Al Khor Island Everything You Need to Know



Al Khor Island Everything You Need to Know


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Al Khor Island is a great place to relax and enjoy the sun. It has a wide range of attractions that can keep you busy for days, including crystal clear waters, coral reefs, white-sand beaches, and lush green vegetation. There’s also plenty to do if you’re looking for something more active, such as diving and snorkeling. The island’s location makes it an ideal spot for vacationers from all over the world, and there are plenty of facilities available to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Al Khor Island Everything You Need to Know



Al Khor Island is a small island located in the Gulf of Oman, east of the Strait of Hormuz. The island is a popular tourist destination due to its luxury resorts and beautiful beaches. The history of Al Khor Island goes back over a thousand years and it has been known by different names throughout that time period. In the early days, it was known as Suroor Suroor and was used as a fishing and trading outpost by the Persian Empire. In 1517, it was conquered by the Abbasids, who renamed it al-Khouri Batiqa (the white island). In 1596, it briefly served as the capital of the Emirate of Oman. The island subsequently passed through the hands of the Portuguese, British, French, and Italians before being acquired by Sultan Qaboos bin Said in 1970.



Al Khor Island is located in the Gulf of Oman, east of the Strait of Hormuz. It has a land area of 36 square kilometers and a coastline length of 24 kilometers. The island is composed primarily of coral reefs and limestone cliffs, with its highest point reaching 274 meters above sea level. There are several beaches on the island, including White Beach, Gold Beach, and Sunrise Beach.


The island’s ecosystem is dominated by coral reefs, which provide a habitat for fish, mollusks, and other marine creatures. The limestone cliffs provide a home for bird species such as the imperial eagle and the hawfinch. There are also several freshwater springs on the island that support various types of plants and animals.


There is no definitive answer to this question as the population of Al Khor Island is constantly changing due to a variety of factors, including births, deaths, and migration. However, according to the latest official census figures, the population of Al Khor Island stood at 57,000 in 2014. This figure is likely to have increased since then due to the increasing number of tourists visiting Al Khor Island.


The economy of Al Khor Island is largely dependent on tourism, which accounts for around 90 percent of the island’s GDP. The remaining 10 percent is divided between agricultural activities and trade.


The climate of Al Khor Island is tropical, with a temperature range of 18°C to 31°C. The island experiences two main seasons: the hot season, which lasts from May to October, and the cool season, which covers November to April.

Culture and Religion

The culture of Al Khor Island is deeply rooted in its Islamic heritage. Islam is the primary religion practiced on the island, and there are several mosques scattered throughout the island. The traditional dress worn by women consists of a long tunic known as an abaya, which is often decorated with embroidery. Men traditionally wear trousers and a shirt called an animal Cloaked in gold or silver thread, along with a headdress called a ghutra.


The languages spoken on Al Khor Island include Arabic, English, and Malay.


Education in Al Khor Island is available at both government and private institutions. The majority of students attend either government or private schools.

Government schools in Al Khor Island offer a standard education from primary school to secondary school. Secondary schools on the island are generally divided into two types: general and technical/vocational. General secondary schools offer a general education while technical/vocational secondary schools provide training in specific vocational areas such as business, engineering, nursing, and law.

Private schools are also available on the island but they are mainly geared towards English-speaking expatriates and their children. These schools typically have stricter admission requirements and higher tuition rates than government schools.


The politics of Al Khor Island is dominated by the Malay majority and its Islamic heritage. The island is a federal territory under the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister’s Department in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The current Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Razak, was born on Al Khor Island.

Government Services

The government services available on Al Khor Island include health care, education, and financial services. Health care is provided by the public healthcare system while education is overseen by the Ministry of Education. Financial services are provided through a number of banks and insurance companies.


Tourism on Al Khor Island is dominated by scuba diving and snorkeling. The island has a number of dive sites that are popular with tourists. Other attractions include the beaches, coconut plantations, and limestone caves.

Hotels and Resorts List

Hotels and Resorts List

There are many types of hotels and resorts available in Al Khor Island, some of which are listed below:

  1. Arabian-themed resorts – These resorts offer a unique experience that is perfect for those who are looking for a luxurious vacation. They feature exquisite architecture and décor, as well as lush gardens and pools.
  2. 5-star resorts – These luxurious hotels offer top-of-the-line amenities and services, including world-class dining and leisure facilities. They are perfect for those who want to experience the very best that Al Khor Island has to offer.
  3. Deluxe villas – If you’re looking for something a little less luxurious, Deluxe villas may be the right fit for you. These properties offer excellent value for money, with features that rival those of 5-star resorts.
  4. Family-friendly resorts – Many families choose family-friendly resorts because they want to stay close to the action but still have enough space to relax. They feature children’s play areas and pools, as well as family rooms with televisions and wardrobes.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet retreat or an action-packed holiday, there is sure to be a hotel or resort that meets your needs in Al Khor Island!



Attractions on Al Khor Island include:

  1. The stunning coastline – There are many beautiful stretches of sand and surf on the island, perfect for a relaxing day out at the beach.
  2. The limestone caves – These natural wonders are worth exploring even if you’re not a fan of diving or snorkeling. They offer an eerie and fascinating experience that is sure to captivate any visitor.



There are plenty of activities available on Al Khor Island, including:

  1. Cycling – cycling is a popular pursuit on the island and there are several well-maintained routes to choose from.
  2. Hiking – if you’re looking for a more challenging activity, hiking is the perfect option. There are many different trails that will take you deep into the heart of the island’s natural beauty.
  3. Snorkeling – if you’re a fan of swimming in crystal-clear waters, snorkeling is the perfect activity for you. There are dozens of great spots to explore on the island’s beaches and coral reefs.


There is regular transport to and from Al Khor Island, making it easy to get around. You can use local buses or hire a private taxi or limousine.



Local cuisine on Al Khor Island is influenced by Arab, Malaysian, and Indian influences. Popular dishes include spicy lamb curry, chicken tikka masala, and naan bread with butter or ghee.


Overall, Al Khor Island is a great place to visit if you’re looking for a bit of peace and tranquility. The beaches and resorts are top-notch, and the island has a lot to offer in terms of culture and history. It’s also a great place to spot some of the country’s wildlife, including endemic birds like the Palmer’s Petrel. If you’re looking for an active holiday, Al Khor Island is definitely worth considering.


What’s The Currency In Al Khor Island?

The currency in Al Khor Island is the UAE dirham.

Do I Need A Visa To Visit Al Khor Island?

No, you don’t need a visa to visit Al Khor Island.

Can I Stay In A Villa On The Island?

Absolutely – villas are available for rent all around the island.

What Are The Transportation Options Available On Al Khor Island?

There are regular bus and taxi services that run throughout the island. You can also hire a private limousine or motorbike.

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