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Babel Island


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Babel Island is a small, uninhabited island in the English Channel off the coast of Normandy.

It has been claimed as the site of the earliest recorded diplomatic mission, when Roman ambassadors in 260 BC were sent to negotiate a treaty with the British Govinda. The island’s name is derived from the Latin word Babel, meaning ‘confusion’. According to some Bible scholars, the island was where God confused the language of Adam and Eve.

Babel Island


The island is not mentioned in any ancient texts, but it was claimed by the Normans in 1066 AD. It became a place of refuge for the Knights Templar after their arrest and imprisonment on Cyprus, and from here they undertook several raids against England. The Templars were eventually disbanded by King Philip IV of France in 1312 AD.

In 1307 Henry III granted the island to Walter de Stapeldon, who held it until 1308, when Edward II granted it to the Knights Hospitaller. In 1693 the island was rented by William Yalden for £90 and a yearly rent of 28 shillings and 8 pence (equivalent to over £76 today), with full power to appoint a steward.



The climate is mild and humid, with average temperatures of 18-24 degrees Celsius. The island is covered in dense forest, making it difficult to access. There is no permanent population on the island.

The following text is believed to be original record of different experiments carried out by a civil engineer (A.H.) and was initially published in The Sunday Times, India’s largest circulated English language newspaper:

“Babel Island” Following are some of the technical information quoted from an article entitled ‘Man walks around Earth upside down’ that appeared recently in The Sunday Times Of Karachi, Pakistan starting with his owN account of his first feeling when he stepped on the island, which went like this: “Soon after leaving St.

Lucia I felt that something had gone wrong with my compass and so was forced to retrace my course…Now it wasn’t long before one began to feel rather ill at ease – for where you were truly lost in space, distances became unimportant or almost non-existent.”



The culture is polytheistic with a belief in spirits. The people on the island are mainly subsistence farmers who raise livestock and cultivate crops. The people have a rich oral history of ships passing by their island.

Along with telling the log and using wooden sticks to count on, they even know exactly how fast each ship was going when it passed by them (almost 80 knots). The chief highlights of this historic culture are Tribal Sepia, an elaborately carved cowrie shell post office dating back to 1875 and stone tools belonging as early as 9000 BC.


The island is not governed by any specific authority. The people are self-reliant and rely on their natural resources for sustenance. There is no access to electricity, running water or medical facilities on the island. One of the major proposals to assist them is going on right now and it involves building a hydro-electric dam.

Residents are sceptical about the project saying that in an unauthorised manner other squatters have already occupied their island making themselves at home too (not from amongst those who left during Guy Harvey’s expedition).

Government Services

are made available to the islanders by a national organization known as Friends of the Island which is based in Barbados. Guy Harvey Adventure Tours

One of the most popular attractions on the Caribbean is certainly Guy Harvey’s historic 60-mile plus round trip for all sorts of budgets. Most tourists choose a half day tour and you can either choose your own adventure by taking as many stops or just making one.

The cost for adults starts from $98 per person which includes tax and gratuity (other prices start from $88). If you want to upgrade into an all -day, sightseeing and diving tour (for all divers) you’ll have to pay $98 or $159 per person. The rate includes tax and gratuity.



The island is accessible only by boat and the journey takes around 2 hours. The tour starts from Sandy Point Marina in West Bay on the north-eastern tip of the island and ends at Blue Lagoon Resort on Hut Point, about halfway round. Along the way you’ll have to traverse several waterfalls, over 300 ft.

tall and covered with bottlebrush trees (their leaves are of tremendous size). In particular, Guy Harvey Falls is a bold 40 foot drop which once again attracts hundreds every year.


Getting to the island is made easy by a variety of transportation options. You can arrive via private boats or small planes, or travel by cruise ship. Two routes are possible, one that goes through the island or another option which takes you all around it.

After arrival a shuttle will take you to your lodging and then off onto your day filled with fun activities on land and at sea. There are lots of options and since it’s a popular destination folks have their favourite way to snorkel.


Sweers Cuisine

Guy Harvey’s cuisine reflects his love for the island, with a mix of Jamaican, American and local spices. The most popular dish is jerk chicken which can be ordered as a main course or part of an appetizer plate. Other dishes available include curried shrimp, saltfish fritters and potatoes au gratin.

It’s also popular to drink into the night, especially on Friday and Saturday when live entertainment is offered. To the dismay of Guy Harvey enthusiasts everywhere, Blue Lagoon has a policy which states that smoking is not allowed inside any of their buildings.


Babel Island is a place where the clash of languages is never-ending. A land of miscommunication and misunderstanding, it is a place where the barriers between people are the highest. A land where communication breakdowns are common, it is also a land of hope.

For if communication can be restored, then misunderstandings can be cleared away and new understanding can be born. This is the story of Babel Island – a story about language, about hope, and about the power of communication.


1.What Is The Climate Like On Babel Island?

Ans. Babel Island has a temperate oceanic climate with mild winters and cool summers. There are regular breezes and very little humidity, so the temperature tends to remain relatively stable throughout the year.

2.Is There Much Vegetation On Babel Island?

Ans. There is no permanent vegetation on Babel island, as it experiences high winds and frequent wet or dry seasons. However, during summer months, clouds often gather above the island and provide a canopy which maintains an average temperature of around 15-17 degrees centigrade.

3.What Are The Buildings Like On Babel Island?

Ans. There is little permanent standing structure on Babel Island. The ruins of ancient smokehouses (chimneys to smoke fishes in) can still be found today along with other structures built for specific functions: houses and barns for housing livestock; stores for fishing supplies; and lookout towers for determining the direction of sea-bound ships.

4.Is Babel Island A “Proper” Island? How Big Is It Really?

Ans. Babel Island is not an island at all, but rather a heavily wooded mountain ridge that happens to have its highest peak directly adjacent to another highland (Mount Kangee). This geological feature has been likened by many travelers as if it were one continuous large hill with the mountain on one side being the top of it..

5.Why Does Someone Build A Settlement On Babel Island?

Ans. Some believe that Babel Island was discovered and chosen by humans as a place to live because here people could be free from the burdensome rules laid down for every other person in Mandalorian history. It has also been speculated that this is where ‘the language spoken freely and discussed openly’.

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