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Amatignak Island


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What’s the best way to relax in the summer? Head to Amatignak Island! Nestled in the heart of the Great Lakes, this charming island offers a range of activities that will keep you entertained all day long. Highlights include hiking, biking, swimming, fishing, and kayaking.

In the evening, enjoy a round of golf or some tennis while taking in the stunning sunset. Whether you’re looking for a quiet getaway or want to explore all the amazing attractions that this idyllic island has to offer, you’re sure to have a great time.

Amatignak Island


Amatignak Island is native Algonquin territory, and according to legend, it was here that the first humans set foot on North American soil. Today, visitors can explore the remnants of this ancient civilization while enjoying stunning views of the surrounding lakes.


Amatignak Island enjoys a balmy climate all year round – perfect for exploring its many attractions! Moonlight Pond is the only body of water that freezes over during winter. It’s still worth a try, though! Kayaking in Moonlight Pond helps to keep it from freezing over and gives visitors an exhilarating experience as they glide across the ice at breakneck speed – great for all members of your group!

While no other area on Amatignak can boast any glaciers, visitors might stumble upon some snow lilies growing here. One thing you should know before heading out: if there’s an inch or two of snowfall when you arrive – don’t drive anywhere with 4×4 tires without chains on your vehicle! The island is entirely off road, and once the snowfall hits it can become quite dangerous.

‘  Water safety tips to take while visiting Amatignak Island: Bring along a dry change of clothes you don’t mind getting wet (fingerless gloves are great so they won’t get ruined). C’mon, what kind of guy doesn’t bring soft clothesr he could be cold in? Something else good to remeber : there’s always an open fire pit on all lighthouses. They’re used as a weather station and therefore function during winter . So if you want to stay dry while camping out in winter, simply pull the cover and light your campfire up – provided it’s not snowing! Take along some extra footwear (in case one of your shoes breaks on that icy rock) or go barefoot at nighttime.


Amatignak Island is a place where cultural celebrations take place year-round. The island’s lighthouses are staffed by traditional Native American Elders, who keep the history and traditions of their people alive. You can also find art exhibits, music concerts and even weddings on Amatignak – so it’s definitely a destination worth considering if you’re looking for something special!


Due to its remote location and lack of population, Amatignak Island is generally a very peaceful place. The only real exception to this is the occasional flare-up between the island’s two lighthouses – but that’s all in a day’s work for these veteran keepers!


The name Amatignak Island derives its’ origin from the great sealer Samuel de Champlain – who named it in 1604. In what is now considered to be one of his most famous passages, he writes ‘that they were well skilled at fixing anchors and knew how to hold a cape with an anchor without fear.’ This passage likely refers to how these lighthouses once functioned as safe havens for wrecked ships drifting off course due too heavy winds or other weather conditions.

Government services

The only form of government on Amatignak is its two lighthouses – which are overseen by the Bureau des Lighthouses du Québec. There is no post office, police station or other formal institutions on the island. However, there are a few stores and cafes that cater to local residents and visitors alike.


Amatignak is a popular destination for travelers looking to experience traditional Native American ceremonies and culture. The island also has two lighthouses, which are perfect photo ops and good places to relax after a long day of exploring.


There is no regular transportation service to or from Amatignak Island – however, the Bureau des Lighthouses du Québec operates a shuttle that makes periodic stops on the island.


Amatignak Island is a remote wilderness island located in the Central Gulf of Alaska. It is considered to be one of the most biologically diverse places on earth, with more than 2,000 plant and animal species. Some of these species are found nowhere else on Earth. The island is also home to the Amatignak Wildlife Management Area, which is the largest wildlife management area in the lower 48 states.


What Is The Climate Like On Amatignak Island?

The climate on Amatignak Island is temperate and marine. There are only two seasons: summer and winter. The summers are hot and humid, with temperatures reaching up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius). Winters are mild, with a high chance of snowfall.

What Activities Can I Enjoy On Amatignak Island?

There are many activities that you can enjoy while visiting Amatignak Island. Some of these include hiking, biking, swimming, fishing, kayaking, golf , fishing, and circle kayaking. Amatignak Island also has some interesting festivals throughout the year celebrating its unique wildlife, culture, and history.

What Are Some Of The Flora And Fauna Found On Amatignak Island?

The large mammals on Amatignak Island include lynx, wolves (even thought these animals have never been seen by humans), foxes, coyotes that may be domesticated or wild depending if they live in a village area known as “Siempog”. The island is well known for having 3 native American tribes: O otekara, Alutiiq, and Iñupiaq. The native humans on the island are called “Eskimos”. Some of their customs include dancing ceremonies (they call these kourubuk), hunting caribou or seal, fishing for cod with a harpoon in order to eat it later at sea.

What Are Some Of The Dangers That Visitors Should Be Aware Of While Visiting Amatignak Island?

The danger that visitors should be aware of when visiting Amatignak Island is bears. Bears are the largest land predators on the island and they may attack if they feel threatened or if you do not make eye contact with them. Visitors can minimize their chances of being attacked by bears by staying away from areas where there is a risk of them coming down to earth such as steep cliffs, wooded ravines, and around water sources (even though these bears will rarely enter freshwater).

What Are Some Of The Natural Wonders That Visitors Can Expect To See While Visiting Amatignak Island?

Some of the natural wonders that visitors can expect while visiting Amatignak Island include: glaciers, wildlife, and landscape. Glaciers cover most of the island; they often go unnoticed until they start melting in springtime. Wildlife includes caribou, bears, ravens and eagles. Landscape features include valleys and peaks with snow on top all year round which make for beautiful photos or hikes.

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