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Alamode Island


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The majestic yet, one and only Alamode Island set in the picturesque Lethe River of Cambodia is a paradise for forest lovers and adventure seekers alike. The island is rich in flora and fauna, while still bearing a lot of unexplored areas as well as numerous natural treasures.

Alamode Island

What Is The Island Named After?

What Is The Island Named After?

The history of this mysterious and unexplored island began in 1620 when a French Japanese owned land called ‘Isla Alamode’ was sold to Thomas Thivierrry. His family, the Tuiverries still owns today part of the island which they used as their primary plantation storehouse while keeping some agricultural plantations elsewhere in Cambodia.

The predominant plants on isle are rubber trees ( Hevea brasiliensis) imported from Malaysia and Chinese trees ( Cedrus Deodar, Cinnamomum camphora L. & Syzygium aromatico). At the time rubber trees were highly sought after as an important export product of Cambodia and it’s abundant large amount during this period where is source grow abundantly on hands since its importation from Malaysia in 1620 .

The island served as a major transportation hub for agricultural goods between Hong Kong International Airport to Phnom Pen.

How Long Has It Been Known To Humans?

How Long Has It Been Known To Humans

Much of the history behind this island has not been researched and discoverd but for centuries, there has been a spiritual tie with people in Cambodia when making offerings to their ancestors at famillies shrines by burning incense sticks into sacred rivers. In temples which are built on rivers it is believed that over generations, items were buried or placed into the river after being deified before they ascend back up to heaven ( Angkor)

The Say Palom. A temple used by the Khmer people since at least the 11th century, once stored many royal statues and inscriptions that have been destroyed during cultural collapse of Cambodia in 1975 due to war as well as being moved around during shifting historical eras.

The Say Naratfah Shrine is situated on a river behind Angkor Thom , which some hold were two dynasties built upon this site from where both China’s Han.

What Kind Of Landmass Is Alamode Island Made Up Of?

What Kind Of Landmass Is Alamode Island Made Up Of?

Alamod Island which is known as Somakong in Khmer language. Making Alamode a floating island and is atualy located over A-24 highway near Cambodia International Airport, Siem Reap (Kampot) for tourists to explore if arriving from the west by land several go here to see what it’s like with equatorial rainforest weathering some borders towparched sections of dense forest trees on upper terrace was marked where villages once stood who built their homes with white sand inbetween.

Map shows this was a historical site dating back to Ancient Times when Cambodia was occupied by Chaturya (Kampuchea) Kingdom

Who called the island, Alamod?

Who speaks today allong the Northeastern Khmer people, they name it because in olden times there were Saovaja groups or heroes on that landform islands of Adjanok Island which

What Are Some Of The Natural Attractions Of The Island?

What Are Some Of The Natural Attractions Of The Island

Alamode Island is home to various types of animals, the most prominent being the white faced Greater Adjutant Stork. Large numbers can often be observed on small wooden or stone structures into which they dive for food and water at times during duck season in winter when it rains (our last visit was around 5″. NOTE: August-April prime nesting time is not until May-June.)

I got a copy of The Top Tips from a park ranger’s bus. What is an island? A peninsula or a piece of land surrounded by water

Easily accessible from the port no boats to use as they are abandoned lying in remnants and old vehicles here like ancient Buddhas on display made of white sand material which I photographed them with my Sony Cybershot camera, afterwards but was stolen earlier so open vehicle shutters not that easy to get used too.. Visited briefly after 9 am one morning at dawn I was considering going to a ruin site related

You can reach this Island when?

A four wheel drive is needed, you pass the village of Kaoh Thlaing and come right up along the very gently sloping bank. it’s an easy walk however if your in doubt just obtain information or ask local people as many passes on what does happen here after about 5am before sunrise early May-September) so.

What Kind Of Climate Does The Island Have?

What kind of climate does the island have?

Good, not too dry! during hot season you are only able to relax if your prepared.

is the island suitable for other activities?

Yes swimming and taking pictures is enough knowing that most of the village has been deserted also a great place especially after being looted by either locals or low chance foreigners since many years ago often in groups which makes it hard for trust however I say try this destination when visiting Cambodia despite what some think about thieves here.


The island is a great place for relaxation and sightseeing, with swimming and photography being the main activities. It is worth visiting even if you are not especially interested in archaeology or ruins as this location provides an interesting contrast to the typical tourist destinations found in Cambodia.


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2.Is It Safe To Visit Alamode Island?

Ans: Alamode Island is an amazing place to visit, and there is no reason to be afraid! The island is located off the coast of Puerto Rico, and it is known for its pristine, unspoiled nature. It is a tourist destination primarily known for its beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters. Additionally, the island is home to a variety of wildlife including alligator, hawks, and snakes.

There are a few things to keep in mind when visiting Alamode Island. First and foremost, be sure to take precautions against Zika virus. The virus can be spread through mosquito bites, so it is important to use insect repellent and avoid being in close contact with mosquitoes. Second, make sure to drink plenty of fluids and avoid overexerting yourself. Finally, be aware of the local customs and dress appropriately for the weather. When visiting Alamode Island, make sure to enjoy every minute!

3.Where Is Alamode Island Located?

Ans: Alamode Island is located in the eastern Caribbean Sea, southeast of the Dominican Republic. It is part of the Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, and Saba archipelago and is part of the Netherlands Antilles.

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