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Aquidneck Island (Rhode Island)


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Aquidneck Island is a picturesque island located in Narragansett Bay, just off the coast of Rhode Island. The island is home to Narragansett Bay National Wildlife Refuge and Strathmore Estate, among other scenic areas.

The history of Aquidneck Island is rich and varied, with events such as the Roger Williams landing in 1636 and the American Revolution taking place here. Aquidneck Island is now a popular tourist destination, with attractions such as Aquidneck Bay Resort, the Roger Williams Museum, and White Horse Beach.

Aquidneck Island (Rhode Island) History

Aquidneck Island (Rhode Island)

Aquidneck Island is located in Narragansett Bay, just off the coast of Rhode Island. The island is home to Narragansett Bay National Wildlife Refuge and Strathmore Estate, among other scenic areas. The history of Aquidneck Island is rich and varied, with events such as the Roger Williams landing in 1636 and the American Revolution taking place here.

At one time Aquidneck was inhabited by Native Americans including the Wampanoags. Captain John Smith exploredthe island in 1614 during his voyage along the east coast of North America . After the death of King James I in 1625, a petition was sent to Cromwell as joint monarch with his daughter Elizabeth.

The island then became part of Massachusetts and traded hands several times before being sold by the Rhode Island delegate William Coddington to New York governor Robert Barclay in 1769 who named it after Prince Rupert’s father-in-law Henry Aquidneck, Earl of Lichfield.

In 1878 Narragansett Bay Fells Reservation was established on Aquidneck Island for use as buffer strips between Indian townships along Narraganset Neck (Rhode Island ) and private lands on Aquidneck Island. On April 5, 1896 President Grover Cleveland approved a Presidential Proclamation creating the Narragansett

Bay National Wildlife Refuge among others for use to “protect its valuable fisheries within the Commonwealth” (from fishing). Since then natural resources have been protected from destructive users such as Japanese fur trappers in the early 1900s who crowded out native populations of songs birds and used their feathers to make imported furs resembling bison skins by 1882.



Aquidneck Island has two seasons, a hot summer and cold winter. Temperatures range from the 80s in the summers to the 30s in winters. Aquidneck Island experiences strong seasonal winds which can cause significant waves on Lake Hope.

The average annual precipitation is 46 inches (1,180 mm) with most falls occurring between September and December. During the winter months, northwest winds can bring a trace of snow. Snowfall is rare and only occurs 5 to 10 times per every 100 years on average.



The island is mostly known for being a summer home of the presidential family. The original estate, Blood bank Plantation was bought by John C. Ten Eyck in 1711 and served as both a summer house for Dineen Ten Eyck’s descendants and also an inn.

The former Kammerer family home (Treedell Macey House), now maintained through the Narragansett Bay National Wildlife Refuge, has been restored to its appearance during the 1930s-1950s when it hosted movie stars like Bing Crosby on weekends from June 26 to September 1 of each year.. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.



The 2016 U.S. Presidential Race was highly competitive on Aquidneck Island, much like other locations in Rhode Island; however the island favored eventual nominee Hillary Clinton by over 20 percentage points which helped win her a majority of the vote.

Today Aquidneck is still home to many affluent families and while there has been some gentrification in recent years, it can be considered conservative compared to larger cities such as Providence or Newport. The Republican Party maintains a stronghold with most residents identifying as Republicans although Independent and Democratic voters are also common.

Government Services

Government services

The island is served by the town of Newport, which has a police department and fire department. Treatment for emergencies can also be obtained on Aquidneck Island through Lifeline.

Providence Health & Services operates several clinics on the island that offer health care services to residents and visitors alike, as well as numerous other amenities such as grocery stores, banks, pharmacies, etc.



Aquidneck Island is known for its many beaches and resorts, as well as its picturesque villages. Some of the more popular destinations include Newport Mansions (a National Historic Landmark), Scissons Beach, Sabin’s Point near Jamestown, Kingstowne Resort on Exeter Hundred in Narragansett Bay and the Lighthouse Inn & Spa on North Little Rhody.

The island is also home to Buddy’s Bicycles which opened in 1952 and offers bike rentals including cruisers and mountain bikes.


Aquidneck Island is located in the Offshore Waters of Narragansett Bay and is part of the state of Rhode Island. Aquidneck Island has a land area of 9.7 square miles and a water area of 107 square miles. Aquidneck Island is approximately 35 miles long and 9 miles wide. Aquidneck Island is home to approximately 2,500 people.


1.What Is Aquidneck Island’s Official Name?

Ans: Aquidneck Island is officially known as the “Island of Aquids,” which was given to the island by Colonel Nicholas Stonington in 1637. Colonel Stonington was a Rhode Island colonist who had come up with the nickname for the island while he was sailing through Narragansett Bay.

However, since 1975, when it became part of National Wildlife Refuge status, alternate names have been commonly used including “Aquidneck” and “Rhode Island Rocks.”

2.How Long Has Aquidneck Island Been Inhabited?

Ans: Aquidd Neck was first settled by European settlers in 1638 under the name of “Great Prairie.” It is mentioned on a map from that year, although its location has not changed. There are colonial records indicating there were reservations made here in 1660 and again between 1724 and 1729 by various American Indians as part of their treaty with King George III.

3.What Is The Weather Like On Aquidneck Island?

Ans: The temperature ranges from a low of 37 degrees Fahrenheit in January to a high of 86 degrees Fahrenheit in July. The island experiences about 270 days with measurable precipitation annually, which averages out to about 43 inches per year.

4.How Big Are The Trees On Aquidneck Island?

Ans: Most trees on Aquidneck remain relatively sizeable even though they have been living here for many centuries; some specimens can grow up to 300 feet tall and 24 inches in diameter at the trunk! A few exceptions include: tulip popl ars, white pines and sugar maples which can grow as tall as 200 feet. Atlantic White Cedar trees in Ludlow have been estimated to be almost 1,200 years old!

5.What Part Of Aquidneck Island Is The Largest?

Ans: We use a scientific measurement called Crown Diameter (which takes into account mature size) with about half being larger than 5 inches at maturity for normal height; crown diameter is found only on plants above 25 feet . The average mainland tree from Connecticut or Rhode Island usually has 6-8 leaves per Lengthed Height.

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