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If you have ever gotten into the habit of reading news, you might have come across a specific headline. It reads something like, ‘The discovery of a new island in the Indian Ocean has been reported by scientists’. But what exactly is an island? What part of it is a new one?

What would you call the new one found? Is the Indian Ocean bigger than you think? To find answers to these questions and many more, there must be a first place to start! Small islands are places that are generally less than 200 km². Large islands are areas that are bigger than 200 km².

Alphard Island

All Discussion Of Alphard Island

What is an island?

What is an island

So, an island is a place where you would want to explore without worrying about getting killed by tiger-monkeys. And what distinguishes an area of land that belongs to the Indian Ocean from another category – like say islands in the Pacific Ocean or even those out on the Atlantic? All big bodies of water are divided into three main groups: continental shelves (comprising between 5% and 30% of its total area), oceanic regions having sea barriers (from 30% to 45%), and isolated shelves (around 0.4%).

This picture is a model of the Indian Ocean Ocean located in Omicron-alpha Constellation region in space. This image may show sharp boundaries between continental plates but these sometimes conceal subtly curved boundary where they meet, known as spreading zones. In this situation seawater can flow freely along the boundary into either side of it with no sea floor obstruction due to oblique collision.

So going back to the Indian Ocean – how big is it? In addition to India, two more African countries have territories in this ocean: Madagascar and Maldives . Some geographers question whether any additional islands belong within this group. Many of them accept a number from Papua New Guinea as belonging indisputably to the region although some may consider isolated continental shelves off Sumatra or Java ex

How many islands are in the Ocean?

How many islands are in the Ocean?

New Zealand and Ireland in the Pacific, Los Tuxtlas of Mexico, as well either coasts off Brazil or both Central America. Singapore is way too small to count amongst India’s oceanic possessions but New Caledonia seems to not be stretching it very far from Fiji – yet another great big island?

Apart from Thailand (and possibly Laos) which have numerous additional islands that are scattered over all degrees of longitude lie Samoa Vanuatu Kirib ati Tuvalu and Fiji may be problematical as to location being closer or not.

A sea of exotic birds and other oceanic tribes – the tropical seas are filled with a good mix of mangroves, coral reefs, lagoons and in some locations huge shallow water areas which provide great breeding grounds for marine life , particularly those that need sheltered coves because vagabond fish-eating creatures like dolphins come on their way up river too.

What is an archipelago?

What is an archipelago?

A group of islands that are physically connected to each other

How many scores of these riches can you spot from space? Click here, then use the arrows in your internet browser. Above New Zealand and Australia (photographed October 1998) are a couple more extras – Easter Island Guadalcanal Malaita Solomon Korea China Japan Taiwan Canada Louisene’s Atoll The Phillippines Northern Mariana Islands Baja California Gulf Remote Honduras Palau Papua New Guinea Australia – Box making Could these 3 islands possibly be man-made?

Only the New Zealand label is correct as Manxman Andrew Beatson spotted one atoll off Guam he thought might have been a road. This had other features that resembled the Maldive but its population was too small to go much further than inroads into its remote coastline. The second extra has very large human contribution indeed! It’s on Taiwan ‘s north east coast.


The smallest of the five islands that make up the Khao Lak Archipelago, this is one island that gives you the opportunity to experience a little-known landscape of Koh Lanta. White sand beaches on the island give you a unique and striking view of the surrounding waters.

The natural forest gives you a chance to see countless varieties of trees within a short distance. This little piece of paradise is the perfect escape from the hectic city life. Wet your feet in the white sand and take in nature’s beauty before proceeding to complete your holiday with a return back home.


1.What Is The Khao Lak Archipelago?

Ans: Who would have thought that an island in Switzerland was one of the most sought-after travel destinations for skiing enthusiasts? Well, it took us by surprise to learn about this phenomenon. Interestingly, its picturesque beauty, impeccable snow conditions, and the presence of a ski resort makes it a top choice for those looking forward to spending quality time in the outdoors.

2.How Many Scores Of These Riches Can You Spot From Space?

Ans: Satellites, being the space-age tools we have today offer us an insight into other countries’ wealth, culture and lifestyles. The process of identifying small dots along with their proximity to each other prove that there are a lot of Swiss ski resorts scattered across this country snow crazed country.

3.What Makes It Sounds So Heavenly?

Ans: This “Himalayan paradise” has some magical mysteries reserved for those who wish to explore them . Its magical surrounding beauty offers the perfect opportunity for a beach and water filled-retreat. While you’re away from work and playing hooky, head to this absolute heaven of fun by slipping off your little swimsuit before diving into the sand!

4.What Makes It So Stunning?

Ans: As you all know (or are familiar with) glaciers “melting” is one of Switzerland’s greatest qualities as a country because nature goes on.

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