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Bali Island


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Bali island in Indonesia that many people like to visit. Landscapes are beautiful, beaches are nice. But, what everybody loves about Bali is the cultural heritage and the ancient traditions of this island. These remnants of Bali’s past have built a culture that still lives in line with nature and coexists peacefully with modern creations.

If you are planning a trip to Bali, we would recommend going to Ubud whenever possible. Ubud is a small town located in the heart of Bali, where a traditional art and architecture have been preserved in its local communities.

Bali Island



The island of Bali itself has a long and rich history, with archaeological evidence remaining from the period before Hinduism came to dominate much of eastern Indonesia.Bali’s great port in Denpasar Alfendi Mosque (17th century). The minaret is once again being repaired after severe damage suffered during renovations in 1963 – 1974.

When first built it stood alone; today there are four more surrounding it on all sides but one Tour ists have discovered that it’s still possible to take the ferry from one side of Lombok Island in Indonesia and cross over to Bali, a little known but inexpensive option. Today there is talk about building bridges between the two provinces aimed at improving communications for local tourists and increasing tourism business.



The great majority of the people in Bali live on a single street. This is near Se’baran Village, and it’s located outside Denpasar.Bali is well known for its beaches, mud mosques (abu kapas), bungalows and capital city Denpasar(Dpn.).

It has been voted Paradise Retreat World Category as many hotels have been spending time investing money to beautifying their resort as much as possible just to keep the list of resorts or bungalows within view.

It is placed first in Asian tourist destination with highest rate for tourists increase, it has been said that same year a lot of money have contributed by many governments and establishments to upgrade these local facilities are considered part of their development a minimum required will be allocated budget (Inbound Tourist) so they can provide visitors some needs while staying there Bali properties try each and every moment to provide their visitors with a pleasant experience.

Bali’s tropical rainforest is protected as the Mount Batur National Park, in this area palm trees laden terraces rise from the floodwaters of both rice fields and lakes around Gunung Agung Falls.



Jero Gershon, a researcher on Bali’s academic community and culture who is credited with helping to bring Balinese traditions out of the shadows into which it had fallen in recent decades.

He has concluded that “The clan play structure is unique enough for the world traveler,” referring to traditional rites such as traveling via pilgrimage or ancestral tomb ceremonies so behavior can be imposed over someone else.

Cultural artifacts not only tells us about society but helps us make sense of it. If we can look into the trade, linguistic and social patterns embedded in a stone sculpture or cookware that was made by someone five hundred years ago



Popular tourist spot as our main source of attraction is the Mount Batur. It’s located in between Kintamani area, due to its popularity among tourists and easily accessible by public transportation Batu Feringghi route 8 then step on a sampan ferry inflatable boat from Jenjarum pier which will take about 20 minutes shuttle ride from Djalan Trunggal Cempedak Barat where they have restaurant serving international dishes, a hotel and retail shops.

As you get closer to the source of waterfall we can see that the mountain blushed with pinkish-red flowers (lowland jungle) while on top are covered in dark green foliage. There is also Carana Beach where Javanese dancer perform live every night which people call “Garaja”.



There is plenty of public transportation across the island. There are 3 types available: Buses, taxis and bicycles.

Here you can see mass transit system in Bali where people around will use; be it DiRaja Bus traveling from Denpasar to all major cities such as Asmat then Legian Seminyak area or Airport cut-off point so now Ubudan tourists do not need take a taxi anymore.

In other hand private vehicles are available in the island such transportation is so cheap with 3K salary and it feasible for around year travel by car.

Demographics xtraveling to get a reliable number about population density of Bali, first thing we must concern is ethnicity distribution which divides into Bedugul Javanese vs non-Javanese (Banyumulek) but most famous among them .



The cuisine of Bali’s capital city has been influenced by Sundanese, Javanese and Balinese people. Majang is the one distinct culinary experience south of Kuta which offers steamed plate-sized rice cakes that are smothered with chicken, egg or vegetables infused in chili sauce (pempek). They are so tasty you won’t forget it for days.Majang dish at Awe & Imah Restaurant , Kuta May be the most known food discovery / top tourist attraction in Bali. This is a renowned dish with many variations and yet it does stay fresh for a bit more than 3 days (max). Majang at Uwes Restaurant, Sanur Activity: local restaurant serving regional dishes and signature menu are speciality sanur cuisine Ubudan way of cooking original foods is also famous like peken (shrimp paste) Nasi Jak amin or braised beef kelapa paratha .



In Bali where is forest continues to grow, the native prey and their elephant killer history can be seen everywhere.

Black-faced langur (Balaraja) accompanied by other species of monkeys, deer or even pangolins are some of endangered wildlife with rare in number animals everywhere throughout the island though found mostly at volcanic caldera area between Legian & Kuta and Kelod small island with 1000 years old rock relief has now a traditional garden with a park there in Bahu / Lamongan town.

Red crushed pepper such as cendol or benda is one of popular local food that you can’t miss when visiting any tourist attraction center from beaches to temples in the heartland (summer). Most visited things are places like Surabaya , beach, sundry shop and even lake area after Sunday festival for their main dishes but Tip Top Place.


Congratulation to the world’s vacationer, tourists who have been choose Bali or Indonesia as their scape time destination.

You may not forget it for many reasons that are unique and beautiful at first which is friendly people with a great meaning of good-one service & best quality always faithful customer base , friendly business entrepreneurs everyone looks down on customers feelings more importantly in every village near hot springs area there is a small market where we can buy thing what we demand in Bali, if you want to visit the best & cheapest place for affordable rates, it is be Bali.

Next time when coming back and stay with family or friends again please choose us as your holiday destinations which can provide bam flies business model flows daily on every houest full of blooming flower plantation.


Is Bali Expensive To Visit?

It all depends on your budget, if you have only 2 day and planned to fly over with existing airline travel package then 3 days is less expensive. The rate from Jakarta – Bali costs about US$400 per person for a full packed tour .

Is Bali Safe To Visit?

Staying in a safe area: North Kuta , Seminyak  – Seminyak has been well known as one of the most tourist friendly areas with many places to visit as famous listed yoga center and other various restaurants are located there. It is preferred for tourists . Bar’s environment, big beach front hotels & private villas have made it become more public than kept secret because of cost or danger at night time stay region.

What Should I Avoid In Bali?

Avoid over-tourism places that can make you frustrated such as are the bars in Legian, no tourists story and it is occupied for locals only at this beach. In other case should be avoided is area on Uluwatu’s reef where there are coral ruin & shark attack cases were reported frequent for a long time now.Avoid taking local novice guide from people who come to your room or home asking.

Is Fiji Close To Bali?

It is only about 2000 miles from Bali. All hotels and resorts are operating for the past 10 years, if someone wants to fly with existing airline packages can choose to stay in hotel because rates have brought down due local travelers wanting more choices & budget.

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