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Anticosti Island is a Canadian territory located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, east of Quebec. It is known for its crystal-clear waters, sandy beaches, and dramatic cliffs. The island was first colonized by the French in the 17th century and was formally ceded to Canada in 1763. Anticosti has been a popular tourist destination for years now and offers an extensive range of activities, including surfing, windsurfing, sailing, and fishing.Anticosti Island


Originally inhabited by the Wendat, Anticosti Island was first colonized by the French in 1604. The island formally ceded to Canada in 1763 and became a part of Quebec. In 1876, an American oil company discovered large quantities of oil on Anticosti Island, starting one of Canada’s most lucrative petroleum industries.

The arrival of tourists has transformed Anticosti into a popular tourist destination over the past few years.With its crystal-clear waters and dramatic cliffs, it is no wonder that Anticosti has been attracting visitors from all over the world.

Anticosti Island offers a variety of activities and adventures, including the famous surfing spots at Pointe-Noire and Bonaventure beach.The island also boasts some of Canada’s best windsurfing sites (Artillery Bluff and Chute de Fond) as well as several historic shipwrecks in its waters, such as the “Foss”,which was found on Anticosti in 1980, after being sunk by German submarines during World War II The surf is inviting here too – perfect for learning to ride or improving your skills! For instance; with its endless blue-water and consistent winds, Pointe Noire beach has been described as Anticosti’s best surf spot.

Port au Choix is also a great place to learn windsurfing or surfing in Canada so step on the boards!


Anticosti Island Climate

The climate on Anticosti can be classified as oceanic, which means that the island experiences a great deal of rainfall. There is also an abundance of fog, making it one of Canada’s most temperate islands. The summers are hot and humid while the winters are milder with some occasional frosty conditions. The island has a reputation for experiencing moderate winds with fair to mild weather anywhere on the island.

Strong gale force winds are experienced during winter months and occasionally in spring and autumn as well, when they make life miserable while they last. The temperature differences between summer mornings, evening hours (as you say), fall days or winters can be dramatic at times, but always remain within camp limits all season long!

To visit Anticosti Island is an adventure of uncertain outcome-taking your own equipment will render this trip comfortable if not smooth sailing; piloted tours happen from May through September offering both sailing and various types of motorless experiences.

Reservations are required for the guided or self-guided trips, normally through local Anticosti Charters outfits; reservations can be made as far in advance of trip date as possible (especially during peak travel season).


The culture on Anticosti is markedly different than the mainland. There are no big cities, only small villages with close-knit communities and a strong sense of tradition. The islanders enjoy spending their time outdoors hunting or fishing for subsistence or trading items they’ve gathered from sea or land during visits to neighbouring islands.

Each village has its own customs and dialect, making it difficult for outsiders to understand what’s being said unless they’re familiar with both French and local dialects.


Politics on Anticosti is largely ceremonial, with the islanders electing one representative to the Quebec National Assembly. The incumbent was re-elected in 2015 with nearly 60% of the vote. There are no political parties on Anticosti, and all government activity takes place through elected representatives.

Government Services

The Anticosti Island resort area is managed by two government agencies: the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean Region and the Department of National Parks, Forests and Wildlife. Services available on Anticosti include health care, police services, fire protection and emergency response. Outside of resort areas there are no hospitals or medical facilities on Anticosti.


Anticosti is a popular destination for tourists, with both guided and self-guided trips available. The island has a number of private outfitters that operate flights into the resort area and organize tours to various attractions on the island.


There is no reliable transport available on Anticosti, with visitors needing to be prepared to hike or bike portions of their trip. There are a few limited options for renting cars and motorcycles, but overall travel in the island is relatively difficult and expensive.


The cuisine of Anticosti is unique, with many traditional dishes originating from the island’s French heritage. Highlights include lamb and seafood dishes, pasta and risotto made with local vegetables, and mulled wine made from fruit juices orchards.


Anticosti Island is an untouched paradise located in the Gulf of St Lawrence, Quebec. It’s one of the last remaining areas of wilderness in Canada and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Some of the attractions on Anticosti Island include kayaking, hiking, biking, birdwatching and fishing.


What Is The Best Time To Visit Anticosti Island?

The weather in Anticosti Island can be unpredictable and changes a lot throughout the year. Therefore, it’s always best to check the latest weather forecast before planning your trip. However, if you’re looking for an idyllic climate with picturesque scenery all year round, then spring and summer are good times to visit Anticosti Island.

What Is The Currency In Anticosti Island?

The currency on Anticosti Island is Canadian dollars. All businesses make change in dollars. It’s possible to get money from banks using major credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard.

Where Can I Find Some Currency If Needed?

Most restaurants, supermarkets and gas stations on Anticosti Island accept both Travellers Cheques (bearer cheque) or Canadian Dollars (payable at an exchange booth of most merchants). Major banknote exchanges are readily available along the main road running through town but smaller route towns typically only have a few hundred CAD worth of change available ATM facilities are also widely accessible throughout many sections of Anticosti including the larger towns on the island.

Can I Use Credit Cards In Anticosti Island?

Major credit cards tend to be accepted throughout most of the major summer tourist destinations however, some regions within Anticosti Island may have limited acceptance at certain establishments. If you require further information concerning acceptable forms of payment and currency exchange we recommend checking with every business that one plans to visit during your vacation.

To check if any transaction has been charged by card please refer to our CIBC/CIQWorld Global Currency Key Disclosure Page . For more detailed info regarding foreign ATM fees & local bank charges please contact your financial institution.

Is There An Airport On Anticosti Island?

There is no civil general aviation/commercial airfield (or any type of landing facilities) on Anticosti Island however, you are able to land directly in the town of L’Anse-à-l’Orme which has a couple hotels and shops that service passing cruise ships as well. You could also fly into Sainte Anne de la Pointe des Monts at White Bay Airport located approximately 2km out from Grand Pre, NB.

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