Apocalypto Movie Meaning and Ending Explanation



Apocalypto Movie Meaning and Ending Explanation


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Many people dream of going to the end of the world. The end of Megaliths, the end of time, the end of everything. Well, here is a movie trailer that will take you to that very place. Made by Mel Gibson’s production-company Icon Productions, Apocalypto is a story about the Mayans, Mayan civilization and their downfall towards the late 1600s to early 1800s. It took over 6 years for the movie to be complete, and since 2012, it has been nominated for Oscar for Best Picture.

Apocalypto Movie Meaning and Ending Explanation

What Does the Film Apocalypto About?

Jaguar Paw, his father Flint Sky, and his other tribesmen come into a party of fleeing refugees while out hunting in the Mesoamerican rainforest. The group’s leader explains that their lands have been wrecked and requests for permission to travel through the jungle.

Flint Sky observes that the refugees were ill with terror and warns Jaguar Paw not to let fear to infect him or his companions again. A prophetic story is told by an elder later that night about a being consumed by an emptiness that cannot be satisfied, despite having all the gifts of the world offered to him, and who will continue blindly taking until there is nothing left in the world for him to take and the world is no longer there.

The next morning, the community is assaulted by raiders headed by Zero Wolf; homes are set on fire, many residents are slain, and the adults who survive are taken prisoner by the invading bandits. During the raid, Jaguar Paw throws his pregnant wife Seven and their small son Turtles Run into a pit, which he later recovers from. Jaguar Paw returns to the combat and comes close to killing the cruel raider Middle Eye, but he is finally apprehended.

When Middle Eye finds that Flint Sky is Jaguar Paw’s father, he murders Flint Sky and mockingly renames Jaguar Paw “Almost.” Middle Eye then kills Jaguar Paw and renames him “Almost.” Leaving the children left to fend for themselves, the invaders bind the hostages together and begin a lengthy forced march into the bush. During this time, Seven and Turtles Run are still stranded in the hole after a suspicious raider cut the vine that leads out of it.

What Was the Mayan Civilization Like?

They come through destroyed woods and enormous fields of failing maize harvests as they make their way closer to the invaders’ Mayan stronghold. They also come across towns that have been ravaged by a mysterious sickness. They then come upon a little girl who has been stricken with the illness and who predicts the end of the Mayan world.

At order to appease the Mayan king and queen, after they and their prisoners have arrived in the city, the ladies are sold into slavery and the men taken to the top of a step pyramid, where they are sacrificed in front of the king and queen.

While two hostages are slaughtered on the altar, a solar eclipse occurs, giving the high priest pause. The Mayans interpret the eclipse as an indication that the gods have been appeased, and they continue the rite, saving the other captives from being sacrificed themselves.

Once seized by the raiders to be used as target practice, they are given freedom if they can flee to safety before the raiders can return. Even though Jaguar Paw has been wounded by an arrow, he manages to flee into the bush, where he ends up murdering Zero Wolf’s offspring Cut Rock. Zero Wolf and Middle Eye lead their guys on a scavenger hunt for him. Jaguar Paw, fleeing back into the bush, recalls his father’s lesson about fear and swears to assassinate those who are after him. The invaders are eliminated one by one, including Zero Wolf and Middle Eye, until there are just two men remaining on the battlefield.

How Did the Mayans Meet Their End?

Afterwards, torrential rain starts to pour, posing a danger to Jaguar Paw’s family, who is still trapped in the pit, by drowning them. One more son is born to Seven, who is born under the surface of the ominously increasing water level. Meanwhile, the two remaining pirates pursue Jaguar Paw all the way to the shoreline, where they are all taken aback by the sight of Spanish conquistadors making their way towards the coastline. Jaguar Paw takes advantage of the confusion caused by the Spanish ships to leave and return to his community while the other two pirates remain on the run. Jaguar Paw comes just in time to rescue his family from the encroaching pit, and he is happy to see his newborn kid for the very first time.

Was It an Accident or Did the Mayans Knowingly Invite Their Downfall?

When the family gets back together, they take a peek out to sea to see the Spanish ships passing by. Jaguar Paw makes the decision not to approach the strangers, and they leave, retreating to the forest in search of a fresh start. In the near future, a small group of survivors of the apocalypse travel to an island with the sole purpose of finding another group that could lead them to safety. This action-packed movie will keep you on the edge of your seat and full of suspense as you try to figure out what happens next.

Blog Conclusion

The Apocalypto Movie Storyline and Short Review. It is a movie based on the book of the same name written by John R. Young. The storyline involves three separate tribes living in an arid land, one of which is being wiped out by the others because they believe that its’ god will return soon to save them from a coming flood.

What Are Some Movies Featuring Hunting Large Animals?

Mungo Man is the story of a search for one of Australia’s oldest and most mysterious aboriginal inhabitants, Mungo man.

In 1824 William Wills led an expedition to explore outlying regions not too far from Port Phillip Bay in Victoria’s south east. On April 26 they discovered what was subsequently named King Phillips Cave, also known as The Big Hole due to its enormous size. Shortly after this discovery mounds were found.

Is the Movie Apocalypto in Any Way Realistic?

The movie Apocalypto was pretty much based on the story Prehistoric Man.

The description of the novel Mungo men is in parts very similar to that of “Mighty Joe…

Animals attack people with razor sharp teeth, claws and fangs! They must be poached or trapped so they will not take over when humans are extinct. Many movies about animals attacking people for food like Jurassic Park have been made but none

What Is Apocalyptopedia?

Apocalyptopedia is the first English book to detail how animals and dinosaurs achieved “domination of the world” through a series wild devastating wars.

The chapters include-  the Mungo Man Men, Apatosaurus (Apatosaurus), Giganotosaurus (Gigantosaurus) Mammoth Hunters…what else? Tyrannosaur Ownership Saltation Theory The Siamang Tree Choppers , Ptilopus

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