-hour ferry ride) in order not be cut off from the rest of the world.


Akutan is a small, isolated island that’s become a popular tourist destination due to its beauty and the fact that it’s inaccessible from the mainland. Visitors can explore the island by foot or by boat, and there are several places where they can go hiking or fishing.


Akutan Island is an uninhabited island located in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. The island is a popular tourist destination due to its rugged, natural landscape, as well as its wildlife. It is also the site of a United States Air Force base and a Coast Guard station.


What Is The Legal Status Of Akutan Island?

Akutan island is a national park that was established in 1968. It is managed by the National Park Service and falls under the jurisdiction of the United States Department of Interior.

How Large Is Akutan Island?

Akutan island covers an area of just 1.2 square kilometres, making it one of the smallest national parks in the world.

What Kind Of Wildlife Can I Expect To See On Akutan Island?

The island hosts a wide variety of wildlife, including pygmy goats, golden e agles, hawks, and sea lion. In the intertidal zone are some of America’s rarest plants like colima angustifolia (a small red alga) and cryptophyllum richardsonii (a tiny crassulacean). Amongst the birds there is a diverse range including bald eagles, peregrine falcons, snowy owls, loons.

What Types Of Vegetation Does Akutan Island Have?

There is a great deal of diversity in plant life on Akutan island with over 1 million different species present . The island supports a great range of forest types from coniferous to deciduous but is particularly unique for being one of very few places on earth that has an ecosystem dominated by heath tundra.

How Does Akutan Island Compare With Other Alaskan Islands?

Akutan island boasts low levels and some truly incredible variation in plant species, animal life (including reptiles such as the Barren-ground lizard and raccoons), threatened birds such as Alaska’s piping plover, bald eagles and peregrine falcons; marine wildlife including whales and sea lions, and a truly distinctive ecosystem.

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