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Alexander Island


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You may be familiar with the island named “Alexander” or “Alexander the Great” in India. This small island, situated off the coast near Kolkata, has its own interesting story to tell. It was discovered back in 1789 by the British Navy’s Cadet Alexander Pennycuick during his training in England.

He named the mainland Kalikata “East Alexander” and the islands including Alexander Island, West Alexander and East Alexander. But does that mean that this small island is actually “East” Alexander? It’s possible, but not likely! There was not a single reference made about an island on Alexander’s map.

All About Of Alexander Island

Alexander Island

What is Alexander Island?

What is Alexander Island?

Alexander Island is an uninhabited island grounded off the coast of West Bengal in India. The island has been named after Alexander Pennycuick (1810–84), a British Royal Naval cadet on training to become an officer and achieved the rank of Captain at seniority from 1852–78, who was stationed with HMS “Hawke” as surveyor’s assistant during 1789. It lies east of Kalikata Bay near K olkata and has a population of only 2 people.

One romantic house has been built on the island, but it is not maintained properly and can’t be occupied by its visitors. Unfortunately, visitors are not allowed to land on the island.

Some people believe that Alexander Pennycuick was negligent while surveying the shore and he accidentally dropped his notebook and lost it in deep waters. So he named this island after himself which is totally insane! We know you will ask: “What about those exceptional contacts by Alexander of Macedon?” Or what about Philips who came along with MediterraneanAlexander? Are there any unanswered questions related to His.

Who discovered Alexander Island?

Who discovered Alexander Island?

In 1769, a ship was released by the British East India Company with an official letter requesting permission to explore and try fishing at places of their choice. The ship’s captain John Price took along some sailors in search for new/unknown areas to hunt near West Bengal coast.

Mr Laurie Evans (Captain Price’s stepfather) guided them from Calcutta till Dundive Bay on 8 February 1810 until they reached Talgarhoi Bay . The crew and the ship were then heading to Cooch Behar.

On March 31, they reached Chilka Island , which was covered by dense fog in lower part of its island. Evans understood that this is a good spot for anchoring (“sighting” would be too hopeful). Price ordered Ross locally known as Koch at 6ft 7inches (1,93 m) local Bengali to climb up with his telescope and take out.

What was the name of the island before it was named Alexander?

What was the name of the island before it was named Alexander?

Anjuman Island and Verdi Behari Kuchi (literally meaning ‘island of Alexander’) were the main two names at that time.

How it happened? What was the implication in those days?

It would be wrong to think this way; “Oh! It’s just a name given by someone who dropped his notebook while exploring.” The existence of some writings is also reliable because Price obtained them after sometime from Koch on Ch ilka Island.

“The name is still represented in the maps of Bengal, which have been published since that time.” There was a prominent Kuchi family from Cooch Behar who used to travel often between Calcutta and Chilika . And due to their prosperous nature – probably more than usual for Kuchis – had links with western countries for long years earlier than 1769. Let’s just say Koch-Kathi Kalan

How did Cadet Alexander Pennycuick get to know about the island?

Chilaj & Taprohh, who were the local boat people of Chilika , told Pennycuick about it too. When he reached Calcutta and discussed the idea with Captain Price, they both agreed that this location is a good spot for anchoring due to its silent waters (high tide does not surround him like a wall), dense fog in lower part at some times and landing them quickly when needed etc.

They also understood it was a safe place to be in. You know the story of ‘Swayne’s Shipwreck’ outside Neoguri Island very well I think – . If you have inspiration, but can’t put up your book without the feedback from readers (preferably 5+ stars), please write to me on [ mob:@.

Why did he name the island after himself?

Kanthi Kalan (or Kant Khul Pukhuri or Kanchilapuram) may be named after him because he was the first ever who wrote down his name in this place, though there are some who think it’s a renamed place of Koch-kathi kalan i.e., to derive an adjective from “Cadet” [meaning – Unruly].

You know, Cadet Pennycuick wasn’t dying out of love or passion for Chilika – he died instead because he didn’t have the desire to stay where his parents had chosen and not possible do anything other than reading. He wrote “I shall never tell a living soul that I am in Chilika: (“this is my last will; see you at home”)”. This statement reveals very

What is the story of Alexander Island’s discovery?

This is the legendary story… It turns out, Cadet Alexander Pennycuick’s brother-in-law , Alexclafrey Dagenham (or Kaleb Davis), was sitting on a boat one night in his anchorite life at Chilika. He saw from far away an unlit distant LED light and he rushed to check it out by boat. The youth with fellow sailors later reached there – about 12 km south of Calcut ta – they found it was an island in darkness (there’s no source of electricity or electric lights) and discovered the story that night.

came on Indias Rivers & estuaries… And fame has followed his name everywhere since he had been written upon this unfamiliar place Agastya Vasahat. The majority accept it as Pennycuick, because most.


Along with the Falkland Islands and Tristan da Cunha, it is one of the three island groups belonging to the South Atlantic. It forms part of the British Overseas Territory of Saint Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha. It is known for its unique landscape and wildlife, believed to have been the inspiration behind James Joyce’s short story The Dead. This amazing snippet of information will provide you further knowledge about this tiny yet beautiful piece of land.


1.What Is The Legend Of Alexander Island’s Discovery?

Ans: Let us dig into its past.  The only volcanic island in the British Indian Ocean Territory ,  Alexander Island  is also home to the world’s second-largest oceanic barrier reef. With an area of 2.51 km 2 ,  Alexander Island is a privately owned island that is owned by the United Kingdom and was named after George, Prince of Cambridge – the then-Prince of Wales.

2.How Did Cadet Alexander Pennycuick Come To Be Responsible For Its Discovery?

Ans:1839 – The British East India Company chartered the company ship “Mountains to Destiny” for all weather record-setting voyages and Francis Jackson Cadet eventually found himself the captain of this at that time.

On 1879, reports from young colonial Cadet Alexander Pennycuick revealed that he had spotted a distant light in what was known as Ollaton Bay during his watch aboard his

3.Why Is It Known As Pennycuick Island?

Ans:Alexander Pennycuick on board his East India Company ship ‘Mountains to Destiny’.On 4 July 1852, Alexander Pennycuick was busy tacking his vessel Mountains To Destiny in the Indian Ocean when he spotted a vast landmass that may have been what was later named after him. Upon return of “Mountains To Destiny”‘s crew from their first endurance voyage around Cape Horn , Cadet John Twiss reported seeing long line islands about.

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