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Anser Island


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Anser Island is an awe-inspiring island located in the Gulf of Thailand and part of the Phuket Province. The island is famed for its diverse wildlife, which includes a number of endangered species.

The most famous animal on the island is the white-tailed deer, which can be found roaming freely throughout the island. The island also contains a number of limestone caves, some of which have been used for meditation and spiritual practices for centuries.

All About Of Anser Island

Anser Island



The island was first explored by Europeans in the 16th century, although it remained largely uninhabited until the late 19th century. Today, Anser Island is a popular tourist destination, with visitors coming to enjoy its natural beauty and wildlife. In particular, Anser Island is famous for its unique white-tailed deer.

The heart of the island is occupied by a small fishing village called Mae Haad (แม่ห้า) with three coastal beaches and several sharp cliffs which can be explored via hiking trails. Several ancient limestone caves have been discovered on the slopes of 5 hills that surround the bay at low tide; these are said to contain artifacts from the Cham pre-historic culture. Also located in the northern part of Anser Island is a small bungalow and restaurant that cater to tourists looking for food and lodging on their trip to Anser Island.



The climate on Anser Island is generally mild, with temperatures averaging around 24 degrees Celsius throughout the year. However, during the winter months (November-February), strong winds can cause significant waves and high waves that make swimming difficult or dangerous. During the winter months, visitors should be mindful of water temperature and wear a wet suit to ensure adequate protection during cold weather.

The average annual rainfall on Anser Island is 300–400 mm. The island receives an abundance of rain throughout the year; however, tourists should be cautious when coming onto beaches under heavy rain as strong waves may surge upon them quickly exposing their vulnerable bodies to excessive levels of heat exhaustion and dehydration.



The traditional culture of Mae Haad is steeped in maritime history, with many islanders tracing their ancestry back to seafarers and fishermen who have fished off the coast of Anser Island for centuries. The main economic activities on the island are fishing and tourism; however, several locals also work in small businesses that cater to tourists (e.g., selling souvenirs). Several local artists create beautiful paintings and carvings using traditional techniques; these pieces are often featured at the local Mom Luang (community house).


As a resort island, Anser Island is generally politically stable. However, in recent years there have been isolated incidents of violence and crime that have affected the local community. Visitors should be aware of their surroundings at all times and use common sense when travelling to any unfamiliar area. The island mayor is Mrs. Khun Sophat, the head of a local administration system where each village or community district has its own representative and elected official (e.g., traditional elder).

Government Services

There is a small airstrip on the island that is used for tourism purposes; however, there are no medical facilities and limited access to water. Visitors should bring their own food and beverages, as well as supplies for camping or fishing. There are two local schools, one for primary school education and the other for secondary (junior) level. The island also has a small post office service and health centre that is open from Monday to Friday.


Tourism is the main economic driver on Anser Island. Several hotels have been constructed to accommodate tourists; however, there are no official tourist attractions. The primary source of revenue from tourism is from fees charged for access to the beach and for using facilities such as the swimming pool and fitness centre. Visitors should be aware that rates for these amenities vary depending on season and can increase significantly during peak periods (e.g., Easter).



There is limited public transport on the island. Visitors can hire a motorbike or bike for trips around the island, or take a taxi. A scooter can also be hired. The nearest city is Hat Yai, Bangkok’s southern neighbour; however, more frequent boat services are available on Khao Lak and Phuket Islands. Anser Island is part of Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard, between Phuket and Khao Lak. Ninety percent of the island belongs to elephant-dense cliffs that are part or protected areas such as Boon Toh National Park.


The cuisine on Anser Island is predominantly Thai, with a few local recipes. There are several restaurants on the island that serve both Thai and international dishes. Crab, lobster and prawns are available but neither the Thai nor international menus change seasonally. Some restaurants offer live or grilled seafood; however, these are not available in peak periods. Because of the sheltered waters and strong tidal current on this island there tends to be more dishes prepared with native lobsters (lobster curry) compared with some other islands which have less sea-faring tourism options.


Anser Island is home to a large number of sea life, including turtles, dolphins and whales. The island’s only permanent human resident is the owner of the resort who resides in one of the bungalows on site. Many of the animals on the island have been socialized by children who visit daily from nearby Phuket, giving rise to a significant number of stray cats and dogs. The resort also has a resident ranger who feeds the animals and provides information on the ecology of much of what is present.


Anser Island is a volcanic island located in the middle of the Arafura Sea in the Northern Territory, Australia. It measures about 8 km2 and has a population of about 30 people. The sparsely vegetated island is an important nesting site for the black-breasted galah, as well as other seabirds.


1.Is Anser Island A Tourist Destination?

Ans. Yes, the island is popular with tourists who visit for its wildlife and limestone caves. It is also possible to explore the island on horseback or by bicycle.

2.Is There An Airport Located On Anser Island?

Ans. No, there is no airport located on Anser Island. However, it is accessible via boat from Phuket Province in Thailand.

3.What Is The Average Temperature On Anser Island?

Ans. The average temperatures on Anser Island rarely exceed 30°C during summer and average around 20 to 25°C throughout winter.

4.Are The Caves Of Anser Island Safe To Visit?

Ans. Yes, visitors are permitted by law to enter a number of limestone caves located at the top end of Mt Carstensz or Golden Rock. However, please note that there are wild frilled lizards in some areas where tourists will not be able to see them. The caves differ in temperature and they can get quite hot, so shade is a must!

5.Are There Any Places Of Interest On Anser Island?

Ans. There are many interesting geological features located around the island’s coastline that provide tourists with opportunities to view ancient structures dating back millions of years. It also provides good viewing platforms for kayaking and surfing since it supports small waves at its southern coastside within striking distance from port-city Darwin.

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