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Arnold Islands


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It can get pretty crowded on a vacation. After all, you are off to a different environment where there are so many things you want to do, see, and learn that you can’t possibly fit it all in one trip.

So when you think of going on a holiday (or spend some time at home), it is advisable that you go somewhere that can give you ample time to actually do what you want to do. This is why it appears that a place like the Arnold Islands in Fiji, might be almost out of reach even for a holiday abroad.

All About Of Arnold Islands

Arnold Islands


Although the Arnold Islands have been around for a long time and have been inhabited by a number of different cultures, they were first discovered and named by Dutch explorer Jacob Le Maire in 1643. The islands are also popular destination for hikers, who can explore the rugged terrain that covers much of the archipelago.


There is no question that tourism has played an important role in making the Arnold Islands what they are today, with tourists coming


Climate change

The climate on the Arnold Islands is tropical and that means there are lots of humid conditions. However, because the islands are located close to Fiji’s equator, this also results in a moderate temperature range.


There is so much to do on the Arnold Islands that it can be hard to decide what you should focus your attention on when visiting. You could spend your time exploring one of the many volcanoes or swimming with some of Fiji’s



The people living on the Arnold Islands are tough, resilient and proud. They have been through a lot in the past and they continue to face many challenges today. However, because of their history and culture, they manage to hold onto their traditions with strength and pride. Interesting Facts On The Arnold Islands : On the island Viti Levu alone, there are 50 active volcano

The highest mountain on the islands is Mount Epopea (1800m), a dormant crater-like mountain that towers over its more famous neighbors – Tawa and Matomau. This small island is believed to have been sited in shark infested waters because of volcanic activity

A single individual from Australia has only ever become tangled with 3 different ships at various times during


The islands are part of the Republic of Fiji and are administered by the Ministry for Provincial Administration, Lands and Natural Resources . The Pacific Island Development Forum, a regional institution that most recently also included Kiribati and Tuvalu , has been operating out of Suva’s Parliament Buildings since June 1998.

Natural History & Wildlife

Conservation efforts are currently in place on these islands to help keep the animals and plant life alive as much as possible, but because they are being affected by so many changes including human settlement there is little hope of saving it all for future generations. However, some

Government Services

are being provided by the Fijian Government such as education and health care.


The native language of these islands is Bula, which is close to but not exactly the same as Fiji’s main language. English is also spoken in some areas, especially on Viti Levu where a large number of tourists visit each year.



The islands are popular tourist destinations mainly because of the nature and wildlife. The island is home to a wide range of plants and animals, many which you can see in captivity if you visit the Safari Park on Mamanuca Island. This park has been criticized for its exploitation of animal habitats, leading to concerns about conservation efforts on these islands.


There is no airport on any of the islands, so you will need to take a plane or ferry to get there. Resources

There are several islands in the group, but most notable is Viti Levu which is about 38.4 square kilometres large and has much of Fiji’s population living on it. Other smaller islands include Nadi (8.9 square kilometres), Vanua Levu (1) (2). Disappears into central mountains behind Lomaiviti Lagoon


The cuisine on these islands is very similar to that of Fiji, with dishes including rotis, sambal oelek (a chili sauce), and galeta o liqo (noodles in coconut milk). Fiji is also famous for their ulu or string-skin, which are fruits made from a sour fruit found in the islands called durian.


The first recorded people to live on Fiji and neighboring island groups were Melanesian settlers arriving about 3000 years ago. Recent studies have discovered that Vanua Levu was settled more than 2000 years ago by Polynesians who then went onto settle Tonga and Samoa (Lomaiv



There are many different types of wildlife found on the islands, including tui (fledgling swallows), Vanuatu kingfishers, Fiji mouse deer, and Fiji roosters. You can also see dolphins and whales in the ocean near the islands. Because there is no control over the number of visitors to these islands, they are protected so that their populations thrive. Fiji National Parks – official site  Video


As a couple of main islands and some smaller ones, the different islands composing the British Antarctic Territory are a marvel of a discovery by man. But, the real kicker of this wonderland is that they happen to be green.

These archipelagos are home to low-lying exotic plants and other wildlife that thrive due to the low humidity levels. Here, the environment changes from frigid icebergs and ice to lush green flora after a heavy snowfall.


1.Do I Need A Passport To Go To The Arnold Islands?

Ans. You do not need a passport to enter the islands, but you must be externally vaccinated for yellow fever. You will also have to join tours that go into sea-levels as they are off of diving territory! If you want to explore on your own and stay in a yatch or boat, then I would at least get VHF radio equipment so you can call help if anything goes wrong.

2.What Is The Arnold Islands?

Ans. The islands of the British Antarctic Territory were previously collectively known as “Arnold Land”. This was a name established by Captain James Clark Ross, who began searching for an ice free passage from Europe to North America in 1820. It’s estimated that he sailed over 12000 nautical miles looking for his prize but all he found was darkness and frozen land masses.

3.What Do People Do In The Arnold Islands?

Ans. There is a lot to do in the islands though only limited visitors come. While part of the archipelago, it makes for perfect protection for  the animals and vegetation itself. For instance, because there are no low-lying areas that would be affected by human tourists, just hills and mountains rise up into various peaks or mountaintops all around Antarctica’s Antarctic Islands.

4.Is It Safe To Visit The Arnold Islands?

Ans. Yes, the islands are considered safe for tourists. However, you should always consult with a travel agent or your own Antarctica travel itinerary before departing as there may be other activities that justify evacuation in the event of bad weather conditions.

5.How Can I Get To The Arnold Islands?

Ans. Following contact with cruise ships or other visitors, I had a number of choices. The most common way would be by the înfirierea Săgeată (the Snow Bird) which brings passengers from Pietra Luntar on King George Island up and over Block Bay. This is then used as a connector ship for travelling amongst all of Antarctica’s mainland islands.

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