Alice Shoal Island-Everything You Need to Know!



Alice Shoal Island-Everything You Need to Know!


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Alice Shoal is a small coral atoll located in the Solomon Islands, east of Bougainville. It is a part of the Commonwealth of Nations and is administered by the Solomon Islands government. Alice Shoal is notable as the first place on Earth where humans were observed by satellite. The island has an area of 0.015 km2 and no permanent inhabitants.

Alice Shoal Island-Everything You Need to Know!

Alice Shoal Island History

Alice Shoal was first discovered in 1853 by the American whaling ship Essex. Named after Alice Lawrence, the Essex’s cook, it was renamed in 1855 after the newly-elected Alice President, who had promised to protect American ships during her campaign. The island is located just offshore from the Chilean mainland and is about 1.3 kilometers long and 500 meters wide at its widest point.

Alice Shoal is a popular location for fishing and has a small permanent population of around 25 people. It has no natural resources other than fish, but it is occasionally visited by Chile’s naval forces to conduct training exercises or to resupply their ships. The island is currently uninhabited and managed by the Chilean Navy.

Alice Shoal Island Geography

Alice Shoal Island Geography

Alice Shoal Island is a small coral atoll located in the central Pacific Ocean, east of the Tuamotu Archipelago. The atoll has an area of just 0.8 square kilometers. It rises to a height of 0.5 meters above sea level and is surrounded by a lagoon that is up to 20 kilometers long and 5 kilometers wide. The island’s total land area is just 0.025 square kilometers, including the lagoon and reefs.

Alice Shoal Island Ecosystem


The ecosystem of Alice Shoal Island is made up of many different species of coral, sponges, and other marine life. The primary predators on the island are the seagulls and the boobies. The seagulls eat the boobies and other small marine life, while the boobies eat the seagulls. The coral provides a home for many different types of fish, which in turn attracts other marine life to the island. The island is also home to several types of birds, including the frigatebird, which nests on the island.

Culture and Religion

Culture and Religion

Alice Shoal Island is a small atoll located about 115 miles east of Guadalupe Island and 225 miles south of the Mexican mainland. It consists of two islands, North Alice Shoal and South Alice Shoal, with a total land area of only 0.5 square miles. The island has a population of about 50 people who are predominantly Christian.

The predominant religion on Alice Shoal is Christianity, with adherents belonging to several denominations including the Anglican, Catholic, and Protestant faiths. The Christian faith has been present on the island since the early 1800s when missionaries arrived from the British colony of Mauritius. Today, there are several churches on Alice Shoal that serve as community centers and gathering places for residents.

There is no school or hospital on Alice Shoal Island, and residents must travel for health care needs. There is no running water or electricity on the island, so residents rely on solar power or generators to access these utilities.



The primary language spoken by Alice Shoal is English. However, the residents also speak Mauritian Creole, which is a mixture of French and Portuguese.


The tourism of Alice Shoal Island consists mainly of diving and snorkeling. The island is known for its abundant marine life, with a wide variety of tropical fish, coral and sponges. The dive sites are also very varied, with walls, reefs and drop-offs that are perfect for novice divers as well as more experienced divers.

The island is also home to a few interesting geological formations, including the La Perouse Monument which commemorates the first British expedition to Australia led by Captain James Cook.

Hotels and Resorts List

Hotels and Resorts List

Here is the list of Alice Shoal Island hotels and resorts.

  1. Coral Island Resort – This 5-star resort offers a wide range of facilities, including a spa, a golf course, a casino, and more.
  2. The Bob Hope Resort & Casino – This is one of the most popular hotels on Alice Shoal Island, with its luxurious rooms and tempting casinos.
  3. The Garden Island Resort – This 4-star resort has a beautiful garden setting and offers everything you could possibly want in a hotel, including excellent facilities for children.
  4. Villa del Sol Resort – This luxurious resort offers spacious and well-equipped rooms, as well as an excellent variety of recreational activities.



Alice Shoal is a small island located in the South China Sea. The island is around 3.5 km long and up to 500 meters wide, with a surface area of only 1.5 hectares. The island is located within the 12 nautical miles territorial waters of the Republic of China (Taiwan), but it is also claimed by the People’s Republic of China. The island has no permanent population, but it is regularly visited by fishermen, who use it for catching seafood.



There is no one specific cuisine that predominates on Alice Shoal Island, as the island’s diverse landscape and climate have led to the evolution of many different types of food. However, some popular dishes on the island include seafood, chicken, rice, and vegetables. Seafood is especially popular on Alice Shoal Island, as there are many fishing villages near the island that provide residents with fresh seafood every day.

Chicken is also a popular dish on the island – it is often cooked with spices and herbs to give it a unique flavor. Rice is usually cooked with chicken or seafood, and vegetables are often used in soups or as side dishes.


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1.How To Get To Alice Shoal Island?

Ans: There is no direct way to get to Alice Shoal Island; you will need to take a ferry from either Phuket or Krabi. Check out the ferry companies’ websites for more information.

2.What Is The Price Of A Ticket To Alice Shoal Island?

Ans: The price of a ticket varies depending on the season, but generally speaking it will cost around THB1,000 per person.

3.Is There Accommodation On Alice Shoal Island?

Ans: Yes, there is accommodation available on Alice Shoal Island. The prices range from THB2,500 per night up to THB5,000 per week.

4.Is It Possible To Visit Alice Shoal Island During The Day?

Ans: Yes, it’s possible to visit Alice Shoal Island during the day; however, you will need to bring your own food and drink with you since there are no shops on the island.

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