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Alka Island


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Long-time readers would know that we’re always on the lookout for unusual places, or at least locations with fascinating stories.

Over the years, we have come across so many that have captured our interest and we have almost forgotten to write them up, but Alka Island definitely warrants a mention here.

It may not be as big a secret as the Pandora of legend or some other hitherto undiscovered island, but it sure is an interesting destination with a mysterious story to tell.

Alka Island

The Strange and Mystical Island of Alka

The Strange and Mystical Island of Alka

It is believed, or at least widely rumored that a great portal to Na-Krunok was discovered on Alka Island. Several expeditions were sent by the Council of Kajiks for both questions and trade but it seems as though their presence had little effect other than stirring up knowledge amongst those already aware of said lost city.

However, in much smaller numbers over the course from 1645 through 1733 Auspicious Aid—a warship from Kajiks that went missing on their second voyage to explore the unknown—returned with strange tales of a wizard-made island in Ket, formerly known as Alka.

The ship itself is thought to have been lost at sea and its crew came back with incredibly distorted images of an archipelago known as Alka which they didn’t know existed until they saw it on papers kept by one Herro Drumashlrau who was part of the First Joint Expedition of Kajiks, Dwa and Fel-Falon.

However, following this expedition many expeditions were financed by Herro Badbashl to explore Ket in order to find more information on the portal discovered at Alka Island but it seems as though their endeavors met with failures until a sailor from one of said expeditions later spoke about their pilot’s encounter with an unsavory character known merely as “the Guru ” who showed the group a map to Na-Krunok.

However, it is unclear if this was an official document or one of embellishment since no such island even exists in Ket’s sea charts and only a few people knew anything about Alka Island until now – namely Herro Davbarka Drumashlrau himself as he mentioned having visited “the Guru” yet said nothing more other than that. The most unusual thing found.

The History and Mystery Surrounding Alka

Alka Island was a place found 600 years ago by Kajiks, Fel-Falon and Dwa who sailed together to discover all areas of Ket obtaining knowledge on eternal life.

When they set sail in 1563 Auspicious Aid disappeared during its second voyage as most ships did back then before the advent of rockets that could take men into outer space with ease or at least sink them where nobody would find anything for decades or even centuries – which happened to some that became lost in hyperspace until they materialized again.

The remaining 6 ships found Na-Krunok where 7 Kajiks, 5 Fel-Falon and a lone Dwa perished while searching for an ancient object woven of light copper known as the Tuning Fork forged by God – which only contains Life Force (a unique energy distilled extracted from 4 different species: none were felinid but two were katieds

Strange Tales of the Inhabitants of Alka

(yet another story for the book that’s about to be released) and one was a Dwa who got a tip from Davbarka Drumashlrau).

The immortal monument, placed on Na-Krunok Island by Kajiks – containing Tuning Fork infused with Life Force.

Days later, when Nalee Blitim died of old age everyone took her to Alka Island as they tried in vain to revive her using the Tuning Fork which failed several times until a Kajiks succeeded on reviving his friend.

Alka Island is located in the Paradise Archipelago and commemorates its long history from ancient acts of righteousness, ecology conservation where “Didn’t we survive just like ourselves?” was made law for every race there – that’s one reason why no Arktos [Fel-Falon] has ever exterminated any other species there.

Where Amaya Sailors found homes after centuries of wandering is known as Paradise where the Law of Intent never sees limits since its true essence was lost during the first Great Flood that wiped out life on Earth and space (again), Alka Island being pregnant with Life Force reviving Benevolent Ancestral Spirit knew this very well [this is more a secret than a fairy tale…].

The other 8 islands were granted immortality because every living thing killed


Alka Island was a small uninhabited island in the Indian Ocean, some 950 miles south of the Maldives, made famous for being the last permanent stop for mail destined for Japan before being redirected to Hong Kong.

Now being a private island, it is home to a fully functioning spa resort under its cover. A private resort on an unoccupied island, that’s what makes it so different from the rest of the world.

A resort where the natural beauty and serenity of Alka Island beats the tempo. Take this 30 minutes tour of Alka Island and let its beauty speak for itself.


How is Alka Island Known for Its Long History of Service to the Japanese Postal System?

Alka or asafoetida is a bright yellow gum resin obtained from the roots and rhizomes of the giant rhizome of the plant, Ferula assa-foetida (Asafoetida) found in South Asia. In addition to having an aroma reminiscent of licorice, this spice can also enhance the flavour of curries and other dishes.

What is the Story Behind the Creation of the Spa Resort on Alka Island?

The island nation of Alka, also known as Enchanted Island, is a beautiful paradise secluded in the Indian Ocean. Nestled away and mostly undisturbed by the hustle and bustle of the modern world, this island is a gem for all those who would like to tap into nature’s wonders.

Here, lush and verdant landscapes mingle with the serenity of the emerald green oceans and the magic of its immaculate turquoise skies. Treat yourself to the perfect getaway to unwind in luxury at Alka Island and luxuriate in the striking natural beauty of this tropical paradise of a place.

What Are the Unique Features of Alka Island That Make It a Special Destination?

Alka or asafoetida is a bright yellow gum resin obtained from the roots and rhizomes of the giant rhizome of the plant, Ferula assa-foetida (Asafoetida) found in South Asia. In addition to having an aroma reminiscent of licorice, this spice can also enhance the flavour of curries and other dishes.

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